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Voice Calling App

About the Client

There are numerous ways in the modern world to communicate with anyone residing anywhere. But some ways are better than others. In the world of chat messages, Voice Call has a separate value and people always prefer it. The founders of the app were focused on enhancing the experience of Voice calling.

Taking the Voice calling to Next Level, the founders wanted to let anyone access a directory of people they would like to talk to. The idea was very close to Voice-based Social Media where following people who you like is also an option.

Though the new idea took its time in developing to become a revenue-churning company people started spending more and more time on it. The prototype developed by the team of GRAFFERSID was successful and gained good traction and reviews of its uses.

The process of developing the full-fledged product from the prototype was amazing and quick. The best part was the UI/UX design and development phase which was simple, easy, and customer-centric. 

Features Of Voice Calling App

The new version of Voice calling and advanced experience required many new features to develop and work on. Though it was challenging at the beginning, the experience of the team GRAFFERSID in crafting unique apps helped here and made the process easier.

Discovering new people in the app is the most exciting part for new users as it brings them close to a different community. Along with it, there are some remarkable features mentioned here. 

1. Create and customize your profile

Create and customize your profile

Once you log in to your account, you can create your profile by entering personal details in some mandatory fields. Users can customize their profile by adding pictures and some other additional pieces of information.

In addition to this, you can add your social media handles and links to your blogs on your profile. The best thing about this feature is that you can decide the people who get to view your personal details.

2. Spam Blocking

Once you download this app on your device, it automatically saves you from spammers by providing spam alerts. You can choose to reject the spam calls and report them to protect yourself against unwanted calls.

Along with this, you can block specific people to stop them from calling or texting you. Blocking someone who has impacted you negatively, ensures your safety, security, and healthier state of mind.

This helps you to maintain a distance from the fraudsters and will gradually improve your well-being.

3. See who is calling even without data connectivity

Whenever you get a call from one of the registered or saved mobile numbers a popup appears on the screen of the user 20 seconds before the call arrives on their device. It is not important to have an active internet connection all the time for this feature to work.

The app is designed in such a manner that once the caller is identified by the app, while you were connected to the internet, it is capable of identifying the number even when you are not using the internet.

4. Full-screen Caller ID

Developers of the GRAFFERSID website development company have enabled a feature of color-coded caller ID through which the user can identify which type of caller is calling. Whenever you get a call the image of the person flashes into your screen, offering a full-screen view.

If the background color is blue it means that the call is from an unknown person. The purple background symbolizes that call is from business or delivery service. However, the red background means that the call is from spammers. If the color is golden then the call is from updated Gold or premium accounts.

5. Check user availability using last seen

This feature shows the last time when the person was active on the app. It simply means your contacts will be able to track the last time you attended any call.

Along with this, you can even make out when the person is active or busy taking calls. You can even hide your last seen with our privacy settings, you can go to settings and turn off your last seen.

The only issue with this is that as soon as you hide your last seen, you won’t be able to view the last seen of any of your contacts.

6. Secure your app using fingerprint sensors or face detection

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of mobile app development in this 21st century, in order to match the requirements of this digitalized era we have enabled biometric sensors and face detectors in the app.

They are easy to use because they have eliminated the need to remember long passwords. Biometrics are non-transferable and accountable due to which they are harder to fake and offer highly accurate results every time.

7. End-to-end encrypted Voice Calls

End to end encrypted Voice Calls

End-to-end encryption is the best way to ensure maximum security, it is a system that decodes the conversation for every other person who is not the recipient. Even the access and service providers are themselves incapable of decoding online conversations or calls.

This process is safest because it reduces the number of participators who can intercept, decode, change or read your conversations. GRAFFERSID is a UX/UI designing company that understands your concern related to your digital privacy. With this feature, you can reach out to your friends and family at affordable rates by the safest medium.

8. Identify numbers using a Search bar

Our website development team values the time of our users, with this concern we have placed a search bar that you can see just after launching the app. You can enter the mobile number or the name of the person to search for his contact details.

This eliminates the navigation process and makes the entire process faster and convenient. When any app is composed of a search bar it offers a speedy experience as it cuts down the total time the users spend on your app.

This makes your app a valuable resource as it does not require much work or effort to fetch the desired information.

9. Cloud-based Call recordings and Live subtitles

Call recordings are essential to capture and save special moments with our loved ones. You can even record important meetings or conferences and share them with your colleagues.

As soon as your call starts to record, all the members present on the call are notified that the call is being recorded, if any of them is not comfortable with it they can either cancel the record request or leave the call. You can save and share the recorded call for the next 30 days.

The call recording can be directly uploaded on the cloud or can be downloaded on the device. In addition to this, we have implemented a unique feature that offers subtitles of the conversation on the calls.

Users can turn on the subtitles from the settings and can select their preferred language. This is an extremely helpful feature while talking to international clients. 

10. Private chats

Similar to voice calls, we have enabled end-to-end encrypted messaging that ensures your privacy to carry out personal as well as sensitive conversations. This message gets encrypted and travels from the sender to the receiver.

It can be decrypted only when it reaches the recipient’s end. These messages are highly secured and even the service providers of a mobile app development company can not access them.

11. Smart messaging

With this feature messaging is made fun, we have enabled this feature with the help of UX/UI designing in the latest update. Using this feature you can instantly reply and indicate your emotion to messages, images, jokes, or any shared content using fun emojis or reactions.

Developers have enabled this feature only on group chats, this helps the users to react as well as save their time. Emoji reactions are easy to acknowledge as compared to replying back to the entire message thread.

12. Dark Mode

Dark and sepia themes are probably one of the most popular features in modern UX/UI design and development.  It not only enhances the look of your device rather it saves the energy consumption in OLED and AMOLED display of devices.

Another advantage of using dark mode is that cuts the harmful blue light. Blue light is a high-energy visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelength. This light is extremely harmful to our eyes. It can also be used while reading in dark rooms as it prevents your eyes from getting dry and itchy.

Keeping this in mind, we have enabled the dark mode in this app which can be turned on and off according to the user preferences.

13. Call History

Call History

Call history is one of the most useful features of a Voice Calling App, it offers you complete details of your call logs. Call logs offer you detailed information about the received, missed, and answered calls.

Along with this, it includes detailed information of call date, day, time, and duration of the calls. In addition to this, there is a feature known as an advanced filter which is capable to filter on the basis of date, time, day, and other information.

This feature is extremely helpful while searching for any particular call details or recordings.

14. Premium Gold Subscription

You can enjoy lots of premium features after purchasing the subscription of the app, we assure you that spending your money will be completely worth it. You can easily make your profile discoverable or hide it from users using this premium subscription.

Besides, you can switch yourself to an incognito mode that allows users to look at someone else’s profile anonymously and get instant alerts or notifications if someone else is trying to check their profile.

Apart from all this, the blocking feature gets extremely powerful which means that the top spammers and telemarketers are automatically blocked to ensure your peace of mind.

What did the Clients Say About the Efforts of Team GRAFFERSID?

We had a new idea of delivering an amazing experience for people who love voice calling. Our product revolves around the same concept. The implementation of this idea required an expert team to work on it and we got exactly that with GRAFFERSID.

Their team in Mobile App Development is absolutely amazing. Filled with creative ideas and numerous solutions at every step, our time was highly saved. Thanks for them. 

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