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About MERN STACK Development

A perfect blend of Best Javascript Technologies.

MERN Stack combines the MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and Node.js technologies using Javascript as core in all of them. MERN Stack is mostly used for user-friendly web applications with high responsiveness and dynamic nature.

Node.js provided an environment for the development of scalable applications rapidly. Express is responsible for single page and multi-page web applications having numerous features and robust backend.

MongoDB simplifies the data exchange between client and server and ReactJS excels in crafting quick, interactive and responsive frontend across platforms.

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The four technologies making MERN Stack are behind World’s Biggest Mobile Apps and Websites. Tumblr, Paytm, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and many market leaders are using NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB and Express. Enabling High Scalability and Flexibility in Development with MERN, expand your team with tech-savvy developers who love to create futuristic applications. Hire MERN Stack Developers in India from GraffersID, a leading IT staff augmentation company to grow by 10X.

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Benefits of MERN STACK Development Services

MERN STACK Development enables Startups with On-demand Scaling without extra cost.

MongoDB and Express are highly scalable backend development framework. Along with having Robust API, they allow cross-platform development making the cycle quicker.

Smooth Integration with Cloud Technologies is an added advantage for MERN Stack development. Backed by Google Community Support makes MERN a preferred Tech Stack for Startups.


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The technologies of MERN Stack


Development Cost

Reduced with Dedicated MERN Stack developers


Cost of

Development Reduced when businesses hire a dedicated MERN STACK Developer from India

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Simple Hiring

Hiring a Dedicated MEAN STACK Developer was never this easy


3.5 hrs


Requirement gathering


GRAFFERSID Shortlists the Best Candidates

8 hrs


Interview is scheduled with Client

8 hrs



8 hrs

1st Round of Interview is Conducted



8 hrs

Contract Signing



Onboarding Process

8 hrs

Benefits of Hiring mern Developer from India


MERN STACK Development in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India

Here is a comparison of per hour charges of a dedicated MERN STACK developer from across the world. It is evident from the charges that India is the most affordable country to hire a dedicated developer.

Javascript was released in 1996 and the frameworks developed afterwards like Angular and Node have gained an astounding amount of popularity in India. Javascript being a part of the curriculum in India makes MERN Stack the easy technology to adapt and learn.

MERN is an end-to-end Javascript backed stack making it easy and affordable to develop large applications without using more resources.

Generally, the cost to hire a dedicated MEAN STACK developer in India is around $8-$32 per hour. The accurate cost to hire MERN developers also depends on factors like complexity of task and experience required.

Benefits of Hiring the offshore MERN STACK Developers from India


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We are ready to terminate the contract or replace the developer if a resource fails to meet the expectations.


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Within 1 week the complete process from Requirement sharing to onboarding is completed. Of Course, we need your support to achieve it.

Yes, we do maintain the agreed terms between client and Company till completion of the contract. We support working with all business ethics. Our developers understand the Intellectual property rights and are obliged to follow those.

We take 100% monthly advance payment for each contract on a per resource basis. For example, if you did a contract of 6 Months with a contract price of $2500 per month then we will take $2500 at the start of the contract and then the next $2500 after 30 days and so on for 6 months.

Our aim is to form long term bonds where both parties are happy. If the developer is not performing well you will have 2 options; firstly take a replacement, which we will provide within 1 week from issue raise. Or secondly, terminate the contract with no obligations. We are extremely client friendly.

We deduct the amount for which the developer has worked and we refund the completed remaining balance back to your account.

For example, if your monthly contract is for $2500 per month and the contract is terminated after 20 days of working then

2500/30 = $83.33 (daily cost).
83.33 *20 = 1666.66 (Cost for 20 days)
2500 – 1666.66 = $833.33 (refunded back to the client)
And all further payments for the contract are nullified.


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No bond Policy.

If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.




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