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MOT – Meet on train

MOT- Find your travel partner

MOT – Meet on train

“MOT- Find your Travel partner”

Meet on the train is a mobile app to help people to find their travel partner the same mindset, meet while they travel on the same train. A traveler can create discussion forums on a topic of their choice. Whereas other travelers can choose if they want to meet physically or technically.  We have seen the topics ranging from Startups Ideas to Cancer Discussions. It is fascinating to see how people have different mindsets and experiences to share and how a simple journey can turn to completely fun-filled and interactive. In this way, people can meet their travel partner and share their ideas which lead to a great thing. A business-minded people can share their thoughts and learn new things while interaction which is profitable.

Community building is a big industry and it is lovely to help people with the same mindset to meet each other. The online Community building industry has an estimated market size of USD 12 Billion growing at a rate of 5% annually, making it a highly lucrative market for some of the major investors. However, we are targeting a specific market TRAINS. Governments of all the countries promote public transports and railways for the longer routes. Apart from the ecological advantage, there are many other benefits involved in public transports. As a wise man once said, “Network is your net worth”. And MOT aims to increase your net worth by multi-folds. Creating contacts is beautiful and when you get someone just like you is fun and your journey becomes amazing.

The Gap in the Market:

  • Low Network connectivity:

    Most of the rail routes have low network coverage due to which there aren’t many things left to be done. Most of the youngsters spend time watching movies or playing games on their phone. Whereas others spend time reading books, or other forms of offline media content.

  • Limited Exposure:

    Trains are not the place that people generally like to roam around; due to which most of the travelers remain unaware of their surroundings. Events or discussion can erupt any moment hence in order for a nice productive discussion forum the timing and placement of the attendees are also critical.

  • Introduction to strangers:

    Generally, people only communicate with people sitting in the same compartment i.e. in the best case limited to 9 people in the surrounding seats. Walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation could be pretty weird or, at times, not so welcoming. No one knows how it will be going to good or bad but we should give a chance to it who knows you meet someone amazing.

Features of MOT (Travel partner app):

  1. Authenticity:

    A user can start a discussion forum only after login inside the application. And entering the PNR number and the travel details. The Admin/creator also has to add a meeting berth where people interested can physically meet. The system checks the details with other online portals and API automatically to verify if the details are genuine. Once verified the topic becomes active on the platform for others to join.

  2. Starting a Discussion Topic:

    A traveler can start a topic with an appropriate heading, description, and tags to the group. These details are used by our search engine logic to give relevant suggestions to fellow travel partner who may be interested in joining the group. Hence the suggestions become highly personalized and targeted.

  3. Personal and Group Chat:

    Participants of the group can do a group chat with other participants within the group. It is readable and accessible to all. The group is active even after completing the journey, the group auto-deletes itself after 10 days of no activity.
    Participants also have the option to do personal chat with the other participants of the group, however, the other participant has to accept the request first, to do personal chat and can delete the chat only when any participant block the chat.

  4. Offline Mode:

    Since we are talking about trains and they generally don’t have good coverage hence being internet-dependent could be a big drawback in connecting people. Hence the travelers can find travel partner until they have good connectivity. Alternatively, travelers can simply add their travel schedule while the app. The app will keep fetching and storing the information of the group that they can access.

  5. Shifting Group Ownership:

    The main admin manually can change the group ownership or meeting point. The admin can assign other participants of the group as the admin. The current admin only has the power to change the meeting point for the particular group. It is all in the hand of the admin to make changes in the schedule such that all will get to know about all the things.

  6. LAN Communication:

    In case there is no internet connectivity the group members can create their personal LAN to which the other participants can easily join. Hence even without the internet, communication can happen seamlessly. The internet connectivity when once re-established then the information is easily updated to the other participants who are non-connected. Hence in this way, the LAN makes it easier or a proper way without the internet to connect new people.


We have heard so many beautiful stories being made by people meeting randomly on a flight or in an event. It is fun always in creating new stories but when they are personal the smile is brighter while the discussion. It is total fun and adventures taking to someone you didn’t know a minute before and now you can’t stay without them for a minute. So why restrict ourselves to only those people whom we know and those who sit around us. Let’s meet everyone who shares mutual thoughts to open our perspective to new adventures and experiences.

It is one of the best ways to make the journey adventures with all of our interests meeting different people and sharing views. Who knows what story you have in the making. No one knows the one you meet going to stand beside you forever, can become your best friend, can be the one who can change your life.

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