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Qskip – Grocery Shopping App

Grocery Shopping App

About the Client

There are multiple mobile apps that are based on a grocery shop but the Founders of Qskip got an idea to complete this process for the user. People can’t search the grocery stores nearby through any Mobile app but Qskip got this. Qskip is a self-checkout grocery shopping app. For too long we have been going to the stores and waited long hours for the billing. Which spoils the complete fun of grocery shopping.

Finding the product you desire is pretty tedious, exploring a new store without the help of the assistant sounds like a nightmare. And after all the hassle it is pretty disappointing to know that the grocery store is out of stock.

Awarded in the category of “Best Online Shopping Experience App of the Year” in 2019, Qskip made GRAFFERSID a leader in being a technology partner for Startups. Qskip gained massive popularity after the award and is now serving more than 1 million customers around the country.

The Founders had a vision and idea which they said as “No More long queues: Now you can do your own billing and skip the waiting time.” No More trouble while finding the right product: You can just scan the barcode of your used products to shop the new ones. No-More Running store to store: Select the product to find the nearest store around you selling the product and at the best deal.

Qskip makes use of technology to the fullest. With the Qskip self-checkout grocery shopping app you can simply SCAN THE BARCODE of any product (used or unused). And find the stores near you selling the product with price comparison. Even if you choose to pay at the counter. Each of our orders is marked with a QR code which the vendor can scan to read your order details. And you can move out of the line within seconds.

Features of the App and Website

The new perspectives for users had challenges ahead in combining the interfaces and yet providing a seamless experience. Qskip has an In-Store ordering feature that was an innovative feature at that time. The development team consulted with Ecommerce market experts to understand the user behavior and it helped the UX Experts of GRAFFERSID to provide interfaces with navigation that was user-friendly.

Also, taking care of retailers available on the app was another crucial task.

The app was supposed to have 3 different shopping Experiences namely: In-Store, Pickup, and Home Delivery.
We laid down all the 3 models at the bottom to enhance the visibility and gave minute differences to the UI to make sure that users feel the difference while using the app. Things as minute as On-click animations were different to make the user feel the difference.

1. Bar Code Scanning and Adding Products

Bar Code Scanning and Adding Products

The most time spent on the applications by customers is in finding the product they want to buy.
Manufacturers have been using barcodes since forever to maintain inventory, track sales, and distributions. And we wanted to leverage the ease.

Just by placing the product in front of the camera, you can add a product to the cart and even keep adding the quantity without a single click.

2. Category and SubCategory

We wanted to have a process where the screen is not obstructed and the visibility of the different options to purchase is always in the field of view of the customer.

We were sure that all the category options have to be blatantly visible. However, at the same time, we wanted to make sure that it does not occupy a lot of screen space. We came up with the sliders-based category and subcategory structure.

3. Swipe to Cart

There are 3 steps that are required to close a purchase, Finding the product, next is adding the desired quantity, and finally doing the payment. The faster we can make it happen the more sales we can generate.

We brought all 3 on a single screen. Just by a swipe up, the user can access the cart at any time. Without any click, without any new UI, without clicking the back button. Payment becomes just a swipe away.

4. Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep Delivery

Maintaining a seamless experience was the main goal from the inception of the idea for this app. Convenience is the factor that makes the maximum difference while competing with other players in the market.

We incorporated the option of doorstep delivery to provide an effortless experience to the user. It helps them to save their valuable time and resources without the hassle of being burdened by the shopping bags.

5. Range of Options

In a time where people are provided with alternatives to everything, why should the customer be forced to shop from only a few places? It is important that the shoppers are provided all the options, helping them make a better choice.

The app here opens a plethora of options for the user, listing out all the grocery outlets from its database. Also helping to check the difference in the price of various items in various stores. Also letting the user to search for products that are not widely available.

6. Wishlist


A lot of times a user wants to buy a product but cannot. There can be any number of reasons behind it. So that the user doesn’t have to keep the record of any attractive product they see, Graffersid included the wishlist feature where the user can keep all the product they want to buy in the future into the wishlist basket and also get notified about any change in prices or offers on the product.

7. Order History

Except in particular cases, most buyers use almost the same buying list while stocking groceries every month. Then why does the user have to create a new list every time?

We worked out this problem by including an order history panel. This lets the user check out all the previous orders. Also, the user can export the previous order list as new orders while adding or deleting any of the products as per the requirement.

8. Order Scheduling

Buyers who are working-class people have to adjust their schedules and make times for receiving the orders. It was important to address this problem first hand.

For this particular reason, we provided the option to the user to schedule the time of deliveries as per their own convenience and availability.

9. Delivery tracking

Every buyer wants to be fully aware of the status of their orders. It is also essential that the user remains informed about delays, if any, in the delivery.

The delivery tracking option makes the buying experience more transparent and helps to see in real-time what is the status of their orders.

10. Easy payment options

It is common for shoppers to face a little annoyance at times on the payment counter. This happens mainly due to miscalculations of the total price, unavailability of change or sometimes the card doesn’t work.

While keeping all this in mind we integrated a straightforward payment system. It takes care of all the problems mentioned above. Aiming at keeping the checkout process for the shopper as swift as possible.

11. Discounts and Coupons

The goal was not only to make the user experience more effortless but also to make it more economical in comparison to the traditional grocery shopping method.

To make this possible we incorporated the mechanism through which the users can avail any referrals, discount coupons and festive offers. This helps to make the user purchase more economical.

12. Ratings and Reviews

Graffersid designed the app to help the buyer to make the best choice from the available options of products and shops.

We ensured this by giving the option to rate and review the quality of the product and services of the shop. The user can rate any product and shop on a scale of one to five stars. This helps the new users to choose better products and shops while making their purchases.

13. Feedback and Chat

Being in touch with the users and addressing their concerns was one of the principal responsibilities for us.
Due to the same reason, we incorporated an AI chatbot that is capable of registering complaints and forwarding it to the right departments to be sorted as quickly as possible.

14. QR Code-based Order Discovery

It is really time-consuming and irritating for the vendor to keep going back and finding the customer standing in front of you. It also increases the customer time on the counter, resulting in long queues.
We build a unique QR Code for each order. All that a customer needs to do is open his past order and show this QR code to the vendor. As soon as the vendor scans the QR Code the order pops up on the screen which can then be processed.

15. Vendor Order Verification, Add Product

The important part was, the person on the counter has to manually verify each product. while the customer can make demands to add a new product or remove the existing ones.

As simple as the touch of the tile can mark the product as verified. Qskip Verification counter runs at the bottom to keep a check. The loyalty of the client can be seen by the number of the order he has done in the past.

16. Easy Order Management

For a busy store, it could be challenging to manage multiple orders with their status and the type of delivery they prefer. Especially in peak hours or on busy days.

Qskip’s UI is designed in such a way that it highlights the important things in each order through which in a glance the vendor can understand the status and manage their priorities.

17. Auto Inventory Management

Since the inventory moves really fast and for some products, it even needs to be updated on a daily basis.
Vendors get a notification for the products that are running low. The inventory is auto deducted once a customer adds it to their cart. Quantity and price could be updated by clicking on the product or in bulk via CSV Upload.

What do Founders say about Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Working with GRAFFERSID was an effortless task. They had experts who knew everything about our market and audience. We just loved their communication and responsiveness which helped us land in the market in no time and gain a massive user base. Still, we are growing with services of GRAFFERSID in one and other ways.

Do you also have such kind of app idea, and looking for development help, you just need to contact us and share your idea with our experts. Click here to know what we provide.

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