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Benefits and Services of Chatbots

Benefits of Chatbots

“Benefits of Chatbots”

Trust Chatbot Like You Trust Your Car Breaks

Artificial Intelligence is growing at a high speed. It can now solve your queries in minutes via Chatbots. Chatbots are developed to communicate with people for various different reasons. Benefits of Chatbots have come a long way from virtual assistants to sophisticated bots in every existing field and industry.

Ah! Are you struggling to get the basic details about Chatbots? You can find it all here.

So, now you know that chatbot is a platform used to communicate with humans for various reasons and its types. But how many of us trust bots with our eyes closed? Not many of us, right? Chatbots are robots trained to resolve queries. So, the life of chatbots depends on us.

This article will help you understand chatbots explicitly. Trust it just like you trust your car breaks. Furthermore, There has been a study which shows that youngsters trust chatbots more than older generations. However, the other half of the youngsters is a pretty high percentage to be ignored.

Before going to the benefits of chatbots, let me tell you about two surveys. A survey conducted by HubSpot showed that 57% of interviewed people trusted humans over Chatbot. Rest would not mind whether they are talking to a bot or human. Another recent study conducted by Ubisend showed that 69% of interviewed people trusted chatbots over humans.

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Image Courtesy: BI Insider

This shows a positive growth of people towards Chatbots. However, it has also been studied that trust towards bots. It depends upon secured conversations and confidentiality maintained by the Chatbots.

Trust is the base of any relationship(Benefits of Chatbots).

Trust is an important factor for business. where a relationship is developed between a customer and the company. Likewise, businesses aim at easing things for their customers and potential clients using technology. Chatbots is a similar platform developed to ease the activities of both the included parties. Here are the benefits of Chatbots:-

  1. Saves time: The second option to solve customer queries is to call a customer service executive. Well, we all have experienced that calling CSE is a time-consuming process. Chatbots saves your time and solves your query in real-time.
  2. Good listeners: Chatbots are developed to help humans. They are trained in such a way that they form an integral part of your problems. They are good listeners who give accurate and efficient solutions to your problems.
  3. Personalized services: Chatbots provide one-to-one and personalized services to the customers. It is a platform that resolves your queries with a high level of personal attention.
  4. Cost optimization: It helps in reducing cost as it mostly uses the chat system to resolve queries.
  5. Maintained privacy: Chatbots helps in maintaining a level of privacy and confidentiality throughout.

The above benefits can help you to trust bots and pay attention to its positive sides.

The risk is only if the breaks fail.

Where is the risk if chatbots are so secured? The risk lies with the confidentiality and privacy policy of the chatbots. People are afraid to share their personal or financial data with chatbots due to these two reasons. However, Chatbots come with added security. There are privacy policies defined by the company that takes care of the customer data. These policies have a set of limitations that needs to be adhered to by the operators.

Also, confidentiality is the prime area that is taken care of by the operators. The information gathered is strictly for official purposes. If any information is leaked, there are strict rules which might affect the working of the business. Moreover, we humans treat AI just as an object. This should not be the case as AI is created by humans for humans. Once we understand the importance of the system, it becomes easy for us to trust it. Some of the most trusted bots to date are Hipmunk, NatGeo Genius, Whole Foods, Baby Centre UK, DuoLingo and many more.

What can a start-up do to boost their Chatbot service?

It is important for start-ups to concentrate on a good chatbot model, Which would help them to increase their sales? Chatbots have helped many businesses to boost their client engagement and have a positive impact on their revenues.

A proven chatbot can create wonders for start-ups. Let’s see what can a start-up do to boost their chatbot service.

1. Defining the aim:

Chatbots are created for various reasons. Define your aim accurately and you’re halfway for the entire procedure.

2. Focus on developing trust:

Training the bot in such a way that it gains customer’s trust is the second step to a successful bot.

3. Align tone with the business category:

Each business has a different set of rules and tone. It is important to set your business tone in the right direction. This will help in increasing customer satisfaction.

4. Make them feel important:

Bots should be trained in a customer-centric way. The entire focus should be on making the customers feel that they are important for the company. This will lead to increased satisfaction and customers will be loyal to the brand.

5. Continuous improvements:

Technology keeps on improving and bringing in advancements. Continuous improvements in chatbots can increase the curiosity factor for the customers.

Concluding Lines

Benefits of Chatbots are boon for customers and businesses with equal positive sides. Therefore, Trusting them may seem challenging at the moment. But once you start trusting this advancement, you will always look up for chatbot over any other option.

Start-ups are always in a money crunch. Chatbots can help them save a lot of money and invest it in something more important. The decision of developing a chatbot can help start-ups is increasing:

  • Client engagement;
  • A high number of leads;
  • Increased revenues;
  • High conversion rate.

Explore chatbots and build one matching your needs. Experience wonders happening with your business. Meanwhile, do not forget to post your views below in the comments section.

Image Credits: AppliedAI

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