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WordPress Developer – How and cost to hire an expert?

cost to hire WordPress Developer

The digital universe is brimming with new tools and technologies and every business whether it is a startup or an established one prefers to develop websites to ground their clients in presenting their work portfolios. To develop a user-friendly, they need to hire an expert WordPress developers. But many people still have questions about how and what cost to hire an expert, WordPress developer.

Now, the question arises-

Which software or tool should be chosen for your websites?

The study finds that 38% of websites are created using WordPress and the underlying reason for this huge acceptance is that users can easily build the website even if they are green in programming languages.

Even though you have the least knowledge about coding, you can induce the functionality with the aid of plugins, create and manage the content, modify the themes accordingly and a lot more can be done using WordPress.

Nevertheless, to create user-friendly and interactive websites you should Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers. Many amateur users encounter difficulty in securing their sites, redesigning the websites, and entirely custom-making the themes. To sidestep these problems, WordPress developers are required by many users.

Thereupon, WordPress developers with technical expertise are highly demanded by customers. However, the question is ‘Where do you look for talented WordPress developers? And, how can you hire them?

The answers to your questions are right here, GraffersID, a top web and app development company, helps businesses to grow 10x by developing digital solutions for their business.

Also offering them tohire dedicated remote developers on a contract basis as per their project requirement.

In this article, we will cover all the essential information for hiring WordPress developers but before that let’s begin with ‘Who is a WordPress developer’?

Who is a WordPress Developer?

who is a WordPress developer

A WordPress developer who specializes in managing and improving the WordPress website by managing multiple themes and plugins to develop an interactive, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized website in correspondence with the client’s requirements.

Listed below are the roles and responsibilities of a WordPress developer-

Roles and Responsibilities of a WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer is responsible for creating intuitive and interactive business websites. They work on conceptual understanding, creating and testing the site structure.

For securing websites, WordPress developers use codes and create different layouts. As well, as analyze and clear up all the issues and bugs associated with the websites.

Listed below are some functions that WordPress developers perform:

  • Designing and performing the latest attributes and functionality.
  • Settling and directing the website’s framework.
  • To make sure the website is high-performing.
  • Handling all the technical facets of the Content Management System.
  • Formulating a flexible design and transforming it into running plugins and themes.

So, we have a better knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a WordPress developer.

Now, we need to focus on getting the best WordPress developers who can perform the functions in accordance with the client’s or organization’s goals.

Though locating a talented and experienced WordPress developer is quite a troublesome act as there are numerous platforms on which millions of personnel screen several projects. But, fortunately, few platforms aid with better hiring experience and entice great talents.

How to Hire Expert WordPress Developer USA

For hiring the best developers, our hiring personnel undergo a simple procedure that is beneficial in many ways-

  1. Aiming your project idea
  2. Cost to hire expert WordPress developer USA
  3. Platforms for locating/hiring expert WordPress developers USA
  4. Searching out for potential candidates

Starting with the initial step-

1. Aiming your project idea

aiming your project idea

Significantly, it is required to know the purpose of your project. You need to have a clear mindset of why you need WordPress developers. Do you need to customize the website or are you building a website from the beginning?

Scoping the project idea is evidence of the need to hire a WordPress developer. Hereunder, are a few points to be considered.

  • Overview: Be prominent with your project goals and needs.
  • Pages Involved: Examine the number of pages your website should have and what content it involves.
  • User Experience: Plan out your user’s interaction with your website, initiating the first page to every page they land upon.
  • Features and functionalities: If your website demands any special features like calendars, booking, etc. structure it accordingly for the developer’s consideration.

Besides building a full website many clients demand partial work such as updating the existing plugin or need to pitch your sales. In this instance, you need to have fully documented details about their project and their specific needs. Also, deadlines need to be discussed beforehand for better communication.

2. Cost to Hire Expert WordPress Developer

cost to hire a WordPress developer

Depending on what your project demands, you need to make it clear whether you need to outsource your software development project or hire a freelance WordPress developer.

If you reside in countries like the USA, UK, Eastern, and Western Europe, the cost to hire a WordPress developer is around $ 80 to $ 200 per hour in 2024, depending upon the developer’s years of experience. At this, you can set up a software development team or get your software developed with your software development partner.

There is another option that can save you money, which is, that you can hire expert WordPress Developers on a Contractual basis.

For that, you can directly connect with GraffersID: A top web and mobile app development company. We can provide you with expert WordPress developers for $15 – $30 per hour based on years of experience. When you hire remote developers from GraffersID you can directly communicate with them and they will work solely for your project.

3. Platforms for Locating WordPress Developers

platforms for locating developers

After planning the idea, the next process to step in is to locate the developers from various platforms.

Though there are many sites, mostly Upwork and People Per Hour is the go-to site for many users.

Upwork is the simplest and quickest platform that provides you with the most vetted developers in a while. You can easily get a developer at a pricing of $10-$28 per hour. You can get 75k+ WordPress developers to hire regardless of small or large projects.

But there is no surety that they can complete the work on time. There will be communication.

There are many other platforms that provide dedicated developers depending on the region.

Preferably, hiring developers from various online platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and others becomes hectic after following a long procedure. As you can not directly evaluate the work of any person until and unless you have one-on-one communication with them.

To get the vetted WordPress developers, you should consult with well-established IT companies like GraffersID. They provide dedicated developers to unicorn startups and the hiring process is quite simple yet effective. They emphasize talent over degree.

  • They examine the potentiality of the candidate through a given test performed right in front of us.
  • Based on their skills and experience they decide the salary

4. Searching out for potential candidates

searching out for potential candidates

After winning over the scope idea, it’s time for hiring WordPress developers through different aspects.

The first and foremost task to do is to list out the applicants who you think don’t meet the client’s requirements or do not fit the role.

Now, the time comes when we need to evaluate the applicants based on three essential factors-

A. Pricing

You need to know the hourly rate for WordPress developers from different countries such as

Price Comparison of WordPress developers

($15-$20) per hour indicates an experienced developer with excellent communication skills, which is very affordable in comparison to developers in the USA, UK, and Eastern, and Western Europe.

Besides the hourly rate of WordPress developers, you have to consider the training and onboarding of a new developer.

For many tech companies, a fixed model is the best as they know the services they need and the requirements. But when it comes to ideas without estimating the price then working on an Hourly model is appropriate for many clients.

B. Examining work portfolio

Hiring developers that can fulfill your project goals is essentially needed. For this, it is good to walk through their portfolios and look through the required details-

  • Proficiency level Complex project demands more functionality and for this, you need developers with experience who can easily build your site.
  • Past Projects You must go inspect the developer’s portfolio to extract out whether they have worked on projects similar to yours or not.
  • Project Type Hire developers based on what your site wants. If you hire developers who work on only customizing themes and you need to build the whole website then it won’t work.

C. Go for References or testimonials

Working with someone unknown is risky and challenging. Bundles of questions drive-in whether they will fulfill the requirements or will they be able to meet the deadlines.

Therefore, it is better to search for any references where you can find their previously completed projects and perhaps have a word with someone they have worked for.

These are a few aspects that need to be considered before selecting the potential candidates.

Other factors affecting the hiring of an expert WordPress Developer

Before moving ahead, let’s have a look at some other factors that define whether you are settling for the best or not.

1. Plan Milestones

Many projects are difficult to manage, hence, the best way to make them manageable is to propose milestones. This way it will be easy for you and the developer to have a timely report of your work and you can keep track of your progress.

It is good for the developers if they set the milestones by themselves so that they can calculate the time needed to complete a particular task.

2. Provides Maintenance

Before your project comes to live the developers need to check. Many other platforms provide. Many other platforms provide any issues and make corrections to them.

Communicate with the developer about the support and maintenance before hiring them.

Eventually, the hiring process gets completed after finalizing the contract. The contract should contain details like

  1. Client Details
  2. 2. Developers Details
  3. Milestones details
  4. Project scope
  5. No. of working hours of developers
  6. To-do task if any feature is out of project scope
  7. Post-launch support
  8. Shared Passwords

These details should have to be mentioned in the contract to avoid miscommunication between the client and the developer.

Types of WordPress Developers to Hire:

If you’re hiring WordPress developers for the first time, it’s wise to get familiar with different kinds of experts. It will give you a crystal clear idea of each type, which could be a great help for you.

1. Contract-Based WordPress Developers 

Nowadays, most organizations consider hiring WordPress developers on a contractual basis as you get leverage to instantly hire them with higher flexibility, lower cost, and wider access to a pool of talents.

The only silver lining to contractual hiring is that you don’t have to get bothered about infrastructure. There’s no hassle of serving them your devices for work as they will be working on their own. In addition, you don’t have to worry about managing them. It’s entirely the responsibility of the management that is of the hired company.

Also, you tend to get more time to indulge in other development activities and can work hassle-free.

Make sure when hiring on a contractual basis, you end up picking the right company, or else it wouldn’t be worth it. Conduct extensive research on the best IT staff augmentation companies in the market that can deliver the highest quality services.

If you’re looking for the best IT staff augmentation companies, GraffersID is the standout company in the market that’s recognized for serving the best IT staff augmentation services by offering vetted and dedicated WordPress developers that can cater to your work on time without any hassle.

2. Full-Time WordPress Developers

Hiring full-time remote WordPress developers makes quite sense as it’s cost-efficient. Certainly, remote developers don’t have to work from the office; they can work remotely. The remote nature of their work makes it more cost-effective.

The only setback that most companies face while dealing with remote developers is a lack of communication when there’s a difference in geographic locations. Often, communication becomes a threat due to different time zones. Lack of communication can indirectly hamper the work.

However, the company when hiring remote developers from different locations combats the challenge by adopting different modes of communication and incorporating effective work collaboration.

In the first instance, it’s always recommended to hire developers from the same geographic location to ensure that there’s no communication lag and also the clarity of conversation is far better.

3. Full-Time In-House WordPress Developers

On the flip side to remote developers, in-house developers work from the office and become a part of your team. Also, they get access to employee benefits, incentives, and wide exposure to learn more.

The bright side of hiring in-house developers is that you get stress-free and can delegate the entire project to them if deemed fit.

In addition, they will solely work for your products and services. However, the only setback that hiring in-house developers have is limited access to the pool of talent as you exclusively have to search for those who reside in the same location and can meet your company’s requirements.

Furthermore, if you’re tight on budget then you shouldn’t go ahead with in-house developers as hiring them is quite expensive and you will have to pay them regardless of their services.

4. Freelance WordPress Developers

If you have a limited budget and are looking to hire the best talent, hiring freelance developers is a wise opinion. Freelance developers are independent and aren’t part of any agency or company. They work independently by taking on projects and charge accordingly. The charge of freelance developers is quite low in comparison to in-house developers and can be either charged hourly with a flat rate or on a project basis.

You can find an abundance of platforms that offer top-notch freelance developers or can look for recommendations.

However, the one drawback of hiring freelance developers is that it increases your responsibility and you can’t delegate the project entirely to them without keeping an eye.

What are the key skills and qualifications to look for when hiring a WordPress developer?

When hiring a WordPress developer, there are several key skills and qualifications you should consider. Here are some important factors to look for:

Proficiency in WordPress:

The developer should have a strong understanding of WordPress, including its core functionalities, themes, plugins, and the ability to customize and extend its features.

Front-end Development:

A WordPress developer should possess expertise in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. This knowledge enables them to create attractive and responsive website designs.

PHP Programming:

Since WordPress is built using PHP, a solid understanding of PHP is essential. Look for developers with experience in PHP coding, including customizing themes, writing custom functions, and working with WordPress hooks and filters.

Theme and Plugin Development:

Verify if the developer has experience in creating or customizing WordPress themes and plugins. This skill is valuable for tailoring WordPress to meet specific project requirements.

WordPress APIs and Integrations:

Assess the developer’s familiarity with various WordPress APIs and integrations. They should be capable of integrating third-party services, such as payment gateways, social media platforms, or CRMs, into a WordPress site.

Database Management:

WordPress uses a MySQL database to store content and site settings. Ensure that the developer understands how to work with databases effectively, including performing queries, optimizing performance, and ensuring data integrity.

Responsive Design and Mobile Optimization:

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it’s crucial that the developer understands responsive design principles and can optimize WordPress websites for mobile devices.

Debugging and Troubleshooting:

Look for developers who are skilled in identifying and resolving issues. They should be proficient in debugging tools and techniques to troubleshoot problems and improve the overall performance and security of WordPress sites.

SEO Knowledge:

A good WordPress developer should have a basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. This knowledge allows them to build websites that are optimized for search engines and can rank well in search results.

Communication and Collaboration:

Effective communication and collaboration skills are important for any developer. Ensure the candidate can clearly communicate technical concepts, understand project requirements, and work well within a team or with clients.

Hiring options available for hiring a WordPress developer


Freelance WordPress developers are self-employed professionals who work independently on a project basis. You can find them on various online platforms or through personal referrals. Freelancers often offer competitive rates and flexibility in terms of project scope and duration.

Outsourcing Platforms:

Some platforms specialize in connecting businesses with offshore development teams or agencies. Examples include GraffersID, Toptal, and Turing. These platforms provide access to pre-vetted developers and handle administrative aspects like payments and contracts.

Development Agencies:

WordPress development agencies are companies that specialize in providing WordPress development services. They have a team of developers with different skill sets and expertise. Hiring an agency can be beneficial if you have a complex project or need additional services like design, SEO, or maintenance. However, agencies tend to be more expensive than individual freelancers.

Job Boards and Websites:

Posting a job advertisement on relevant job boards or websites dedicated to WordPress developers is another option. This approach allows you to reach a larger pool of potential candidates. Platforms like Indeed, Upwork, and are popular choices for hiring WordPress developers. However, you’ll need to invest time in screening and interviewing candidates yourself.

Referrals and Networking:

Seeking recommendations from colleagues, friends, or professional networks can be an effective way to find WordPress developers. This approach often leads to hiring candidates with proven track records and trusted expertise. Networking events, industry conferences, or online communities can also help you connect with potential developers.

WordPress Communities and Forums:

Engaging with the WordPress community through forums, mailing lists, or social media groups can help you find skilled developers. Platforms like, GitHub, and Stack Overflow are known for hosting active communities where you can interact with developers and potentially find suitable candidates.

In-house Hiring:

If you have ongoing WordPress development needs or want to build an internal team, you can consider hiring a full-time WordPress developer as an employee. This approach gives you greater control and allows for closer collaboration with the developer. You can advertise the job opening on your website, job boards, or engage a recruitment agency to assist you.

8 Ways to Make your WordPress Website Standout from the competition

More than 20 Billion WordPress pages are viewed every month. If modern WordPress websites can somehow stand out and rank well, nothing can stop them from reaching the top of the web food chain.

People trust WP blindly. It is the most reputed CMS platform out there for the right reasons.

So, what steps you can take to make your WP website stand out?

Well, a perfect website is trusted by users worldwide. To develop an intuitive and interactive WordPress website, you need to hire dedicated WordPress developers.

Apart from that security, speed, design, content, etc., are some of the essential ingredients needed to spice up your website for users.

Let us understand them in brief through eight easy points:

1. Choose a brandable domain name

The first thing that impacts your website’s reputation is the choice of your domain name. A domain name that can be pronounced with ease can be remembered easily too.

Avoid including hyphens if you can and keep it concise.

For example, a domain name like is easier to remember and recall than something like

Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are all examples of a good domain name. Also, ensure that your domain name must not identical to any other brand’s name.

Don’t choose replicas of popular brands, such as or  Instead, build you own brand and work on creating a unique brand presence.

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2. Choose an appropriate theme

A powerful theme is a must-have if you want to make your WordPress site look more professional. Your choice of theme should define your brand, and it should resonate with your brand’s design, logo, and color.

When it comes to the theme’s color and design, don’t go for what you feel should be correct; instead, go with what is right. For example, sky-blue represents your healthcare website well, but; you want to go with green then, that would negatively impact your reputation as a healthcare website.

Bright and flashy colors never work well for healthcare, and as a website owner, you must have a sense of color and design.

3. Install an SSL certificate

Install an SSL certificate

Now that your theme is set up well, it is time to ensure that your WordPress website is secure.

An SSL certificate formally secures your connection by encrypting the data passed between your customer’s web browser and your website’s server.

The data would otherwise be transferred as plain text between the two of you. The problem with plain text is that hackers can easily read your communication.

It is like you are talking to your best friend, and suddenly, someone comes and stands between the two of you to listen to your conversation, if you are exchanging your numbers, bank details, and credit card information, he can hear you and note that down.

But, with an SSL certificate, he won’t understand what you are talking about.

Modern-day requirements are changing, and so are the websites. Today, even small businesses are expanding their reach and adding subdomains in the form of the payment page, shopping page, and registration page, all of which need encryption security which is where a wildcard SSL comes into the picture.

A wildcard SSL can protect both your root domain and an unlimited number of first-level subdomains (payments, shopping, and registration page).

Even a cheap wildcard SSL can help you protect your pages as effectively as a more expensive one. Speaking of cost-effective wildcard certs, ClickSSL provides the best-in-class SSL certs at low prices.

So, get one today and protect your website.

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4. Write engaging blog posts

Blogs help your business express itself to visitors. Intriguing and unique blog posts help build your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines too.

Speaking of search engines, we know how vital their compliance is in a website’s success.

Engaging content gives their crawlers an idea about your brand based on which they will rank your website.

Once you start ranking on top, your website will automatically stand out from the competition. Just make sure that your content is optimized with proper keywords and is SEO-oriented.

5. Speed and Optimization

Each business today needs to charm its site guests by offering an incredible client experience. With the developing innovation, the clients are quickly becoming restless; a large portion of them are not prepared to stand by even two seconds for the site to stack.

On the off chance that the download speed for your webpage approaches three seconds, guests begin to ricochet at a disturbing rate. Clients anticipate that your pages should stack quickly, and when you don’t live up to their desires, there’s to a lesser degree a justification for them to stay close by.

With regards to rivalry on the web, each negligible part of subsequent counts, so comprehend why page load speed matters?

A lethargic site speed deflects clients and they will change to your opposition in case they are discontent with your page speed. The site speed establishes the main connection about your business.

It’s fundamental to comprehend that you will not get another opportunity about the client experience. Low site speed is quite possibly the most baffling thing that will divert individuals off from your asset.

When searching for something on the web, individuals regularly click back if a chosen website takes too long to even think about stacking. We are all together at legitimate fault for it. In a moment’s delight period, we need data and we need it now.

Google gets that and gives positioning motivating forces to destinations that heap quicker. Website load time is the main thing clients notice about a site, not the beautiful designs or convincing substance.

A lot of buffering and clients probably won’t come to the landing page. Superior sites bring about exceptional yield visits, low ricochet rates, higher transformations, commitment, higher positions in natural inquiry, and better client experience.

Slow sites will cost you cash and harm your standing. By diminishing the page load time you will emphatically affect advertising and deals measures.

6. Leverage social media

Leverage social media

Promote your brand on different social channels to gain traction and redirect them to your WP website.

Social media is a hub for all customers; you need to hit the right ones at the right time.

Create a social presence by engaging with people all around. Conduct free giveaways and contests that can encourage people to come to your website.

Moreover, add your website’s URL in every social media post so that people get an idea about where to go to know more about you.

Giving a clear call to action will help your brand and website grow manifold.

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7. Create an intriguing homepage

Your WP website’s first impression is its homepage, and a messy homepage will leave a wrong impression on the prospect’s mind.

So, it would help if you got it in order by doing the following:

  • Ensure that it gives a crux of your brand and defines it briefly.
  • Keep it balanced by adding a couple of blog posts that can educate a visitor about the benefits that they can derive by using your products and services.
  • Your menu section should feature an About Us, Blog, and Contact Us section for the users’ convenience.
  • Add your social media handles in the footer so that users can connect with you personally.

8. Choose an authentic hosting company

Choose an authentic hosting company

An authentic hosting company will always keep your website up and running. In addition, it will provide an additional layer of security that won’t allow hackers to take your WP website down.

Hackers are powerful. They can manipulate your data, and the website URL will start redirecting the user to some other malicious site.

A good hosting service will help your website load quickly without lagging, reducing your bounce rate.

Google is known to downrank websites that do not load within 3 seconds. So, an authentic hosting company will help comply with Google’s guidelines too.

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9. Change a custom favicon

A Favicon is significant for a site as it helps in marking. It assists the client with rapidly returning to your webpage because as a rule, this is average on a functioning program it adds to the review worth of the site.

It is a little positioning sign however it will not influence SEO. It is, even more, a client thing and it is in every case great to mark yourself and that is probably the most straightforward approach to begin.

Favicon is a little component however it makes brand perceivability that is difficult to overlook. All the more so because all believed brand names use favicon.

This connection is excessively solid. If you don’t have a favicon, guests will subliminally compare it with the conniving, run-out-of-carport site. Favicon causes your site to show up as more expert and dependable.

10. Strong passwords are a must-have

People don’t take passwords as an essential factor in business growth.

Well, passwords might not be a direct factor in your WP website growth, but they play a role at the back end.

If your passwords are not strong enough, hackers can easily compromise your website. Hackers use advanced bots and tools that help them guess your password based on your activity across the internet.

They can track you without you even knowing about it and access your account.

Thus, it is best to have a strong password containing special symbols, numbers, and 12 characters in length.

Moreover, avoid using the same password across all accounts to prevent a data breach.

Looking for Dedicated Developer


WordPress is the most preferable software used by many entrepreneurs, and small and large businesses to build their websites. Thus, finding/hiring an expert WordPress developer is not that difficult but what makes it difficult is looking for a WordPress developer who benefits the company with their technical assistance, brings out the best user experience, and can handle the SEO issues.

A comprehensive approach to hiring a WordPress developer is essential to check whether they are the right fit for your team. Save your hiring time and cost by contacting us.

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