“Reports Buyers- Market Research Report Aggregation Platform”

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” Alan Moore


ReportsBuyer is a US-based company, focused on providing users with well researched and detailed quality research report. ReportsBuyer has one of the largest aggregators of authentic researchers from multiple domains and for the different markets across the globe.

Imagine a life where there is no written track or documentation of learning and discoveries. Knowledge is the biggest tool, no matter what stage of life you are at. You would need to grow yourself and learn from other’s experiences. Quantifying the importance of the Researches in any industry or field of work is simply impossible.

The problem:

The Internet is a pretty big beast when it comes to finding the right information. It can even be considered a highly unorganized segment since the information is scattered over. For finding the relevant information a user generally spends a minimum of 3-4 hours on a single sitting before giving up. If we go deeper into the specific domain you can be looking at days before finding the right articles or data you are looking for.

The problem is that there are too many categories and no fixed standards of nomenclatures. Hence the user ends up tying multiple combinations of keywords which can be frustrating, exhausting and highly distracting.

ReportsBuyer organized the categories and made it highly easy to access with unique search algorithm and blatantly visible categories. All the keywords were absorbed and correlated to specific categories making it convenient for the end-user. This enables the users to type as per their convenience and get redirected to the relevant domain.


ReportsBuyer does a lot of hard work in generating quality content. Moreover, they also appreciate individuals and institutes dedicated to sharing information. Also, Researchers, publishers, and writers were the major focus for getting content on the portal. While Entrepreneurs, colleges and corporate were the consumer focus.

Feature to attract new users :

The ability of the researchers to share their statics on social media. For the researchers, this marketing will attract more followers to purchase their work and research report. While for the platform this will attract more writers on-board and create organic content.


A dedicated dashboard is provided to the Publishers where they could submit their work. Also, To maintain consistency a fixed format is provided as a sample. and the Publishers are urged to keep their work in a similar format. Moreover, Publishers also have the ability to bulk upload the documents which are automatically recognized and stored by the system. Once stored, the data is extracted and presented for the world to download for the appropriate cost.

Nonetheless, the most important feature needs to be the highlights.

  • Uploading the work by simply uploading the document of excel, word and pdf format,
  • Analyzing how many people viewed their work,
  • Article wise earning,
  • Comparing their work with others,
  • Analytics on the user’s background and interests.


Candidates want to discover the right content in affordable pricing.

  • Easy filters,
  • Unique Keyword linking
  • Finding relevant work with minimum clicks,
  • Buying the research report,
  • Purchase once access forever,

Hidden Challenges

No Real hidden challenges in terms of the technology here. It is a simple 3 tier marketplace, with Admin, Researcher and the user. Nonetheless, since the users are dealing with a huge chunk of data and a vast number of categories. Furthermore, It is extremely important to focus on the user journey and user experience (UX). Also, we are not even talking about the UI yet. The User Journey is the way a new user reached the end destination. And the user experience defines how easily or quickly is he able to find what he is looking for.