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Insights about PHP

About JavaScript

Get Speed, Simplicity, and Interoperability Using JavaScript

PHP is a language that’s easy to understand and implement. Moreover, it has a scope of adding more capabilities and expanding the functionalities owing to its varied set of tools. If you are looking to develop a solution fast and easy, then consider PHP development as it uses its own memory. Also, the entire development process is more cost effective than other languages, all thanks to open source nature.

Apart from this, the server side scripting language comes with a security layer that protects your business from potential security threats and viruses. Upon that you will get a large community ready to share the experience, knowledge, and coding guidelines.

Some of the popular PHP websites include Yahoo, Wikipedia, MailChimp, WordPress, and Flickr.

About JavaScript
JavaScript Developers
JavaScript was released in 1995 and is still ruling the world of software development. It was first called LiveScript and later on JavaScript. When it comes to the widespread usage of JavaScript, you can create a variety of apps including websites, web apps, presentations, web servers, games, art, mobile apps, and flying robots. Owing to this versatility, JavaScript is the most popular language used in web app development. Some of the big companies including Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and Groupon are using JavaScript.
Developed using JavaScript

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript a Popular Programming Dialect

JavaScript comprises some broad programming attributes that allows JavaScript developers to communicate with the cloud, implement basic automation, and update web page content on the fly. Moreover, you can create a variety of apps using JavaScript and as a result you will find this versatile language everywhere. We can say that JavaScript app development has always been in the market and is going to stay in future as well.


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Benefits of JavaScript

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Easy Language

The biggest benefit of implementing JavaScript is that it offers syntax close to English language and uses a DOM model with predefined functionalities.

Execution on the Client Side

The best part of implementing JavaScript is that it is executed on the user’s processor instead of the web server. This helps to save bandwidth and shifts load from the web server.

Extended Functionality

JavaScript comes with extended functionality like third party add-ons such as Greasemonkey that allows JavaScript developers to write snippets of JavaScript.

Easy to Debug and Test

Another great benefit of JavaScript is that it can be tested easily as the syntax used in the language is easy to understand that helps to develop dynamic and scalable websites.

Platform Independent

Any browser that is JavaScript enabled can understand JavaScript codes that facilitates easy execution of codes on different types of hardware, which is written for JavaScript programs.

Event Based Programming

JavaScript developers have the liberty to execute different codes when a specific event occurs such as a user clicking a button or moving the mouse over the object.

JavaScript Trends


JavaScript in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India
With one of the largest pool of talented as well as experienced developers, hiring a dedicated Redux developer from India is one of the best choices that Startups make. Above graph shows the per hour charges of a dedicated developer in top countries.

Why is JavaScript one of the Key Technology Trends?

When it comes to the leading JavaScript frameworks and libraries, it changed over time and evolved at a faster pace. Though released decades ago, it still kept growing and maintained the mechanism. Moreover, it is considered reliable by websites like GitHub, NPM trends, Google Trends, etc. All this has resulted in building an active community around it.

When it comes to hiring JavaScript app developers, India is the best place to hire for dedicated JavaScript development. Depending on your requirement JavaScript developers can offer scalable solutions and provide for the best ROI. Moreover, the hiring cost is also less as compared to other developers across the globe that falls somewhere $15 to $30.

Benefits of hiring JavaScript developers from India


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