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Restaurant SaaS Landing Page: OrderArt


About the Client

Increasing penetration of Internet connectivity has amplified the demand for digital products out of the roof. One of the sectors that have transformed due to this change is the food and dining space, with everything happening online it becomes a great opportunity for restaurant businesses to leverage the power of ongoing digitization.

Founders of the OrderArt spotted the power of digital technologies and at the right time initiated the process of digital transformation with GRAFFERSID which is one of the best Mobile App Development Companies helping Startups transform.  

OrderArt offers a SaaS product that lets restaurant businesses create their own online platform that can be used to book a reservation and online ordering. Further, it provides a sublime interface to the landing page that lets the business present itself elegantly on the web.

GRAFFERSID partnered with OrderArt for the further development of the prototyped model which was later developed into something truly stunning and effortless.

The popularity of the product is evident from the fact that it was listed among the “Top 5 SaaS Products in 2020” and currently serves nearly 7000 restaurant businesses around the world.

Features of the Restaurant SaaS Landing Page

The landing page designed is completely unique for every business and lets the restaurant keep all the profits to itself without having to hand any kind of commission to third-party food tech apps.

With the software, OrderArt has empowered local restaurants to take their business online without any hassle while also keeping all the business control to themselves.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

Getting leads and their conversion is the main aim of the website landing page, and what better way can be for it than ranking your site on results of various search engines. Though, ranking on search engine results amidst a crowd of websites isn’t an easy job.

Keeping that in mind, the experienced website development team at GRAFFERSID incorporated all the necessary SEO elements to make the landing page fully optimized for ranking in search engine results which in turn will boost visitor numbers.

2. Security

The Internet is a place filled with opportunities and information, but at the same time, it is also infested with people who prey on personal information and website data. That is why it becomes crucial that the landing page is secure.

Our website development team has ensured this by ensuring that the landing page is “HTTPS” secured so that all the data going in and out is completely encrypted and out of the hands of hackers.

3. Speed

The speed of opening and running of a website/landing page is a crucial factor in the search engine optimization strategy of a business. Popular search engines like Google and Bing prefer websites that are faster and optimized.

In addition to this, the speed of the landing page can greatly affect the bounce rate of the website. To retain users on the landing page, we thoroughly tested the landing page and made changes in the backend code to keep the speed of the landing page at maximum.

4. Responsiveness

Graffersid has been working as a website development company for a long time now, that is why we know how important the responsiveness of a website is. The number of people surfing the internet with their phones is more than those with their computers.

The landing page needed to have the same responsiveness on devices of different sizes, our team guaranteed this by extensive testing of the landing page on multiple devices and making improvisation where needed.

5. Analytics

While good graphics and designs are important for a landing page, it is equally important to show previous and current records of work done by a company, statistics prove to be a great option for presenting this data.

Although, having the same old bland statistics counter can wear off the interest of visitors on the landing page. We as a website development company, have come across this problem on various projects.

That is why we incorporate a dynamic and intuitive analytics counter to give a better presentation to the numbers on the page.

6. Eye-catching design

Eye-catching design

There was a time when people used to throw some random colors together in the name of design and nobody cared, but all this has changed now. The UI/UX designing process is one of the crucial elements for creating an engaging landing page.

That is why designing has become a separate specialization in itself. The UI/UX designers at GRAFFERSID in collaboration with their web development counterparts paid utmost attention to aesthetics and detail to offer an original experience for the visitors.

7. Personalization



Standing out among a plethora of websites is important for a business landing page. For doing that it needs to be original which in turn makes the landing page noticeable and worth remembering for prospective clients.

Our UI/UX designing team worked on the originality factor of the website extensively to make it look different and more appealing than the websites already out there. This was done by the team by paying detailed attention to every single element and section of the landing page individually.

8. Animation effects

In the fast-changing web development space, GRAFFERSID has always focused on keeping up with the latest UI/UX design and development ideas. Animated illustrations have been getting quite popular currently.

Seeing this opportunity, the web design team added some engaging animated illustrations which also act as ‘mini explainers’ for various sections of the landing page, making them both good-looking and useful for the landing page.

9. Social media connectivity

In a socially connected world like ours, social media platforms have become marketing essentials for any business. But to take full use of this opportunity, there must be proper connectivity of the landing page with the social media accounts of the company.

It is important that the visitor is saved from any hassle or extra work, to ensure this our UI/UX design and development team has given special attention to the placement of icons and their presentability. This ensures that the user reaches various social media handles of the company with just one click.

10. Chatbot

The interactivity of the landing page is an important factor for establishing real connections with prospective clients. But there can be hundreds or even more visitors surfing a website at the same time.

Engaging with them through real people would require a business to have a gigantic workforce only for interaction with the clients and lead generation.

This is where chatbots become helpful, the dedicated developers at GRAFFERSID have used them carefully to add interactivity to the Restaurant SaaS landing page. These bots can be used for basic interaction with visitors, answering queries, and even lead generation. 

11. Dynamic Background

Another feature that adds to the interactive appeal of a website is the dynamic background. Although, it is not used extensively since it requires a UI/UX design company with a high level of expertise to do it.

GRAFFERSID has done this for the Restaurant SaaS landing page to make it more engaging and appealing to the user. With a dynamic background, the visitor can see the background of the landing page changing while scrolling or visiting various sections.

12. Consistency

The GRAFFERSID team has thoughtfully incorporated the designs and graphics into the landing page to make it look more pleasant and user-friendly for the visitor. At the same time, we made sure that every element despite its difference looks consistent with the overall theme of the website.

This gives a more professional and presentable look to the landing page, thus helping the business to convert website visitors into clients.

13. Hover Effects

Although hover effects are not something new, they have been popular with web designers and visitors till now. One of the reasons is the ever-changing styles of hover effects. A cursor is a connecting point between a landing page and the visitor.

Being an experienced UI/UX design company, we have a design team that is master in the arts of hover effect. The hover effects show that what item is clickable on the landing page while also displaying information about the link in an impressive manner.

14. Call to Action

Call to action can be called the centrepiece of any digital marketing strategy. When the call to action is placed correctly it can result in a significant increase in the sales conversion of leads.

GRAFFERSID did deep research on the kind of leads the business required and after analyzing placed all the call-to-action links and buttons on the places where the visitor would require them the most.

15. Clear and Concise Texts

Clear and Concise Texts

While paying attention to design, a lot of websites get messed up in their readability factor. Ahead of all the designing and coding, it is crucial that the text on the landing page is readable.

A clear and concise text makes everything look orderly. We made no compromise with the readability of the landing page by ensuring that there is the proper usage of fonts and colors in the text.

Further, having good readability reduces the bounce rate of the landing page, thus boosting its search engine rankings.

16. Images and Graphics

Unlike the older days, most modern businesses landing today have more image and graphic stuff than text. A big reason behind this is a large population of people who are visual learners, in addition to this images and graphics is a great tool to set the mood for the landing page.

The Restaurant SaaS landing page has been incorporated with images and graphics that present a clear background to its business type while also adding to the beauty of the page.

17. Reliable hosting

In addition to creating a good landing page, it is crucial to ensure that the website is functional at all times and requires minimum maintenance. GRAFFERSID has ensured this by providing the landing page with reliable hosting services and excellent backend development services.

The reliable hosting support provided by our team ensures that the landing page works with maximum speed and is capable of handling a large amount of traffic.

What did the Client say about Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

The digital transformation was a challenging task for our company with numerous features needed. GRAFFERSID is a team of experts with immense technical knowledge. We had to face no challenges during the development of the pages and the results that we got were awesome.


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