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How to Find and Hire Dedicated Remote Development Team?

How to Find and Hire Dedicated Remote Development Team

To Find and hire remote development team is highly daunting task and it has become more challenging with the spread of Coronavirus. Countries like China and Italy, which are known as a source of expert developers, are largely affected by this deadly pandemic. The cases of COVID-19 positive are also increasing exponentially in the USA and the UK. And, this is impacting the productivity of IT companies to a great extent.

India, being one of those countries which has all precautionary measures and is consistently fighting to curb the spread of Corona pandemic, can be the name to bet upon for hiring remote developers.

Finding Remote Development Team: How to Start

Before you hire developers for your startup, here are a few things to consider:

  • Define your business goals:

Communicate about the project in detail. Clearly describe what your project is all about, what problems you aim to resolve with your product, the problems that you are planning to solve with initial MVP and so on. Determine the main goal of product, break it down into smaller milestones and set rough deadlines for those milestones.

  • Plan the budget:

 Budget can be the pitfall for any project. So, it is crucial to plan the budget properly, until the very last penny. Define what is the size of initial capital and also look for the areas where you can save money. Also, make sure you have already prepared the list of investors whom you are going to show MVP beforehand.

  • Evaluate the skill set for the project:

While hiring remote development, it is also important to know whether the team you are hiring is working or have past experience on the technology. Identify the expertise and skills that you need for the project. Also, ascertain whether you need only the developers or also Project Managers and Quality Analysts.

  • Collect information about offshore location:

There are number of countries to choose from while hiring remote development team. However, the outbreak of Corona virus has put a limit to your options. For a certain period of time, it could be risky for your business to seek a developer in China or Italy. India, is by far the best country in terms of IT resources. Moreover, the current situation of Corona is also in complete control, which again makes India the right option to look for a remote development team.

What are the Sources to Find the Remote Developers?

You can find developers for startup via the following sources:

  • Recommendations from people
  • Find the offshore development agency
  • Networking on meetups, conferences and hackathons.
  • Searching for teams or developers at freelance portals
  • Search for team or developers on LinkedIn

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How to Hire Remote Development Team?

How to find and hire the right development still remains a big question. Here is a checklist to follow:

  • Find if the developer or outsourced team has proven track record:

Check the rankings on website such as Clutch and go through their profile on LinkedIn, find out the clients with which they are currently working. If possible, get the reviews from their previous clients.

  • Make sure they are working on the latest technology:

Ask questions and learn on which technology they are currently working. Also, ask which latest technologies they know and how many developers in their team are working on trending technologies like Node.js and Django.

  • Ask the company about their workflow:

Find out how they interact with their current clients, what is the workflow and how they allocate project to developers. Ask if they are flexible enough i.e. if they can add more members in the team depending upon the project.

  • Check if the team is asking you queries:

If your remote development team is saying that they are able to fulfil each of your requirement, then it is an alarming sign. You can use modern project management tools such as Trello, Jira, Slack to track their work. This will help you track the progress of your team.

  • Insist on frequent deployment:

Ask your developers to show you the demo of MVP at end of each sprint, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Finally, make sure that your team:

  • Understands your instructions and tasks that you are allotting to them. Make them comfortable so that they can ask questions. Better try to solve them issues at the beginning and try to sort them out when it gets too late.
  • Understand your business goals clearly
  • Holds past experience.

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In the Nutshell

Recruitment strategy to hire offshore developers becomes crucial at this time. You need world-class developers, and at the same time you need to invest in the company for the long-term. That’s what having remote development team: a permanent workforce which is completely devoted to, employed by and for your company.

And that’s what we do: Graffersid is a web and app development company focusing on principle: building the most effective team for our customers while making the whole process as easy as colleague next door.

If you are ready to pull ahead the competition and establish your own development team, then let us answer all your questions.

Book a free consultation by reaching us over the mail or call. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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