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Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of a WordPress website we should first have a look at what is WordPress website.

The WordPress website is an open online website that is the easiest and strongest blogging and content management website. This website is used by simply downloading and installing it for free.

It also has some amazing features which make this website the most popular among all. There are other websites also in its competition but WordPress tops the list of most often used websites.

The other website to talk about is Drupal which wants the user to have the technical knowledge to use the website which makes the one who is non-technical away from it.

Whereas WordPress provides the access to both technical and non-technical ones to use it, which means that one who doesn’t have technical knowledge can also work and develop the WordPress website and it’s the best website development platform for beginners to work.

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Beginners can learn a lot from this website and providing such a platform WordPress website becomes the priority among beginners. Everyone here can take their work to the height not only the bloggers but those who are business-minded are also welcome here.

WordPress website is a platform that provides a variety of websites from blogging to business one can work.

One can build websites like – News, music, blog, Business, photography, etc. with the WordPress website.

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WordPress website hence is a very much effective and attractive feature that one can choose WordPress over others.

Advantages of WordPress website:-

Advantages of WordPress website

1. Easy and user-friendly

WordPress website does not require any technical knowledge to work. It can be easily used by non-technical users also. The template and plugins are easy to install and does not need any extra knowledge.

One can easily work on it like the user only needs a domain name and a web hosting account. Else the dashboard has all the features so that one can start work with ease and can upload the post as they want to.

The dashboard is very much helpful as it makes one work easy by providing them the features right there in front of them they don’t have to search for them.

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2. Helpful in managing different and changing needs

As we know that WordPress website provides the blogging website and also supports the other sites with other purposes such as photography, music, business, etc.

Like that this website is also used to run the complex sites for multinational corporations, businesses, creating personal blogs, etc. WordPress website also contains e-commerce store, portfolio, etc.

Hence it will fulfill the different needs if the company as well as the changing needs that if one is not satisfied with one work they can also easily switch to another website. WordPress provides many different websites.

3. Theme

Who so ever is working on the website wants it to look good and attractive and this is because WordPress provides many themes that make the website look amazing.

One can anytime install any theme according to change the look and appearance of the website.

Because the look too matters and if the website has a beautiful theme a mind-blowing look one can go through that website. So it must be eye-catching.

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4. Extension to functions

As we know that WordPress support other sites also with different purpose so they also need something different and some other features.

Keeping this in mind that one can need some function to some specific site WordPress to have the plugins. They provide them those functions with the help of plugins directory.

This directory has so many functions that one has to install according to their needs and what is required in the site. These plugins help provide them the functions they need.

5. Ranking

Having a high-rank WordPress website keeps itself updated so that the users can get the new features and their interest is also made into the website.

The changes are needed in everything and those changes keep you growing. This makes the WordPress website a highly ranked website.

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6. Having a built-in blog

As we talked earlier that WordPress website has some amazing features and this one is among them.

The WordPress website has a built-in blog so that the one can access it through any computer and make changes to the blog, can upload the blog.

They don’t have to create any separate website for doing so. It will make the website user-friendly and also time-efficient. One can complete the work in less time and this is what everyone needs today. Less time more money.

7. Mobile responsive

This is also one of the most effective features this website has. Being mobile responsive it has a lot more users. As it can automatically adjust the layout, size, and proportions to display on the device.

This feature is attractive because the website can automatically adjust itself to the mobile it is going to operate on. It makes the work of the user less and the user can directly start working.

8. Browser-based

Moreover, what else now one can need when the website has the feature making it cloud-based. You can easily log into it from any computer or device with internet for managing your site.

It is very much helpful as one cannot be at the same place always using the same device, therefore, being browser-based it is very much helpful for those who wanna look towards their work while traveling. 

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9. Updates

WordPress website provides you a way by which you can update your website. Not everything but possibly many things are in your hand to update.

You can manage the things of your website according to yourself no discussion is needed. You can make it the way you want to.

10. Site security

There are many issues on the security of the site but here the answer is that if you have a good designer and developer then you don’t have to worry. It depends on how they are working for it.

11. Large community

Having many users’ WordPress website made a large community which is advantageous. That having a large community is a good thing that you have the support.

Support is needed and hence it will help have discussions, answer the questions and helping the one when they are in trouble. 

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12. The alteration from one design to another

If you want to alter the design from one to another it will be easier on this website as the designer or firm that will work on your site will work with great knowledge.

WordPress design and development work on a universal and open-source which makes the alteration easier.

It will make the alteration keeping in mind about your website and also looking to other ones that which one is better for you. Hence in this way, the alteration becomes easier. 

13. Cost-effective

Now a day’s having your website needs a lot more effort as well as finance.

But this problem is easily solved by the WordPress website as they will work for your dreams they bring out a cost-effective way where you can design your site easily instead of hiring any designer.

The creativity works like that you get so many Templates and themes that will help you out.

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14. Search engine optimization friendly

The WordPress website is SEO ready which helps those websites which are built using WordPress website having simple and constant codes.

Disadvantages of WordPress website:-

Disadvantages of WordPress website

After taking a lot about the WordPress website we had a look at the positive edge. So here comes the Disadvantage of the top-ranked website –

1. Impuissant

The WordPress website has so many security issues and this matters a lot. As we know that WordPress website is an open-source website so it can be easily harmed by anyone.

And especially the WordPress website have so many themes and plugins and both are created by different people so it can contain a bug.

Being a popular website it can be hacked as if anyone thought to hack any website the first thought came to them is about the highly ranked ones.

2. Expensive sometimes

There are so many plugins and theme used in WordPress website where some of them are free and some we have to buy.

But one can not trust on those which are free as it can also affect the website and hence with the free one’s security issue arises.

And when we buy some plugin then on each update we have to look to it and it becomes hard for one now to keep the website maintained well.

If you are a designer then it will be considered not that much effective but if you are not then it will be costly for you and you can not keep it updated.

3. Frequent updates

Updating the website is one of the advantages as well as Disadvantages that if one has to update the website frequently, they have to make many changes and different adjustments.

They have to look towards the theme and the plugins and the adjustment of the plugins becomes difficult. Which makes this a Disadvantage of WordPress website.

4. Modifications needed

The modifications needed in the website are important and not every modification can be done non-technically.

There is a need for one who has some technical knowledge because if one gonna modifies it without any information then it will cause damage to the website hence basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP is needed.

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5. PHP security

The website is not secured so one should take care of it. The security of PHP is handled by one who has technical knowledge.

And also it depends upon how sensitive the content on the page is. As the content plays an important role.

6. Graphic customization

There are so many different themes and templates provided by the WordPress website for the design of your website but they are quite similar to each other and many people are using them.

Hence for making or creating something unique you need to have the basic technical knowledge and you should know basic HTML, PHP and CSS only these gonna help you out.

7. Efficiency

WordPress supports the other website and its purpose so it needs some other functionality. Different sites need different function hence WordPress provides an extended function which means that different functions can be added by different plugins which are created by different people and it needs to be selected hence while the selection of correct plugin it takes time which affects the efficiency.

8. Querying

The Querying may be very much complex as it supports another website too and It needs the additional syntax. This also means that the default APIs that you get by auto-generation is not optimized and could be buggy. APIs are used for integration with other platforms or for making mobile applications

9. Formatting

The graphics format can be much more complicated and hence formatting is not that much easy task that one can easily do.

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Conclusion (WordPress website):-

Concluding it, I will say that no doubt that WordPress is an amazing and user-friendly website as well as it helps the one a lot by its features.

Discussing both advantage and Disadvantages it can be said that like a coin everything has two sides good one and bad one.

But we should always look towards the good one and if one website is providing you so many features and functionality it can’t be bad.

It depends on the user that how to use it keeping the Disadvantages in mind which will make the work easy and efficient.

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