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Graffersid Wins Awards by FinancesOnline!


Graffersid wins “Great User Experience 2018” and “Rising Star 2018” Award by FinancesOnline!

Graffersid has banged, back-to-back, 2 prestigious awards in the annual review of outstanding products in IT Development Software category by one of the biggest software review websites FinancesOnline .

In one of the recent recognition event conducted on the FinancesOnline platform, Graffersid was awarded the “Great User Experience 2018” and “Rising Star 2018” . Both distinctions are given to brands that have proven their worth in easily solving the issues Startups face today, resulting in positive user feedback from customers. Hence, marking an increase in popularity of the product in the market.

FinancesOnline rated Graffersid an overall review score of 8.0 out of 10 , while granting a spot on its list of “Top 100 IT management software solutions” globally.

FinancesOnline does a thorough review of the services and quality offered by service providers. Below were their observations for Graffersid:

What is Graffersid?

Graffersid is an IT Consultancy and software development firm founded and led by Sidharth Jain. The company caters to budding entrepreneurs and tech startups, helping them build powerful and tailored software and applications integrated with well-researched features that make said systems attractive and saleable. Graffersid also helps their clients attract and acquire initial customers, users, and subscribers on a global scale.

Graffersid helps clients create user-centric products and processes. Their expertise includes website developments, mobile applications, and systems intended for various purposes such as Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Technical market research, Wireframing, idea validation, and project management among others.

Overview of Graffersid Benefits

Graffersid, specifically its leader Sidharth Jain, offers you a throng of services and IT expertise that is built on years of experience and continuous learning. The firm delivers topnotch consultancy services as well as websites and applications that are centered on their clients’ end-users, thus delivering products that are able to “sell” themselves.

Mr. Jain and his whole Graffersid team have received praises from their clients all over the world, noting their straightforward approach that is anchored on their expertise but also on the thorough and clear understanding of their clients’ requirements. Graffersid has been behind many websites and mobile applications and each of those projects is a product of smooth and clear communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Graffersid looks at what their clients want and need and what the project requires. Jain and his team look into the problems and specifications and potential solutions, and at the same time, bring in their clients so they can share ideas and inputs. This close communication and collaboration result in the delivery of products, from processes to websites, to mobile apps that meet expectations and then some.

On top of helping entrepreneurs develop great websites and applications, Graffersid gives special emphasis on deciding the launch and initial client acquisition strategy at the idealization stage of the product. This allows them to incorporate special features to the product which helps in the sales and marketing, greatly lowering the cost of the client acquisition after launch.

What Problems will Graffersid Solve?

The companies or rather entrepreneurs Graffersid work with often focus solely on the product’s flow and recognize the minor IT features in the application that could significantly impact the acquisition of many new customers and help in spreading the word to new users.

Also, the non-technical founders get spammed by various IT companies. In a survey, 70% of the founders claimed to have delayed product release without being completely clear about what the problem was. Graffersid helps their clients build products in a timely fashion by acting as a single point of contact and taking full responsibility of the quality and delivery on behalf of our vendors. Current, startup success rate is around 10% globally and Graffersid aims is to increase that rate.

Credits: FinancesOnline


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