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Even simple projects also require more than a checklist. Augment planning, task assignment, deadline setting, segregation, prioritization, task delegation with customized project management tools with GraffersID, a top web and app development company, that has helped many marked start-ups stay organized and function exceptionally.

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Manage your projects smartly and let projects get you smart growth

Turn your workspace into a connected dashboard with Live App, embedded tools, updated data systems that keep everyone moving forward together

Built-in collaborative tools like project boards, cards, lists, tasks sheets, calendar make collaboration and tracking very easy, with notifications and reporting systems that effectively manage teams.

Core project management functions are managed by integration which is automated and repetitive in nature. There are options to approve recurring workflows to automate the process.

From mid-size to enterprise-sized, all businesses and start-ups need mobility. App based project management systems unbounded the usefulness of these collaborative tools, they make data available at all times, at all places which gives you a competitive edge in this fast moving world.

Create, monitor, share, and track project plans online and allows multiple views for updation. These project management tools are in sync, so your project plans, tasks, and progress gets updated automatically – in real-time.

Managing a team’s timesheets and workload is always a tough cookie to crack, but with this at-a-glance resource helps you run instant report drills to balance the workload. And time-tracking system auto fills the timesheet, saving a lot of man hours.


The growing popularity of Project Management Tools


The Project Management Tools market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.67% from 2019-2025 and another 2.7 percent in the next two years, with North America being the largest market and the Asia Pacific is the fastest growing pacer.


COVID-19 pandemic proved project management tools and systems as the only means that provide a 360-degree of project management. Hence, the reliance on such digital solutions has increased by 42 percent and is anticipated to witness no retreat in post-pandemic era till 2030.


Project Management tools are greatly marking presence in areas like Oil & Gas, IT & Telecom, Healthcare, Construction, Engineering, and other end user verticals also.


77% of high-performing project managers and 88% of high-performing companies employ project management tools.


Manager recorded 12% time saved and 34% improvement in Projectivity and believe Project Management Tools as an impetus to growth.

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Perks of Hiring Developers From graffersid

Why Project Management Tools Developers From Graffersid?

Graffersid aims to help healthcare providers enable next generation quality of care through custom Project Management Software’s.



You will get expert dedicated project management tool developers who provide you the needed preliminary assistance and are open to all feedback and suggestions related to competitive darts.

Hassle Free Process

We ensure a simple and hassle free process for effective management of the projects so you can enjoy a worry free performance even during the busiest time of the year.

Flexible Approach

We believe in collaborative work to ensure an organized approach for our project management tool developers and are open to changes during the development phase of the project.


Our experts begin with understanding the idea of the Project and following the principles of an aggressive project management tool market to deliver nothing less than perfect.


Working with us, you will get an accommodating team of project management tool developers with whom you can connect directly and share information that will lead to more clarity during the development.

On-Time Delivery

We make sure that the project is completed and delivered by the specified time frame and never disappoint our clients. We prefer to under commit and outperform.
Global Project Management Tools Market was valued at US$ 2.3 Bn in 2019 and is expected to reach US$ 7 Bn by 2027, at a CAGR of 14.93 % during forecast period.


Importance and usage trends and expected growth in Market

Growth in digitization, stringent budgets owing to global economic conditions, and the need for growth demand intense change like adopting cloud-based service and remote monitoring. The smallest of delays can cost millions of dollars to a company. Project management tools significantly assist businesses to increase Projectivity, allow real-time monitoring, and adapt to the rapidly shifting economic scenario and competitive dynamics.

Global PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL Market share, by model Type

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Our Project Management Tool Expertise

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Customized Project
Management App

Hire a team of Project Management Tool experts to customize a set of tools that help to cater to specific business functions, and simplify the way your managers manage a project. Graffersid gets you future and feature ready to achieve discreet goals.

Group 1093

Hybrid Project Management Approach

The project manager typically pursued projects as per single project management methodology. Graffersid aids you with tools to merge different methodologies into a hybrid approach - unique to specific project that allows increased flexibility.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Looking for a feature that gives smart answers? Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the proliferation of data collection and analysis are highly spoken words but certainly underused even today. Hire Management Tools Developers for an equipped app.

Do You want to Hire Project Management Tools Developers ?

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Do you have a Question for us?

Why hire an Indian Project Management Tool developer?

Hiring Project Management Tool developers from India is the smartest decision you will ever take as you will get the best quality at the most affordable rates along with:

● Expertise
● Professionalism
● On-time delivery
● Custom solutions
● Flexible hiring options
● Excellent communication

How much time will it take in website or app development?

Generally we take 2-3 weeks time to develop standard software and apps. Custom software requires more time depending on your requirements and further understanding can be gained after discussion. Contact our team for a free quote

How much a website for my business would cost me?

The development cost depends on your requirements related to website design and features. You can hire dedicated project management tool developers on a monthly contract basis or can outsource the entire project to our team over fixed cost.

How much customization is possible for a new app?

We offer a fully customized app as per your requirements including all important features, functionalities, and design on your suggestions. When you discuss your Project Management Tool with our team, we advise you on features that can help improve user experience and result in higher market acceptance.

How long does it take to hire a dedicated Project Management Tool developer?

To Hire Project Management Tools Developers will take about 1 week of time. We follow the below process:

1. Understand the project
2. Identifying the most suitable candidate from talent pool
3. Internal interview round to ensure quality
4. Client interview for 100% satisfaction
5. Contract Signing
6. Onboarding
7. Connecting client with resources for direct communication
8. Sharing Time and Task tracker sheet for transparency

How will I communicate with the Developer?

Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Trello and Discord are some of the mediums we use for communication. We welcome your suggestions and are open to your feedback. Moreover, we are working with the intent to reduce hassle and save your time. Thus we create an open channel of communication between the client and our developers after signing the contract and clearing the invoice.

Can I talk to the developers before signing a Contract?

Yes, before you Hire Project Management Tools Developers, we insist you take at least one round of interviews to be sure about what they are paying for. We are extremely confident in our developers and hence encourage our clients to take technical interviews to assess the depth of knowledge, experience, and communication of the developers.


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If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.


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