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Vegetable Mandi App: Krashi Upaj

mandi app: Krashi Upaj

About the Client

During the pandemic, many people were unable to get vegetables or fruits. Even after the quarantine was lifted, people were beware of buying vegetables from local vendors. This situation led to the birth of Krashi Upaj. This mandi app allows users to buy fresh vegetables from the comfort of their homes.

Though there were already many grocery apps present in the market none was solely focused on delivering fruits and vegetables. Krashi Upaj uses the latest technology to provide price and location-based results to its customers.

The quality and freshness of their produce and the easy-to-use features of their mandi app have made Krashi Upaj one of the top suppliers of vegetables. These vegetables are brought in directly from the farm.

At GraffersID, we focus on the users while designing and developing the app. There are many grocery apps in the market supplying vegetables directly to users. It was important for us to build an app that would provide the client an edge against other competitors. To do this, our developers and designers studied the competitors’ websites and reviews.

Features Of Mandi App: Krashi Upaj

Features Of Mandi App: Krashi Upaj

Features are what makes or breaks an app. If the competition is high, having unique features is important to make a place in the market. The experienced team of developers at GraffersID worked hard to give an edge to the Krashi Upaj app. Our developers listened to the Client’s idea and provided suggestions to make the app better.

The part that sets Krashi Upaj apart, from other apps, is the ease of use it provides to the users. The development team conducted a lot of research to add unique features to the app. The dedication and hard work of the design and development team helped in making the app perfect.

Below are the features that make Krashi Upaj a favorable choice for the customers.

User panel

1. Dual Language

During the development process, our team realized that 80% of the total population of India is not English speakers. More than half of them have trouble understanding the language. This makes them unable to use many applications and websites. Especially since the suppliers of Krashi Upaj are mostly going to be farmers or small vegetable suppliers.

The development team at GraffersID wanted to provide a seamless experience to the user. After much consideration and discussion with the client, we added both English and Hindi language in the app. This way people can shop in their preferred language.

2. Shop by category

Shopping for vegetables can be a tedious process because of the number of different types of vegetables available. Most of the time the buyers are not even sure which vegetables they want to buy. This is why the design team at GraffersID made sure to include the shop by category feature in the app’s UI.

3. Latest Market prices

Latest Market prices in Krashi Upaj app

Vegetable prices tend to fluctuate a lot due to weather, availability, and location. The users should always know about such fluctuations. The developers thought long and hard about this. Enabling notifications was not possible as the prices change every day.

After much consideration, the development team at GraffersID decided on this feature. The latest market price lets users see all the price fluctuations taking place according to location.

4. Filter you search

When it comes to buying vegetables, most of the time people are not sure about which vegetable to buy. 80% of customers are going to search for vegetables or fruits inside the app.

To help narrow down your search, the development team at GraffersID decided to add filters to the search bar. This is going to make searching much easier for the users.

5. Location-based pricing

The price of a product is different at every location. Especially when it comes to buying vegetables. They are sold at different prices at different places. Krashi Upaj wanted to offer vegetables at the prices according to the location.

So the development team at GraffersID built the location-based search feature. This feature allows customers to check the prices and compare prices of vegetables in different areas.

6. Price comparison

With the continuous fluctuations in the vegetable’s prices, users need to check prices daily. Krashi Upaj lets its users compare the prices of different vegetables. This way you can select the best option concerning your budget.

Not just this, the development team at GraffersID added the option of checking the price of the same vegetable in the past few days. This feature allows users to check how much the prices fluctuated in the past week.

Have an app Idea

7. Multiple payment options

In the digital era, payment flexibility has become a concern for many users. The development team at GraffersID conducted thorough research to find out what type of payment options are preferred by users. This helped us in selecting the easiest and most favorable payment methods.

While we added most of the payment methods available, we also gave the option of saving their preferred payment option. This makes the process of check out much faster.

8. Re-Order

Fruits and vegetables are a part of our everyday lives. So customers are going to order them again. To provide ease of shopping to users our team decided that users should have the option of re-ordering their items. Hence the development team included the reorder option in the User panel. This feature allows customers to order vegetables without having to search for them.

9. Weather widget

Though the app is solely focused on buying vegetables, the development team added a weather widget to it. This shows the date, time, temperature, and weather forecast for the day. This feature has not been seen in any other grocery apps.

The design team at GraffersID conducted a lot of research before deciding that this feature will be beneficial to the users. It will let the users know if delivery is possible in the user’s location or not.

10. Fast delivery

Customers always prefer fast delivery options. Especially when they are buying fruits or vegetables. The development team at GraffersID studied customer buying behavior for various other sites. They found that customers were willing to pay an extra amount of money for faster delivery. After discussing with the Client, we added the fast delivery feature in the app.

Admin panel

Admin panel of mandi app

1. Easy Onboarding

The login process for every shop owner should be easy and smooth. Krashi Upaj wanted to provide an elegant user interface to both the admins and customers. So dedicated developers at GraffersID created an easy-to-use login panel for admins. With everything written in both English and Hindi language, it becomes easy for new on-boarders to set up their profile.

2. Add new vegetables

Add new vegetables in mandi app


The process of adding new items is extremely easy in Krashi Upaj. The developers created a simple and smooth interface. Users can see the text in both English and Hindi which makes the interface easily understandable.

Clicking on the add new items button opens a new window. Admins can enter the name, measurement, location, and price of the vegetable at the same place. After clicking on the add button, the vegetables start getting displayed to users.

The development team at GraffersID made the process extremely easy so that even small suppliers or farmers can sell their vegetables using Krashi Upaj.

3. Delete out-of-stock vegetables

When out-of-stock items get displayed, it creates a lot of confusion and trouble for both the users and the suppliers. This situation can be avoided with the feature to delete items. The development team at GraffersID added this feature to Krashi Upaj’s admin panel. This enables the admin to delete vegetables that are out of stock or temporarily unavailable due to any reason.

4. Update item

As we already know, the prices of vegetables fluctuate quite a lot. To change the prices everyday admins cannot delete and add the vegetables with updated prices. The design and development team at GraffersID thought of ways to avoid this lengthy process.

After much thinking, our developers had the idea of adding the edit feature in the admin panel. This allows the admins to change the price and quantity of required vegetables. As soon as the changes are made, the vegetables get updates in the user panel.

What did the client say?

With so many competitors, it was a high risk to build an app in the Food section. Hence, we wanted to hire an experienced team of developers. We found GraffersID through Clutch Awards. Their incredible portfolio and amazing consultation made us go with GraffersID.

Our experience with GraffersID was quite pleasant. Having a lot of experience, they provided insightful suggestions to make the app better. They delivered the app on time. With their expertise and professionalism, the app delivered to us was completely bug-free. GraffersID: Top web and mobile app development company certainly brought our idea to life as an improved version.

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