About the Client

Saathealth was started with a mission to become the language of communication between the newly born kid and their mothers. Understanding the newly born babies, their healthy diet, and their actions is almost an impossible task, therefore the client wanted to build a simple platform to educate the target audience.

It was not less than moving a mountain to build a platform that is easy to understand by the audience, along with the simple and interactive UI/UX. But the experienced team of GRAFFERSID was ready to take up the challenge and helped the client to hit the bullseye. 

The app became an instant hit within the first month of its launch. Its user base crossed the mark of 1 million within the first six months. The interactive and easy-to-use features of the app helped the idea to gain attention at a global level. As a result, the app has raised an unclosed amount of funding from the top investors of the country. 

About the App

To meet the client’s requirements and expectations, our team has developed an easy-to-use app with clear navigation to make it easily understandable. The interactive UI/UX keeps the user engaged providing a high user retention rate.

The app consists of three sections, that allows the users to watch the educational videos and apply the same knowledge to answer the question in the quiz and win points. These points can be further used to buy the baby food but integrating it with the local grocery shop and supermarkets  

Features of the app

These are the features of the app that helped it to become the language between the mother and their kids –  

1. Unique User’s Profile

There was an option to just make a library of Learn Videos section and complete the app but in this digitally advanced world, we understood that this app can serve the customers in one and many ways. Our Mobile App Development and Website Development team started with a Personalized Profile creation feature. 

2. Track Progress

To educate parents, there are a lot of things. Our team got tens of videos, guides, e-books, and PDFs for the parents to learn from it. Also, enabling the feature of Tracking the Progress of their learning made it easy for everyone to learn at any time and not losing the flow. 

3. The Video Section

The video sections of the app contain all the educational videos in one place, segregated on the basis of topics such as diet, behavior, health, etc. The autoplay option in the videos automatically plays the next video after the viewer finishes the current videos, this helps the client to have a better engagement rate on the app and helps the viewer to put minimum effort into their learning experience. 

4. The Quiz

The Quiz

It is always an amazing experience to learn with fun. The quiz section of the app is built with an objective to provide a highly competitive experience to the users along with adding the fun factor to make it easy for them to learn the concepts. The clear topic of the quiz helps the users to play the right quiz after watching the video.

After watching every video, the user can choose to play the quiz or continue to watch the video that makes it easy for him to choose and navigate through the sections. 

5. Rewards

For every right answer, the users are rewarded with points. The celebration music along with a separate pop-up box for the right answer keeps the user engaged and indulges in the quiz.

The happy and crying characters of the kid for every right and wrong answer make a psychological impact on the minds of the user to make it important to give the right answer because they would not like to make the kid cry. 

6. Personalized Greetings

Personalized Greetings

To delight the customers, we have integrated personal information with the backend of the app. It enables the user to receive personalized greetings every time they log in to the app.

This helps the user to feel more closer and connected to the brand. Everybody loves to get heard by their names and this feature was loved and got awarded twice in the same year for enhanced customer experience. 

7. Social Sharing

People love to share their achievements and progress when they are learning something new. Keeping in mind this fact our expert developers have added the social sharing option at the top of the home page of the app. The clear visibility of the icon helps in increasing the probability of the users sharing our app and increasing our reach.

We have connected all social media platforms for making it easier for users. To let them control their settings, we have also given them the option to choose the platform to which they want to connect. 

8. Video Status

To make it easier for the user to track their progress, we have added a status box on every video. Using the user data the status box keeps changing its status. The user can continue to watch the video from where they have left it last time using the same feature. 

9. Separate points for each Video

Learning is not an easy process, it’s really very important to analyze your weaker topics and give extra time to them in order to become an expert in a particular topic. To meet this objective of the users, we have added a separate points scorer in each video.

The features help the learners to track their separate scores for each of the quizzes. This helps them to analyze their weaker sections and work upon them. 

10. The Exit quiz feature

The client needed users to spend more time on the quiz sections. They challenged us to come up with unique solutions to make it harder for users to leave the quiz psychologically. Our creative heads started their research and came up with a solution that has increased the retention time of the users on the quiz.

We have created a unique pop-up box to exit the quiz section. The pop-up box contains a character of a crying kid, along with the appreciation message. The combination of these two ideas has made it possible for the app users to spend more time on the quiz section. 

11. Quiz Database

To make the quiz interesting for parents, the challenging task was to prepare questions on the latest topics and on the go. Using Sentiment analysis and a database-driven through cloud-based tools, we were able to generate questions on trending topics.

Through, Multiple APIs we connected top platforms that share the trending news like Wikipedia. To make relevant options for the questions we used text algorithms which had to find options based on several grammar rules. 

12. Tasks to Remember

More of the time, the learner is a parent and can’t give continuous time for learning. To not miss any videos, we made a separate section of Tasks to remember where the user can put the links of videos to watch later. Along with this, most of our videos have a practical activity to do for parents as a part of learning and implementing it.

Users can put their tasks in that list and do it later. The user is allowed complete control and can mark the activities or tasks assigned as done or not done or missed. To be honest, user can also understand their pattern of doing tasks.

13. Infographic Section

We have made a different section for the learners who enjoy learning through infographics, in a step-by-step process. A separate section for this feature makes it easy for the user to navigate and find a useful resource to leverage it.

The topic of each infographic is mentioned in the title image, with a clear CTA, to increase the click-through rate on the images. 

14. The e-commerce store

The points that users for every right answer in the quiz are used to buy the baby food products. An eCommerce store is being integrated with the app to make purchasing possible for the users.  The user can choose through the various products.

The interface of e-commerce only shows four items with clear images of the products to make it easy to understand for the users. 

15. Payment Gateway

We have integrated the point-based payment gateway into the app. We have applied a currency exchange system at the backend for each of the points earned. Therefore each point earned is associated with a certain value of a currency, that they can use to purchase the food items. 

16. Product Cart

A separate product cart is integrated with the eCommerce store so that the user can add the selected products to the cart. Along with it, they can add the quantity of the products.

The earned coins come here with amazing use as users can order grocery products and general products of daily use through just watching videos. 

What did the Client say about the developed app and website?

“We love the thought-provoking approach of the team GRAFFERSID that has helped us to overcome the challenges. Their dedicated and expert team of developers has made it possible for us to imagine things beyond the box and they bring them to reality. E want to thank the whole team for making Saathealth a big name in the market. We love their passion for their work”. 

If you are having the next big idea and looking to make it into reality, then GRAFFERSID can help you in hitting the bull’s eye. Our dedicated team of developers is experienced in bridging the gap between the idea and the product. The years of experience in creating a wide variety of mobile applications, make it easier for us to build a product that your audience loves.

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