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InstaCar: InterCity Taxi Rental App: $1 Million Funded


About the Client

Travelling and Tourism has been a growing industry. People love to live life on their own terms but in this domain, going to different places doesn’t have the freedom that everyone is looking for.

Instacar is about giving people freedom in travel. With Instacar, users can choose the car at the cost they want and even they can choose the driver of their choice.

Instacar is a comprehensive solution for people with a travel plan. The features like Plan a journey also have got a return journey feature which gives users the next level of comfort.

The primary concern of the Founders of the app was ensuring the security and privacy of the users. Developing the app with maintaining the highest standards of Coding was the first step to achieve 100% security.

Soon after the launching of the app, the users loved the app and the number of registrations grew exponentially 

Features of the Instacar app

The Mobile app development process involved taking care of multiple approaches as the app was built for different sets of users. Drivers, users, and Vehicle Owners were the main part of the app.

Keeping this as a priority, the app was developed completely with 3 unique UI/UX that was delivering the same message. The UI/UX development team of the GRAFFERSID was experienced in crafting such mobile apps which reduced the time to market by 5X. 

1. Seamless Registration

Seamless Registration

The cab booking market is full of competitors pouncing for each other’s market share, in such a situation it becomes quite important to keep the time between the installation and registration within the app to a minimum.

To ensure this, the GRAFFERSID mobile app development team focused on a process with minimum effort registration. Thus, the app was integrated with the OTP login system that asks for users’ phone numbers or email and lets them log in with a one-time OTP.

The team also incorporated an encryption Algorithm, that keeps the personal information of the users classified and secure.

2. Single Bar for Booking

Working as a  mobile app development company for so long, our team knows that there can be no better sophistication than simplicity. Having seen tons of cab booking app, our team of dedicated developers realized that the Instacar app needed a simple and accelerated process for outstation cab booking.

While initial road mapping for the project we designed a single bar that includes multiple dropdowns providing options to the users to customize their journey as per their preference.

It’s almost impossible that any user will stay on the app all the time while waiting for any important updates and alerts. The GRAFFERSID mobile app development team extrapolated data from previous projects and thus came up with a personalized push notification and alert system.

This includes a notification board that prioritizes clarity over clutter and focuses on consolidating the principal updates and information for the user in one place.

3. Vehicle Dashboard

The Instacart app is mainly created for outstation travelers keeping in mind a hassle-free travel experience for the user. In the sequence of the booking process, the app also presents a vehicle dashboard to the user that helps them to choose the kind of ride along with its features.

The UI/UX designing team provisioned a good amount of time for this feature to provide enhanced assistance to the user while choosing a vehicle. The dashboard contains a slide show of various vehicles along with a virtualized 3D model to add to the aesthetic appeal of the app.

4. Available Drivers

While choosing a suitable vehicle is important for the journey, even more, important is the choice of driver. Although GRAFFERSID as a mobile app development company has worked on numerous cab aggregation apps, Instacart needed something different as it involved long-distance journeys.

That is why the driver dashboard within the app simplifies all the driver list and information based on their availability for the journey. The algorithm selects and presents all the available drivers within a minimum time. Further, the app has been incorporated with filters regarding the type of drivers and their verification status.

5. Journey Filters

Journey Filter

Because the Instacart app is focused on station travelling, the personalization of the travel experience was a must. Hence the same was communicated to our UI/UX designing team and the mobile app development team by Instacart.

To fulfill this the team loaded Instacar with the journey filter which lets user to applies various filters such as the type of travel, the reason for travel, medical conditions, and more. To ensure that the function worked smoothly it was extensively debugged and tested in simulated pressure environments.

6. Payment Gateway

Being an online cab booking app, it is common that the app needed to be equipped with a well functioning and hassle-free payment system. The UI/UX design and development team at GRAFFERSID designed the dashboard keeping in mind clarity and space to give it a minimalistic look.

On the technical side, the payment gateway aggregates all the popular forms of online payments such as UPI, online wallets, and net banking. The team has excessively focused on security and payments and hence upgraded all the encryption systems to their latest versions.

7. Emergency Button

As a UI/UX design company, GRAFFERSID has worked on various apps based on the aggregation of services. However, in the case of a cab booking app, it is crucial to ensure the security of a passenger in case of any emergency.

Hence, our UI/UX design and development team worked extensively to simplify the access to security measures within the app. The emergency button is a one-click solution that sends out emergency SOS to relevant authorities, thus strengthening the security measures of the app in comparison to its competitors.

8. Premium Membership

Revenue generation is a principal aspect of any service provider app, while monetizing the app completely can prove to be counterproductive, a subscription model on the other side is a great choice for it.

The custom mobile app development team has fostered the app with a subscription-based premium membership model, through which the user can have expedited assistance and exclusive and luxury services for free.

To simplify the process of subscription and renewal the feature is well integrated with its in-app payment gateway.

9. Review and Ratings

Review and Ratings

Apart from equipping the app with suitable technical tech stacks, it was also important to maintain the quality of the services provided on the app at the maximum level of integrity.

To ensure this the team streamlined quality control measures to suit the structure of the app, further, it was safeguarded with a review and rating system where the users can post their post-travel experiences and also rate the driver services.

11. Journey Updates

During the research phase, the team members identified various opportunities to take leverage of. Among them the feature of Journey updates was highly discussed and experimented upon, the feature focuses on providing important updates regarding the travel route and the destination.

This includes updates regarding weather, route hurdles, and important news which is made possible through the coordination of various news systems within the app coupled with integration with reliable weather monitoring services.

12. QR code and OTP

As a UI/UX design company, we know that simple features can also be transformed with the help of great design. The team has leveraged the QR code technology within the app to add more layers to the security plus it has also been laced with OTP connectivity to assist various verification features within the app.

This feature has helped greatly in the conservation of resources without compromising the efficiency of the app in any way.

13. Travel Records

While making regular travels with the app, it is quite relieving for users to have all the records of their travel in one place. To ensure this the custom app development team ensured this by incorporating a separate dashboard that presents all the analytics of cost and distance regarding any previous travels done.

Further, it also provides the option to repeat a journey with just one click instead of again going through the whole booking procedure. This is possible through our efficient automation algorithm aimed at minimizing manual work.

14. Cab Tracking

In addition to the emergency feature, the GRAFFERSID team has made a further addition for the safety of the passenger in the form of a cab tracking feature.

Being an experienced custom app development company, we used the understanding from our previous projects and integrated the map module within the app while adding a tracking system.

With this, the user can send a link to any known person, through which the person can track the cab live and get updates about the journey.

15. Fare Calculator

Due to the increasing pollution and higher costs of maintaining their vehicles, the trend of using cabs has become quite popular. Further, cab sharing has also been used widely by people to reduce their travel expenditure.

Knowing this, the GRAFFERSID team has included an in-app fare calculator, that assists in calculating fares according to a certain distance and also helps in splitting the charge between the people sharing the cab.

16. Coupons and Discounts

To attract new users and retain the ones that are currently using the app, a sound strategy must be applied. To fulfil this goal, the GRAFFERSID team has laced the payment gateway within the app with the coupons and discount dashboard.

Here the user can enter any coupon, discount, or referral code to reduce the fair price for the journey.

17. Cancellation and Refund

As a cab booking app, some users may want to cancel their rides that are already booked which also involves claims for refund for any already paid amount.

To make the process of cancellation and refund effortless, the app has separated the cancellation and refund board where the user can monitor their requests and make further applications.

What did the Client say about the Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Developing this app involved a high level of technical expertise and we expected a huge user base to use the app anytime. The knowledge of the team GRAFFERSID helped us achieve our goal perfectly.

The app was working fine and was able to withstand huge traffic. I recommend this team for Startups that are looking to make something amazing product for the users.

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