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Barcode Scanning Application: Original4Sure


About the Client

Adulteration and Fake products are a problem growing every day. For businesses, this is one of the biggest sources of loss in revenue. The founders of this “Original4Sure” Barcode Scanning Application realized a market gap in the scenario and thought of helping businesses fight against fake products. 

Though there is measures used in product packaging like barcodes, and Unique Identification Numbers in such an advanced world, reproducing the same codes is not a tough task. Along with this, Barcode ensured that users are able to fetch all types of information about the product in their app.  

Understanding the need for a highly advanced method, Original4sure came up with an idea of a Barcode Scanner. The objective was to enable every common person to be able to check whether the product is fake or not. 

By just scanning the barcode, details of the product appear on the mobile screen, and the product is verified. The app was awarded as 5th in the list of Best UI/UX Design and Development and Best Mobile App Developed in the year. 

Features Of Original4Sure

A fully-functional barcode scanning application is focused on reading and translating barcodes or images into alphanumeric data. These codes are composed of important details like manufacturing date, batch no, the expiry date, and the price of the product.

We needed our app to understand the algorithms behind the Barcode Scanning Application process and use it to decode the hidden information. 

1. Easy to install and configure

What sets you apart from all other apps in the play store is the speed from which it gets installed and its configuration settings. According to experts, your app should get installed within 30 sec in the presence of good wifi or a 4G network.

Original4Sure is specially designed to minimize clicks with easy configuration settings, it promotes scrolling over clicking in order to assist our users with a high-speed premium user experience.

2. User Account Creation

The very first step after installing the app is asking the users to create their accounts in the application. Users are asked to enter the details like email ID, phone no, name, and many more to create an account to make the app more personalized for them. All this helps in improving the user experience of the application with different settings.

3. Easy to use

Most people have a shorter attention span and if your app is difficult to navigate maximum people will lose interest. In a world full of applications, simplicity encourages people to use your application. We at GRAFFERSID ensure that your app is easy-going even for people who are not very tech-savvy.

Original4Sure is composed of an uncluttered screen that enhances and simplifies the navigation. You just need to hold your electronic device in front of the barcode and scan it to complete the process.

4. Support Across Multiple devices

Original4sure is highly flexible and compatible with all the major platforms namely, Android, Windows, and iOS. This ensures maximum outputs and helps us to achieve the best out of the app. Creating separate apps for Android and iOS also helps to personalize the experience for an audience.

The UI/UX design and development team of GRAFFERSID looked into the best User Interfaces for iOS and Android separately for ensuring a great experience. 

5. Create barcodes and QR codes for your desired products

This app comprises many innovative features in order to get an edge over our competitors. Original4sure is designed with a special feature that allows its users to create barcodes and QR Codes with desired fields. You need to add fields such as price, date of expiry, date of manufacturing, batch no, product id, and many more to create a barcode. Moreover, you can create unlimited barcodes with the desired information accordingly.

Barcode creation is yet another feature that is not common in other Barcode Scanning application. Users got the options to create unique 

6. Allow customers to scan barcodes with ease

Users can easily scan barcodes from their electronic device, once the barcode is scanned it redirects them to the product detail page. The product detail page is composed of all the information regarding the scanned item which helps you to analyze the details of the product carefully before purchasing it.

7. Good image resolution with auto-brightness mode

We strongly feel that it is very crucial to balance app speed, its efficiency with its resolution. Origina4Sure uses high-definition pixels to offer a good image resolution of the barcodes which ensures a detailed and high-quality experience. Most importantly, this app has an auto-brightness mode which adjusts the brightness of your device whenever you try to scan any barcode.

8. Savings Accounts and Passwords

In the present day scenario, we are using hundreds of apps, and remembering the password and usernames of all the apps becomes a challenging task for each one of us. To make this simpler, Origina4Sure allows its users to save their account information if they want to, this simplifies and speeds up the logging in process.

9. Bright and bold color schemes

People love colors they connect with them as it shapes their perceptions and influences the downloads of your app. Keeping this in mind, Origina4Sure is well equipped with hundreds of eye-catching color schemes and themes to attract your customers.

You can even change the color scheme or themes according to your choices, ending up by making it look more stylish and tempting.

10. Auto Focuses Barcodes While Scanning

Auto Focuses Barcodes While Scanning

Auto Focus helps users with superior optical quality while scanning barcodes at varying distances and locations. It is extremely useful as it offers peace of mind to the users along with clear scanned barcodes without any disturbances.

Mobile App Development team of GRAFFERSID enabled the permission manager to get the permission of the camera and settings to use it for scanning. After getting permission from the user, the camera was set in Auto-Focus mode. 

11. In-built Algorithms

During the beta testing program, a problem came that many times Barcodes are not clearly visible or easily accessible for users to capture them. Then, the creative team of GRAFFERSID came up with the idea of integrating Artificial Intelligence in the app.

This algorithm was fed with more than a thousand images of Barcodes through different angles so that every camera angle of real-life can be tested and tried. Also, we understood that trying to capture barcodes in different colors of light and visibility at day and night time is essential. Covering all possible scenarios, our algorithms performed above expectations. 

12. High-Speed Interface

Fast loading speed is not only important for conversions, it is also important to offer fluidity to your application. None of us likes to use an app with low speed and lagging screens as it creates boredom. According to studies, slow speed can have a negative effect on your apps.

BBC has estimated that they have lost an additional 10% of users for every extra second their app took to load. Origina4Sure offers high-performance speed to engage and retain more people as compared to their competitors.

13. Optimized Security Algorithms

In this era of digitalization, internet security is the major concern of the people. In order to meet up the expectations of our customers, our apps are specially developed to prevent hackers from stealing the data and sensitive information of our users.

Hackers implant malware into the apps or wifi networks through which they can steal the passcodes of the users and access their data. Origina4Sure comprises highly secured algorithms that prevent hackers from intercepting sensitive information so as to prevent our users from data breaches.

14. Feedback and Reviews

Even if we try to make the perfect app, there is always a scope for improvement. There are plenty of ways to enhance the application according to your users. We at GRAFFERSID, strongly feel that feedback is the best way to understand the demands of your customers.

Original4Sure has a feedback button enabled on the app in which our users post their requirements and issues. Users can recommend improvements, report errors, and talk to customer care instantly. 

15. Updates

With growth and innovation in technology, comes many opportunities to use them in user retention and user acquisition. We regularly update the app with modern tech and tools in the market. Every new update is available on Play Store or App store with a pop-up notification in the app of the user. This makes sure that the user is notified about every new modification. 

16. Save Favorites

Save Favorite

The most use of barcode scanning application comes during shopping through an outlet. Oftentimes, we are purchasing the same things on weekends regularly. This app gives you the feature of saving your favorite items. Based on this information, it explores various alternatives of the same product and tells you about the price offered at other stores.

Finally, it suggests the most affordable price. This feature gained popularity among users and was mostly used as soon as it was added in the update. 

17. Level Up your Knowledge

Barcodes are very interesting for many people. Being millions of barcodes that look absolutely similar yet they are unique, this fact fascinates curious minds. Understanding the human nature of getting more and more knowledge about something, We crafted a library of blogs, guides, and white papers on the technology behind barcodes and their history. 

18. Loyalty Programs

To gain more part of revenue through the app, the creative team of GRAFFERSID came up with an idea of Loyalty programs and gifts. A monthly paid membership was offered for the user with premium benefits and exclusive offers. Those who opted for paid memberships had the privilege of creating their custom QR Codes. These QR Codes can be used anywhere. 

What do clients say about tech collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

This app was so much more than just a Barcode Scanner. We had an idea of helping common people with daily products and their identifications. GRAFFERSID understood our intention and vision which helped us build the Mobile app as we wanted. The team of GRAFFERSID is exceptionally talented and quick on delivery. I am amazed at the pace of work and quality. 

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