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Restaurant Finding App: Eatsta

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About the Client

With the food industry blooming, numerous new restaurants started over every corner of the world. People wanted a solution to know which is the better out of others. This market gap was the inception of the Eatsta: Restaurant Finding App idea in the Founders’ mind.

With a vision to help people find restaurants online, Eatsta grew and developed over time. Being one of the first in the market, it was able to gain traction from the initial phase itself. The web app development team of GRAFFERSID also ensured that it worked flawlessly for any traffic.

Helping users rewarded Eatsta as they won the Award of Best web App in the category of user-oriented features and UI/UX. As of now, Eatsta: Restaurant Finding App  has more than 100,000 daily sessions.

Features of the App

For making the app, user-oriented features were taken care of very carefully. Though the main objective of the app was to let the user find the nearest restaurant and best restaurant around them.

Restaurant Finding App: Eatsta wanted to make this process more engaging for users and provide more opportunities for good restaurants to come up in the list. With user reviews, testimonials, and other features, it was possible. There was a version of the app that already exists.

Previous Version

The client approached us to build a web application that enables diners to find the restaurant according to their favorite cuisine. The client has a thought to build an application that helps users find the right restaurant for their favorite dish.

In the current restaurant-finding application, there are no options to rate or review restaurants for any particular dish. The currently available application shows the top-rated restaurants based on one, two, or three cuisines.

They failed to provide genuine feedback on the restaurant for the dish that the users want to eat. The client wanted to bring a solution for this and his idea was to build an application that helps people find their favorite cuisine in the restaurant which serves it best.

The idea was to build an application named “Eatsta: Restaurant Finding App” that shows ratings for the dish, along with the ratings of the restaurant.

The Solution

Graffersid worked hand-in-hand with the Eatsta founders to develop and design applications that would accommodate ratings and reviews based on the cuisine as well as the restaurant.

Along with delivering the web application that is backed with error-free coding and high-end technology, along with an attractive, intuitive user experience.

Our aim, of course, was to create a web app that made it easy for prospective customers to find the right venue based on the dish that they want to eat.


Here are the remarkable features that we added to the application:

1. Find your Favorite Dish

Find your Favorite Dish

Select the place where you would like to go for lunch or dinner and search for the dish that you are planning to eat. You will find the name of the dishes (that match your preference), which have received maximum ratings and reviews.

For instance, if you are in Vancouver and in the mood to munch your favorite pizza, then hit the pizza in the search bar. You will find the options of non-veg and veg pizza, which have received top-rating from the users and the restaurants which serve these pizzas the best.

2. Dishes by Pizza

Once you will select your favorite “Crane-Dian Pizza”, you will find the top 4 restaurants which serve it best. You will find all, the prize, a distance of the restaurant from your place, reviews, upvotes, downvotes, it has received.

Also, you will get the ratings of your favorite based on tastes like spicy, sweet and tangy.

3. Pizzas with Maximum Ratings

Users can click on the review to read the reviews about the pizza and see its ratings based on the “spicy”, “tangy” or “sweet” taste.

4. Share to a Friend

Food is fun with friends and this fact ignited an idea of a feature that would allow friends to share the restaurant and check it. After clicking over the restaurant, the user was also given an option to share it with friends and plan the next visit.

This feature itself helped Eatsta become popular in no time. Along with it, social sharing was also enabled. Using the most popular social media API Integration, users had the option of sharing reviews, memories or events in Facebook and Instagram also.

Have an app Idea

5. Suggest changes to Restaurant

Customers are the best ambassadors for any brand. Along with having customer reviews and rating systems, we went a step ahead. Users were allowed to give suggestions for restaurants to work upon. This part of the web app worked well and it had pre-defined fields for users to choose from and give suggestions.

The owner of the restaurant can also like, dislike or remove the suggestion if that was not good. This enabled the creation of a bond between people.

6. Expected Time to Arrive

Customers are always interested to know more and more. Through Google Maps API and an AI-driven predictive analysis system, we generated a time that was about the expected time to arrive.

Users can see where the delivery person is right now and also can know the time to arrive. This time was almost 99% accurate most of the time. In the same interface, the details of the delivery person was given.

For proper instructions of the address, a voice message option was given for users. Contact details of the user and the delivery person were shown in their own dashboards.

7. Single Step Sign in with Multiple alternatives

Today’s users are not patient like a generation ago. They don’t have time to waste. Therefore, the design and development team of GRAFFERSID enabled multiple channels to log in.

Signing up and logging in was allowed through social media accounts, Gmail or other email accounts, or just phone numbers. For collecting additional data, users were given rewards which in turn can be used for becoming a premium member of the Eatsta.

8. Restaurants by Pizza

Restaurants by Pizza

The web app also provides you the details of the restaurants which are popular for the pizzas and their distance from your place.

For the ones, who are too hungry and craving for their favorite food, and don’t want to spend much time reading the reviews for each and every pizza can straightforward go to check the restaurants which are best serving the pizzas and their distance from users location.

9. Trending

Here, you will find all the trending cuisines, the restaurants at which these cuisines are available, their price, upvote, and downvote they have received, and the reviews as well.

This is a great option for the ones who are always confused about what to eat, they can also always go for something which is trending, and pick the one which has got the best reviews.

10. Newly Added

Newly Added

In the application, you will also find “Newly Added” cuisine, which includes some of the cuisines, which have been recently added by the restaurants.

This newly added cuisine also has all the details like restaurants, where they are served, price, upvote/downvote that they have received, and also the reviews.

11. Maximum Upvotes

Hungry, but don’t know what to eat? Bored of pizza, burger, and that Thai cuisine? The App provides you with the cuisines that have received the maximum upvotes, their reviews, and also the name of the restaurant where the dish is available.

12. Review Adding Option

Review Adding Option

The app also lets the users add a review of the cuisine. Users can click the “Add Review” option in the app, add a cuisine name in the Title, share their reviews in the Description, and also add a picture of the dish which they have clicked on their phone.

This makes sure that the app has real pictures of the dishes and not the fake ones.

13. Find your Perfect Dish!

Confused, what do you want to eat today? Don’t worry Eatsta let you find it. Eatsta helps you find the right dish for your meal.

Once you select the cuisine you would like to have, for example, you have selected Italian, you will find options like Pizza, Pasta, Macaroni, Lasagne, Saltimbocca, and more.

Now, you can select the dish you want to have, suppose you selected Pizza, now you have to select the taste. Would you like to have Chilly Pizza, a bit of sweet Pizza, or Tangy Pizza.

The app also asks for information like what are you allergic to and then provides you a suggestion of the food, depending upon the choices you have made.


Several web developers hesitate to develop such an application that requires advanced technologies that we used in the Eatsta: Restaurant Finding App. Our vision is a never stopping success for our clients during the development.

Graffersid operates on the belief that truly successful software solutions come out of close operation between the client and the development company.

We paid close attention to the client’s business needs and requirements and developed an app that helped people in finding the right restaurant depending on the dish that they wish to eat.

With the hard work of our development team, we managed to build a stable, scalable, responsive restaurant finding an application that is easy to navigate.

What did the Client say about this Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Our ideas were simple but we wanted it to become more helpful for our audience. Finding a restaurant and then rating it, reviewing it, also able to see what is going trending around the city, and much more.

The team of GRAFFERSID is extremely creative and they helped us in deciding the features and making the solution more user-centric.

Thanks to their dedicated development team and I would highly recommend them for ambitious startups looking to develop innovative solutions.

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