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Trip Booking Marketplace: TripToniq

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About the Client

TripToniq is a solution for everyone who wishes to travel and achieve their dreams of visiting magnificent destinations. The unique part of this skyrocketing Startup is that the same platform works for Agents in the travel industry. Often the digital solutions cornered the Tour and Travels Agents and offered services only for the end-users.

TripToniq offers all the options for its visitors. This feature gave them the initial boost and they gained the 1st position in the market within the first year of the launch. 

Supporting every element of the Industry, TripToniq was widely accepted by everyone and it helped the startup boom quickly. Winning multiple awards for awesome UI/UX development also garnered a significant amount of attention from the world’s leaders which then attracted seed funding also. GRAFERSID has put all the experience in making TripToniq one of the finest tour and travel websites ever. 

Features of the Triptoniq Website

There are plenty of options and tasks on the home page itself. A theme-based tour plan is of a kind of experience for users. From couples to groups and corporate tours, everything can be planned before a month with TripToniq. Estimating the cost of the tour any user has a dream of is absolutely fascinating.

This feature was mostly used and highly appreciated in the prototype phase itself. Offering the highest level of customization required a dynamic database to work well in real-time and always deliver an immersive experience to users. GRAFFERSID used Cloud-based dynamic storage and retrieval system for making sure that there is no delay in service. 

1. Registration and Login


registeration and login

As a website that provides travel solutions, the client needed to store user data avoiding re-identification every time they come to the website. That is why the website development team created a swift registration window that gives the users the option to register using their social media accounts or email id.

Additionally once after the registration, the users can access the site from any device by just logging in through their id and password or simply their social media accounts.

2. Personal Profiles


personal profiles

To assist both the travel agencies and the travelers in identifying each other, the site provides each user with a unique profile. This includes their profile picture, general information, and travel preferences.

Taking inspiration from the popular social media sites, the UI/UX designing team at GRAFFERSID has designed the profile dashboard to give an interactive feel to the website giving room to the user to show their travels and share their experiences on the platform.

3. Trip Planner

trip planner

Trimming down the hassles of deciding and planning a trip, the site is laced with an exclusive trip planner dashboard letting the user filter and get initial ideas about their travel destinations and pricing of the trip. Here the user can make choices as to the type of travel and number of companions. The dashboard is designed to have minimal UI with a color scheme matching the overall pattern of the website. 

4. Travel Timeline

Tracking the whole timeline of the traveler, the timeline feature lets the user be in full awareness of the details about the booking and the status of their documentation process. The UI/UX design and development team has designed the process in form of a checklist whereas every step gets completed, the particular point gets highlighted on the scale.

5. Trip Details Dashboard

The website ensures that once a travel agency is selected by the user and a trip is booked the user is provided with all details regarding that particular trip. The dedicated developers’ team worked on a separate window that presents all the time and cost numbers.

Here the user can download all the legal documents related to the trip. Besides it also offers complete encryption to safeguard this information from access by any unwanted third party.

6. Travel Agent Dashboard

As a travel planning marketplace, the website needed to serve two different parties which means that the website needs to run two parallel facets at the same time. As a website development company that has worked on similar projects previously, the design and development team at GRAFFERSID leveraged this experience to build a specialized dashboard meant for the travel agencies to track the requests received from users. This also includes a campaign manager from where the travel agencies can run paid campaigns for their travel packages.

7. Package Comparison

package comparison

To facilitate travel agencies to present themselves better and give the user a wide range of choices for getting a travel package, the website offers the package comparison dashboard. The user can select multiple travel packages up to a maximum of 4 and put them side by side for comparison.

The website algorithm compares the packages on availability and unavailability of predetermined services to give a ranking.

8. Trip Filter

Acting as an improvement to the already existing trip finder function on the website, the trip filter helps the users in finding the best fit for their travel requirements among the available results. The front-end development team has provided various scales and ranges on the dashboard to help the user in selection.

On the other hand, the backend development team has optimized the code to make sure the queries and data are delivered back from the servers as fast as possible.

9. Add Companion

Apart from solo travels, the client also offers duo travel and group travel services. Under the companion dashboard, the users can search for travel groups or add their own travel partners to their profile. Doing this helps in faster booking and documentation for the group.

The companion feature is designed based on the social media approach where a user needs to get their request approved by the companion to use this feature.

10. My Bookings

my bookings

This feature is the single point where the user can know the status of all their previous and current bookings. Ordered in a modular fashion, the user can track all the requests sent by them to travel agencies and their status. The developers’ team has also included a notification system to keep the user updated about any changes on this dashboard. 

11. Card UI

Being a UI/UX design company, GRAFFERSID has always strived to serve the clients with some unique features for their websites. Doing the same for Triptoniq, the site uses a card-based UI where the search results and the blogs are presented in the form of cards.

This provides greater clarity for the user to identify the particular services they are looking for. Further, to give more interactivity to the feature, the design team has also integrated a cursor action which creates a popup effect when the cursor hovers over the cards.

12. Responsiveness

As more and more people are using their phones to access the Internet, search engines have taken note of this. As a result, the responsiveness of a website on devices with different sizes has become an important criterion for search engine rankings.

The front-end team incorporated components like a fluid grid system, flexible text/images, and media queries to warrant the optimum performance of the client website on devices with different sizes and operating systems.

13. Rating and Reviews

ratings and reviews

Hosting a large number of travel agencies and trip plans it becomes necessary that the standards of services are kept high to provide optimum experience to the users.

To ensure this the site has been integrated with a rating and review system which lets the users rate the services of various travel agencies.

Additionally, the users can also rate their already traveled destinations, hotels, and landmarks. The smart review filter system designed by the developers lets the site filter out phoney reviews so that the travel agencies aren’t targeted unnecessarily.

14. Split Screens

Closely following the current design trends, the design team chose to adorn the website layout with a split-screen design. Here the vertical layout of the webpage is divided into two or more parts with a distinct appearance or color scheme.

As a site offering various travel packages, the design encourages the user to choose between various products available. Additionally, the design helps in organizing content in blocks, thus providing a clean and minimal look to the website.

15. Chat

Being a marketplace for travel services the website required space for interaction between all the parties on the website. The chat API integrated by the developers helps the users to talk with the travel agencies for more personal interaction.

In addition to text chat, the chat feature is laced with voice and video calls through VoIP protocols. Further, the chat feature also lets the users have intra- community chats to get further assistance from fellow travelers.

16. Social Media Integration

Getting new visitors to the website requires getting people to recognize the business and the products it offers. Social media platforms are a great way to do this, however, it requires that the site is adequately integrated with the social media handles.

The front-end developers have paid detailed attention to the designing of the social media buttons and their placement on the website pages. 

17. Animations

To give the website a more interactive look, the UI/UX team has used a range of animation effects on the page. The principal purpose of this is to keep user engagement with the website at optimum levels.

The loading page comes with an animation pattern that keeps the user visually busy and has drastically reduced the bounce rate in comparison to its non-animated previous counterpart.

Similarly, animations have been leveraged in hover effects, page transitions and scrolling to add more depth to the website.

18. Graphics and Illustrations

Instead of using generic graphics and illustrations, the design team at GRAFFERSID  has created custom-made ones. This has helped the website to stand out among its competitors through visual appeal.

It is quite evident that visuals remain in the memory of a person for longer than a simple text message. Further, these illustrations have been created keeping in mind the brand values of the client thus assisting the overall marketing approach.

What did the client say about Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

TripToniq is a revolutionary concept in this industry bringing every stakeholder into one platform and giving options to grow is a great idea. We were looking for an ambitious team to work on this idea.

Development of a multi-feature and the full-fledged website was challenging for sure but GRAFFERSID did it nicely. Finally, we have a great website to bring TripToniq to market. Thanks for the complete team of GRAFFERSID. 

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