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Family Tracker App: FamSafe

Family Tracker App

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Covid-19 came as a synonym of destruction for millions of people around the world. With lockdown imposed worldwide, it was impossible to stay together as a family. The Founders of the family tracker app wanted to help people across the globe stay connected to their family and aware of the family status.

Though, not in one place, still, with the power of digital, we can help anyone anywhere. With the challenge of tracking people in real-time and updating the app regularly, our partnership to help this world in tough times with our client started.

The app was focused on presenting a simple and clear UI with important details mentioned in the first screen itself. The Development team was clear with the message we wanted to convey and give users a feel of safety amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After the completion of the prototype, the app received reviews with positive intent and appraisal for such a generous step. Once the app was launched, users came into it in rush. Also, this Family Tracker App got awarded as the “Most Helpful” Mobile app in the Year 2020 for its helping features.

This motivated our team and client to boost the app and upgrade with more features that bring families closer and make them stronger together. 

Features of the Family Tracker App

To take care of your family is the biggest concern for everyone. We don’t want any feature to work improperly and therefore this app had to go through two rounds of testing of each element. This ensures that the Family Tracker App performed well and as expected in all conditions. 

1. Profile

Create Profile

The process of mobile app development for the family tracking app required giving a personalized appeal to the users, to ensure that our team at GRAFFERSID included a simple to navigate profile feature.

Here the user can get all the statistics and information related to the app usage, though its prime function is to act as a personal profile, through which other users can identify each other.

The team used the utmost care in UI/UX designing of every individual component to make it simple to use even for aged people who are not used to technology.

2. Maps and Routes

To make traveling more safer in the Covid period, the GRAFFERSID  team laced the maps feature with GPS connectivity to ensure that the maps are precisely accurate and simple in their UI/UX designing.

This helps the user to find the fastest and safest routes, along with this it also gives the option to other family members to track the user live. Further, the maps are also programmed with route-finding capabilities, this helps the users to choose routes that are most safe and away from Covid hotspots to ensure safety and security.

3. Location Tracker

The app is primarily focused on helping people to track their family members so that they can know if they are safe, that is why the location feature is of paramount importance. With the help of our team of dedicated developers, a simple yet effective location tracker was included within the app.

This location feature serves various other features like maps and geofencing. It is finely tuned with the Global positioning system to ensure regular updates. The Family tracking app also provides the option to get the updates as text messages.

4. Flight Tracker

To help the users in tracking the safe passage of their family members via air travel, the app allows for live tracking of flights within the app. This is possible with the help of a real-time flight tracking map embedded by the GRAFFERSID mobile app development team within the app.

The flight-tracking feature also provides alerts and notifications in relation to the proposed delay of the flight if any.

5. Quarantine and Hospital list

Quarantine and Hospital list

Unlike other apps, the family tracker needed a custom mobile app development due to its unique idea. It aims at being a family tracker app providing the best assistance in the times of Covid.

To make the app helpful in emergency situations, it is provided with constantly updated lists of hospitals and quarantine centers. The list includes names and contact numbers of these hospitals and centers along with necessary instructions in case any COVID symptoms are felt by the user or family members.

6. Geo-fencing

In case the family has members who are kids or are in their early teens, it is crucial that the parents have information about their whereabouts, although constant notifications can be a bad idea.

To solve this problem, programmers at the GRAFFERSID mobile app development company came up with a custom mobile app feature called Geo-fencing, which means that the app notifies the family members only when the person being tracked goes out of a parameter.

The feature was comprehensively tested to ensure that it works properly without any bugs.

7. Notification and Alerts

It is important the user and the family members are constantly updated about any changes in Covid guidelines near them, plus also get notified about any changes of location and status of a family member that is tracked.

The app has custom notifications and alerts that notify the user even when they are using any other app or when they are not using their phone. The notification and alert are completely customizable regarding their volume and type of alerts.

8. Family member dashboard

The family tracking app acts as a joint platform for all the family members to get together even if they are away. To assist the user to be updated about the status and activities of all other family members, the family tracking app has a family dashboard that lists out all the family member profiles.

This helps in easy one-touch navigation to the profiles of family members, while the UI/UX design and development of the dashboard is done in such a way as to give a feel of a social media app to the user to make it more interesting to use.

9. Covid hotspot tracker

Covid hotspot tracker

If there is one feature that makes the app truly stand out, is its integrated Covid hotspot tracker. Taking the help of the in-built location tracking module and the global positioning system, the covid hotspot tracker with its inbuilt algorithm assigns a hotspot tag to areas with a higher density of Covid cases.

Further, it also takes assistance from the data on official sites of the government sites to give an accurate depiction of the status of Covid in various places with the help of visually aesthetic charts created by the designers at our UI/UX design company.

10. Family Groups

In addition to the feature of connecting with immediate family members, the app is also laced with the feature of creating and joining multiple family groups. The reasoning behind adding the feature was to make the app a meeting place for a broader community.

The app allows sharing of status and media files with the groups. It also has the option to customize the visibility of the media files that lets the sender decide who can see the files. Further, there is no limit as to the number of members that can be added making it more convenient. 

11. In-app Messaging

While being an open family platform, the app also has secured in-app messaging features which facilitate personal messaging between the family members. The messaging window includes all typical features of the popular messaging platform that a user generally uses.

The chat also comes with an option of password protection, which keeps the chat secure, plus the messages can also be deleted as per the needs of the user which adds further security and privacy to the app.

It also comes with the in-app media player to save the hassle of changing different apps for opening different media files. These additions prove our expertise and ratify our placement as one of the top custom mobile app development companies.

12. Voice Call and Video Call

Using the best-in-class voice-over-internet protocol and video call features, the app lets all the users talk with the help of the in-app voice and video call options.

It allows the joining of multiple members on a single voice or video call. Voice and video calls have emerged as one of the most sought-after features by users in the Covid period.

The feature enables different members to join and talk while being miles away from each other.

13. Invitation and Acceptance

The creation of family groups also demanded another feature which is the invitation and acceptance feature. The GRAFFERSID team after closely studying various other messaging and social media apps included an invite feature, through which the user can invite people from within and outside the app to join the family groups.

The invitations outside the app can be sent in the form of a link asking people to join the platform. It also gives the option to the users to customize as to from whom they would like to receive invitations to avoid spamming.

14. Screen Share

In addition to sharing media files, the app also allows the user to share their phone or computer screen in group meetings. This helps in boosting collaboration and better sharing of ideas between the users. These can be of immense help to the people working remotely during the Covid period.

15. Travel History

To help the user remain updated with their past travel history, the travel history dashboard lists all the travels made by the users within the last fourteen days. The travel history can be kept transparent or private as per the choice of the user.

In case of any Covid emergency, it also helps to track other people who have come in contact with the said person in the above-mentioned time frame. 

What did the Client say about the Collaboration with GRAFFERSID for this Project?

We understood that the distance between family members, friends, and people is very devastating. To help every family, we thought of an idea to make an app that shows everyone about every other person all the time.

It needed the highest level of Technical Expertise because none of us had any knowledge about it. But, the way Sidharth guided us through the process and his team showed preparedness at every stage for new challenges, I am highly thankful to them. We have together helped millions of people and will keep doing that with this ambitious team of GRAFFERSID.

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