About the Client

Connecting Thousands of farmers, employees, and brands through a single platform, Pratibha Syntex has been a leader in manufacturing knitted textile products since 1997. Producing over 60 million garments in a year, Pratibha Syntex has been catering to an audience of 20 International brands and several national brands.

Pratibha Syntex has been acknowledged with multiple prestigious awards like Jaivik India Award for their direct linkage with the farmers. Catering to millions across the globe with organic farming at the core, Pratibha Syntex is one of the best names in the global market for textile product manufacturing.

Features of the Corporate Agri Landing Page

Pratibha Syntex is one of the best names in the global market for textile product manufacturing. Crafting a landing page for their brand required a comprehensive understanding of their values, audience, and products. Important features were the color theme, design elements, and simplicity in user navigation through all the pages.

There are popular brands associated with Pratibha Syntex, so maintaining the brand aesthetics along with simplicity was important. Including hover effects through the images and working on the speed of loading of a web page to make sure that the website is complete and perfect. 

1. Minimal UI

minimal ui

To match the landing page with the client company’s values, the landing page needed to offer a clean and concise perspective to the visitor. Thus the landing page uses significant whitespace to give a clutter-free feel to the page.

The UI/UX designing team at GRAFFERSID also paid attention to the effect of unnecessary elements on the performance of the website and hence only gave space to the required components.

2. Smart Assist

While the users navigate a landing page they may come across various information and have queries regarding them, thus the landing page has a smart assist feature. The dedicated developers’ team integrated the landing page with an AI chatbot capable of answering the basic queries of the visitor.

Further, the bot can also transfer any specialized query to the lead generation department. To assist the lead generation team further, it also keeps the chat records with visitors for future reference and contact.

3. Easy Navigation

With multiple components working in perfect synchronization, an important responsibility for the UI/UX design and development team was to ensure seamless navigation for the user. For this particular reason, the team has laced the landing page with a navigation assistant.

This helps the visitor in going from one place on the page to another almost effortlessly with a button click. Additionally, the team has also placed important tabs and buttons where they are most noticeable, thus facilitating the surfing of other parts of the website.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Among all other website development features that have been popular lately, parallax scrolling has been among the topmost. It provides a sense of interactivity to the landing page while performing a simple action like scrolling. The designer team at GRAFFERSID knowing the landing page used horizontal scrolling added this feature.

Apart from adding to the aesthetic value of the website, it serves great functional importance to the landing page by adding a storytelling component to the page. While scrolling the visitor can experience the changes and values offered by the brand one by one.

5. Optimum Color Contrast

optimum colour contrast

The role of the color scheme in attracting the visitor to stay on the page and act on the call to action can never be exaggerated. Being an experienced UI/UX design company, the team used the core concepts of color psychology to choose the color contrast for the landing page.

In addition to this, it was also kept in mind that the readability of the landing page should not be affected in any way due to the usage of the particular color scheme.

6. Responsiveness

As a website development company that has worked on a diverse range of projects, we understand the importance of responsiveness for the website. As a large chunk of internet surfers use their mobile devices to access various websites, the team paid special attention to the adaptability factor.

It was made sure that the landing page gives a similar performance on devices with varying sizes and capabilities. This was further warranted through extensive testing of the final product on a large range of devices with different operating systems.

7. Search Bar

Although it isn’t common for visitors to see search bars on landing pages, we made this custom improvement understanding the visitor behavior on previous versions. The client company offers a sizable clothing range and hence many of the visitors need to search for a particular product or material.

Keeping this in mind both the front end and the backend developer collaborated to provide a swift search system within the landing page. 

8. Cross-Browser Compatibility

With the ever-expanding penetration of Internet services, it is obvious that there can be visitors on the site from various parts of the world. This also means that there can be different browsers that are being used to access the landing page.

To ensure that the site performs similarly in a different browser, the team conducted long testing sessions and made improvements to the code structure. Further, this has also resulted in better indexing of the landing page by the search engine bots.

9. Security

As a major focus for the landing page is getting new leads, it is integrated with a lead capture form that takes information and sends it to the backend for storage and processing. However, it is crucial that this information is protected and kept away from hackers and malware.

That is why the landing page is secured by standard security protocols like HTTPS. Further, it also has an alert system that notifies the organization about any suspicious access to the landing page and website.

10. Custom Illustrations and Graphics

custom illustrations

According to various studies, it is proven that information presented in graphical form tends to remain for a longer time in the memory of a person. Thus the page uses a wide range of high-quality graphics that resonate with the values of the organization.

Additionally, the design team at GRAFFERSID has designed multiple custom illustrations to be used as icons and explainers on the page which also adds to the looks of the landing page.

11. Dynamic Slides

dynamic navigation

There are numerous ways to present a particular piece of information on a landing page but the most efficient way is in the form of dynamic content. Here changes can be made to the sliders regularly to accommodate new elements.

Both the front-end developers and designers at GRAFFERSID worked in sync to get this feature to the landing page. Further, this has also contributed to the clean UI of the page by saving space.

12. Social Media Connectivity

No medium can give a higher ROI on the marketing expenditure than social media if used right. It lets the organization form an organic relationship with its audience and access new markets. The design team carefully chose space and icons for social media buttons on the landing page.

Thereafter the frontend development team converted that design into reality with its expertise. Additionally, the page also provides messenger integration as a unique feature that lets the user connect with the client company on a messenger platform like Whatsapp.

13. Consistent Design

While brainstorming for the design of the landing page, it was kept in mind to give a consistent effect to the page both in terms of design and color pattern.

After studying the behavior of users on previous versions of the landing page the team mimicked the design and color of the logo for the landing page. This has helped the company’s digital presence with a unique identity in terms of visual appearance.

14. Search Engine Optimisation

GRAFFERSID despite being a company that works with technical products understands the importance of digital marketing. That is why we hire dedicated developers who know the importance of concepts like search engine optimization.

The landing page is built while carefully paying attention to all the elements that can affect the search engine rankings of the landing page. The team has integrated the site with essential plugins that facilitate the digital marketing campaign of the company.

15. Hover Effects

Hover effects have been one of the most important tools used for improving the navigational experience of the users. The team has leveraged this feature to provide supplementary information to the visitor and highlighting particular elements on the landing page.

Further, the user can also use the hover effect to see a zoomed version of a product on the page just by hovering the cursor over the image.

16. Speed

When it comes to the search engine rankings of the page, speed plays a crucial role as a deciding factor. That is why the backend team has created the page with minimum code and maximum output to make sure the page runs smoothly on every device.

Besides, it has also been tested on low-speed internet connections to improve performance in similar conditions. Both the front-end and back-end team collaborated efficiently to create a critical balance between features and speed.

17. Clear CTA

The main aim of any landing page is to generate more interest and leads for the parent company, however, the feature that makes it possible is the Call to Action elements on the page. The design team carefully designed the CTA buttons keeping in mind the color combination used.

While the backend team has integrated after-click actions like the presentation of the lead capture form. The success of this feature is evidenced by the steep rise in the figures of new leads for the company.

What did the Client say about the Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Digital is the need for every business. We have been serving our audience for more than 2 decades. We were looking for someone with experience in this industry. Maintaining brand aesthetics throughout our landing page was our goal.

GRAFFERSID is a team of experts with plenty of experience in digital transformation. The communication with their team was smooth and always available. The deliverables are amazing in quality and align perfectly with our brand values.