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Hire Freelancer App

About the Client

The growing digital world demands a lot of talent to work for businesses and brands which are ready to play in the digital landscape.

Understanding the market gap and requirement of a customer-friendly platform that connected the client and service provider, the Founders of the ROLO app were focused to shorten the process of hiring. The App was a two-way platform made for Recruiters and Service providers.

Within one week of the launch, the app gained massive traction. With more than 500,000 freelancers registering on the app along with 300,000 companies with more than 400,000 projects in the first month itself, the app became a hit in the online world.

Ranked 1st in the App Store and Play Store in the category of Finding Freelancers, this app is now the Market Leading app. The key features made sure that the app is highly usable and updated with new profiles and works without any flaws. 

Features of the Hire Freelancers App

There are hundreds of people looking for the best of talent out of thousands of creative artists across the world. The process of hiring talent is always considered to be hectic and full of hustle. Our development team crafted a strategy to make the process easy, quick, and clear for the users looking to hire the talent. 

1. Registration

Being a freelancing app, the app requires authenticity for the hiring side and the freelancers on the platform to avoid fraud and spam. That is why the GRAFFERSID’s dedicated developers ensured this by incorporating different registration screens for both the hiring party and the freelancers.

Here the user can register themselves with the platform with the help of their social media accounts or email id. In addition to this, the mobile app development team also included a guest login, that lets the user try the limited features of the app creating an account.

2. Profile Creation

Profile creation was a crucial feature for the app, to ensure that the profiles are attractive and intuitive, the UI/UX designing team of GRAFFERSID made a design giving the feel of a professional workspace.

In addition to this, the mobile app development team laced the profile board with features like that of a social media account, to make it interesting and dynamic.

The profile feature lets them present themselves in front of prospective clients with space for all the necessary information.

3. Portfolio


To let the freelancers properly represent their skill and talent in front of their clients, the app includes a portfolio dashboard designed with utmost detail and proper categorization by the Graffersid design and development team.

The portfolio feature arranges all the respective transactions in neat and clean folders according to the type of files and job. Especially if the portfolio is for attracting mobile app development companies for projects, it includes a special code editor.

Further, the portfolio feature comes with customization options relating to themes and sorting, making it more responsive while browsing through the dashboard.

4. Social Media Integration

Social media can boost the reach of the freelancers on the platform multifold, on the other hand, it also helps the clients to verify the authenticity of freelancers by checking their social media profiles.

The app has two sides of integration with popular social media platforms, which lets sharing of projects from the freelancing app to social media platforms and also sharing of social media posts within the freelancing app by the users.

5. Cloud Space

To support the portfolio feature and maintain its smooth working, Graffersid’s custom mobile app development team provided the app with a large cloud space. This lets the users share their portfolios on the app without worries about the size of the file.

The experienced website development team of ours included the app with top-notch backend support to maintain a lag-free experience for the users on the platform while uploading and downloading stuff, plus it highly assists the collaboration feature within the app.

6. Card Creation

Being an experienced UI/UX design company, it was our responsibility to serve the users with something unique, hence the card feature. This lets the search results be presented in the form of virtual cards with smooth transition effects.

The cards include a profile picture and basic information of the freelancers with direct links to their portfolio. The app also gives the option to employers to save different cards relating to freelancers into multiple stacks for quick and easy access.

7. Search by name or role

The search bar in the app lets the freelancer search for both types of jobs or projects posted by particular employers. In addition to this, the search bar comes laced with various filters as to the size of the project and payments.

For the client-side, the app lets the people finding freelancers, to search by name or type of role. It also comes with various filters as to the experience, rating and charge rates of the freelancers.

8. Project Manager

Being a top mobile app development company GRAFFERSID understands the importance of project management. That is why the project manager dashboard helps the freelancers to easily track the progress of various projects simultaneously.

Through this feature, the employers and the freelancer can discuss and make edits to the project while also keeping a record of all the edits made.

The project manager also comes with sharing protection for the files, which lets the users decide with whom the files can be shared. Further, it also comes with permission settings, here the user can decide what action can be taken with the projects. 

9. Chat

To let the users effectively connect on the freelancing app, it comes with the chat feature, fastened with a fast and reliable sending and receiving protocol.

It also enables freelancers and prospective clients to share media files over the chat. While the chat also has a unique feature that involves the temporary addition of a third party within the chat.

10. Video meetings

To serve the remote working population better, the app has a video meeting feature that lets multiple users work together over video calls at the same time. Miscellaneous features like data saving mode and security against third party disturbance make it even better.

In addition to this, video meetings can even be saved for later references plus the app also lets the users share their screens and play presentations for better working efficiency. 

11. Previous Projects

Experience is an important selling point for any freelancer. The previous project dashboard lets the freelancers present their previous experience with prospective clients.

The clients can even purchase pre-made projects from this dashboard that is ready to use with prior approval of the creators. The previous projects can be sorted according to date and type to keep everything in order.

12. Collaboration

The collaboration feature helps multiple freelancers to collaborate on a single project, while also giving the option of proper separation of duties. The team working can be tracked with the help of timers and the quality of individual freelancer’s work can be rated by the employer. The feature also helps to effectively calculate the amount of fees according to the time spent and quality of the work from each freelancer.

13. Media Player

Due to the portfolio future, it is important that the app is able to work with various files of different format types. That is why the app is laced with document readers that can read every popular format of a document while also playing audio and video files.

The media player also gives the option to download the files with prior permission by the owner.

14. Notification and Alerts

Keeping all the users notified on the freelancing app was a very important responsibility for GRAFFERSID. To ensure this, the app provides the option to the users to set notifications and alerts for new projects or messages by any prospective employer.

The alerts and notifications can also be customized as to timing to avoid distraction at work.

15. Bid System

It is very important that the freelancers get to quote the best prices they can get for their services. While it is also important from the perspective of an employer to get quality services at reasonable prices and avoid any kind of cartelization.

The bidding system by the UI/UX design and development team lets various freelancers bid their prices for completing any project, from which the clients can choose the best proposals.

16. Payment Gateway

Swift payment and receipt of any financial amount is a very crucial aspect of a freelancing platform. The GRAFFERSID team provides an in-app payment gateway for the users to transact without any bugs.

While it also provides the option of an in-app wallet to save the users from the hassle of going to the payment gateway for the payment all the time.

17. Save For Later


Save For Later

While researching for the features, our UI/UX design and development team at GRAFFERSID found that many users faced a void of options to save freelancing projects and portfolios that may be of importance for later.

The save for later feature helps the users to save user-profiles and projects to be referenced later. In addition to this, the saved items can also be sorted as per the needs of the users into different folders.

18. Rating System

To maintain the quality standards of the service offered on the app, it includes a rating system letting the employers rate the freelancers on a scale of one to five stars. Further, the freelancers can also rate the employers based on their treatment of previously hired freelancers.

The ratings are decided based on overall ratings from all the users, while also keeping in mind that no false ratings are considered for this calculation.

19. Premium Feature

It is always important to keep an app financially viable by giving it the means to generate revenue. The premium feature lets the user have extended features by subscribing to various types of plans available. Furthermore, it also gives employers the option to advertise their projects to get access to the best bids.

What did the Client Say about the Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

There were previously some apps in the market but we had new ideas and features to include. At the beginning, our team was skeptical about how they can be developed but after the consultation call with the team of GRAFFERSID, we became confident of doing everything.

Working with the GRAFFERSID team is an amazing experience with everything completed on time and no loss of resources at all. Highly impressed with the team and I recommend them for growing startups with any challenge. 

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