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These days everything from flowers to shoes can be delivered on-demand at your location through a single app, just by a single touch of the mobile app. You must be probably wondering how it’s possible to get it delivered with just a few clicks. Well, it’s done through the use of an on-demand flower delivery app development. Surprisingly, the market for on-demand applications is growing gradually. Owners of small and medium businesses understand the importance of the online market. Therefore, they have started to invest in mobile app development to bring their business online.

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On-demand applications have always been in trend, but after the pandemic, their demand grew exponentially as people avoided stepping out of their homes and going to crowded places, with the ease of these applications, they could easily order anything with just a tap on their mobile phones.

Demand for On-demand applications

According to the research conducted by Harvard Business Reviews, the demand for on-demand applications will soar and boom shortly. It might reach a whopping $335 billion by 2025 as on-demand applications have an enviable return on investment and are cost-efficient.

It has become so popular among the customers as it provides instant and easy access, and personalized experiences that you can order anything with these on-demand mobile applications without making any effort to step out of the house.

With the increase in on-demand applications, the requirement for on-demand services such as online food ordering, cab booking, grocery, and flower buying is also increasing. Having your flower app helps your users to connect directly with your shop and order online.

With the flower delivery app, users can easily select, customize, and send flowers to their loved ones with just a few taps on the mobile screen.

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If you’re thinking about developing a flowery mobile delivery app, then it’s crucial to have in-depth knowledge and market analysis before developing an app.

In this article, you will learn how you can create a flowery delivery app, its benefits in the business, and the features that you should consider when developing an app.

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How can a flower Delivery App Help Your Customers?

A flower delivery app can become beneficial for customers as it offers unique features such as the advance ordering of bouquets, directly sending the bouquets to their loved ones with just a tap, customizing them by adding personalized notes, and sending gifts along with bouquets.

Everyone wants to send fresh flowers to their loved ones at the target address. Who doesn’t want to? With the flower delivery app, customers can feel pleased as they can send fresh flowers to the target address. Moreover, they don’t have to hit the shop and buy the flowers instead, they can just order them with a tap.

They can order it with a scroll of their choice and can even get it customized. These days, businesses are designing flower delivery apps with innovative features to cater to their customers’ needs.

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How will a flower delivery app benefit your business?

Undeniably, the flower delivery business is highly profitable. However, it will only benefit you if you have developed a high-quality and user-friendly app, then you can get an impressive ROI.

According to the research conducted by Statista, the market size of the flower industry has reached 15.23 billion in the US in 2020, and it will grow more.

If we take the example of ProFlowers, which is a popular flower delivery company and is quite popular for providing flowers from fresh fields, They provide same-day delivery options. This feature can work well for gifting purposes.

The benefit of developing a flower delivery mobile application is that it reduces the time spent by buyers and sellers in negotiating the price of flowers. This application can become beneficial for business owners as they can focus indefinitely on managing the products and delivering them.

Also, business owners can focus on developing efficient business strategies like offering special discounts to registered customers and announcing their offers in advance, which will help people know about them. It improves the business operations and the quality of products.

The demand for on-demand flower delivery apps has also surged and can help your business flourish by offering unlimited services to customers, such as:

1. Fast Delivery:

Unfortunately, flowers don’t have a long shelf life, so it becomes crucial for every florist to provide orders within a few hours to ensure fast delivery.

2. Convenience:

It would be great for a flower delivery business to provide 24/7 services to customers so that it could become easy for the customers to place orders anytime and from anywhere.

3. Bouquet Choices:

You can multiply the sales of your business by displaying different arrangements for different occasions on your app.

4. Real-time Tracking:

You can give tracking options to your customers for better safety assurance, which will improve the efficiency of your business by making them feel that their order is safe and they can easily track it.

5. Time-Saving:

It’s obvious to say that it will help the customers cut down on time as they don’t have to physically travel to the store and then negotiate on the price.

Types of Flower Delivery Apps

Types of Flower App

Here are different types of flower delivery apps:

1. Aggregator App

This application ties up or aggregates all the florist shops and vendors. Customers can easily filter out the shops and choose whichever they want. They can easily find shops offering the best bouquets and flower services.

This application could be perfect for small and medium-sized flower businesses as it can cut the cost of on-demand app development in half. They can certainly charge a commission from dealers, shops, and vendors who are registered on the app and can also provide additional services for monetization.

Companies like Zomato and Uber provide similar kinds of services; the only difference is that they provide food delivery instead of flowers.

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2. Dedicated Apps

It’s an application that focuses on a specific brand or company to carry out its function. The users get directly connected to the application and services, from Android app development to receiving and delivering orders, everything’s managed by the company itself.

Here the listing of the products from the brand is done and the customer directly gets connected to it. If they are skeptical about how to make an application, they can always hire an app development company.

Undeniably, the cost of the applications gets high and so do the sales and revenue.

However, the catch is that small and medium enterprises can’t bear the expenses. Hence, it’s more suitable for businesses that can afford the expenses.

How to Build a Flower Delivery App?

How to Build a Flower Delivery App

If you’re thinking of developing a flower delivery app but don’t know how to, then these steps can help you build an ideal flower delivery app:

1. Do research

If you don’t want to end up developing a flower delivery app that doesn’t pay you off, then it’s advisable to do extensive research on the market before heading on to designing an app. As the market keeps changing, it’s important to develop an app considering all the latest trends and platforms so that you don’t miss out on any feature.

2. Analyze your competitors

Analyze your competitors and jot down all the factors such as the active competitors in the market, their strategies, outcomes, and everything else so that you don’t miss any important factor before building an app.

3. Analyze the market and customers

Analyzing the market and customers is the best approach to stand out in the industry. It can help you modify the strategies when there’s a change in the trend or upgrading. You can then devise your strategies accordingly.

It’s always recommended to have a target audience based on your business, as you can’t focus on people of all age groups, ethnicities, instead focus on the community that you feel is best and will help your business grow accordingly.

4. UI and UX Designing

UI and UX play an important role in app development. UX design is the start of your app development process. UI UX design involves elaborating your app idea in the form of a rough sketch, how your app will appear to your user, creating a flow of pages, and designing each page to enhance the user experience.

Once you have a clear vision of your flower app, you will identify your app requirements to the UI UX designer, based on which designers will sketch your flower app.

UI UX designing is the easiest way to visualize the ideas and to get a rough idea about the app.

Then, create a wireframe to know the basic structure and key elements of the application, such as how a page will connect you to the other page.

Also, you can create a prototype to know the actual user interaction and user experience.

In a nutshell, the better the UX, the enhanced the customer experience. After getting the basic overview of the app in UX, it’s time to make the User interface more creative and aesthetic by choosing the fonts and colors.

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5. Incorporate the features in the app

Make a list of all the features that you want to include in your app. The feature list can be created considering the market outlook and analyzing your competitors. Also at the time of idea validation, you can gather users’ feedback about the features that are missing in the favorite flower app.

Then you’ll get a rough idea of what you’re expecting and then execute it all in the app. Make sure you consider the user flow. It’s very important to offer a good user experience to satisfy the customer, which will help you build customer loyalty.

6. MVP ( Minimum Viable Product )

Once you have finalized the feature list, wireframe, and visual designs, it’s time to proceed to develop an MVP model. We suggest you develop an MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ) with essential features.

When developing an MVP Model make sure that you include USP features only. It will help you validate your idea from users and enable you to proceed towards developing a fully-featured flower app.

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7. Hire a Development Team

The development process becomes easier when you hire a talented development team from various backgrounds and expertise. Ideally, a development team must have a product manager, UI/UX designer, mobile developer, qualitative assurance analysts, and digital marketer.

  • Product manager– Develop roadmaps, deadlines, and requirements and assist the team.
  • UX/UI Designers– Design icons, animations, and graphics.
  • Mobile Developer– Integrates API, databases, code functionality.
  • Quality Assurance Analysts– Test the app to ensure that it runs efficiently and smoothly on every device. Also, they’re responsible for detecting any bugs or errors.
  • Digital Marketer– They’re responsible for launching the app by using SEO and mobile analytics.

You can expand the development team if you wish to. You can also add software developers, UX writers, software engineers, technical engineers, web engineers, and technical writers.

Now many of you might have question

How to hire a team

Always establish and expand your team, considering your budget. Based on your budget, you can hire freelancers, an in-build team, a local team, or an app development company.

Hiring freelancers is quite easy and affordable. However, the chances of them leaving whenever something goes wrong with the project are quite high, so you have to communicate and coordinate with them constantly to ensure that they are working efficiently. Remember to always go with hiring locals when hiring freelancers.

You can also build an in-house team. Although building a team of full-time dedicated developers is expensive, it’s worth the cost. Also, you can hire offshore developers for your in-house team, they will dedicatedly work for you according to your time zone.

Hiring full-time developers is quite expensive, but it ensures transparent communication and coordination within the team. If you’re not tight on budget, then this is the best option to go with.

You can also hire a local team. If you have a very high budget, then consider hiring a local product development team.

If you don’t want to compromise on quality and have an unlimited budget, then this would be the best option as you would get a dedicated development team, tester, and project manager.

You can also hire a web and app development company. Hiring an app development company eases off your workload as you don’t have to be bothered about anything. App development company handles and manages everything.

The cost of hiring an app development company varies with the change in the geo-location. As an app development company in the USA, Europe can cost you around $40,000 – $1,00,000, depending upon the app’s complexity.

On the other hand, if you outsource app development to countries like India, and Sri Lanka, it can cost you around $8000 – $ 35000. Thus, if you have a low budget, you can outsource your project to a trusted software development partner.

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8. Plan App Security

The most important step in development is to build an app with great security if the app isn’t secured, then it can get subjected to cybercrimes resulting in a breach of data. A single breach of data can cause millions of dollars of loss to the company, which can tarnish the reputation of the company.

You can ensure that a mobile app is secured by encrypting caches, local databases, and APIs. An API is an application programming interface that plays an important part in backend development. Always remember that the API you use for your application should meet the verification standards of the platform on which your app will run.

You can also use tamper detection software and third-party software to prevent hackers from tracking you.

9. Begin Coding

Before you begin with coding, always remember that there has to be coding on both the front-end and back-end platforms.

Front-end development refers to the face of the app, which can be developed using React JS.

In ReactJS, the end-user can see the face of the app, whereas in back-end development, such as NodeJS, it’s not visible to the end-user and is generally behind the scenes.

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10. Testing and Launching

After developing the flower app, it’s important to ensure that your app is functioning properly and looks appealing. Multiple tests and QA must be performed to identify bugs and errors if any.

After testing, the app should test the group’s inspection. It’s always better to ask for feedback from someone who doesn’t know much about apps, to ensure that the apps are ready for various users with different experience levels.

Before launching your on demand flower delivery app, you should launch the app in its beta version to make it available to early adopters. The main intent for launching an app in its beta version is to launch the app on a small scale and get feedback so that if any changes are required to be made, you can do it. It also gives you a clear analysis of your app when it’s going to be launched on a live platform.

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Now, after beta testing, it’s time to launch the app on the stores. You can release your app on the Apple Store or the Google Store. Different regulations have to be followed while launching, and it highly depends on which play store you’re going to launch the app.

Native is when you launch your platform on a single platform, and cross-platform is where you can launch your app on both platforms. If you want to launch your app on the Google Play Store, then you simply have to upload your file along with the best version to the Play Store, where if you’re launching on the Apple Store, then they will first review your app before going live.

After launching the app, keep updating and improving your app based on the feedback to enhance the user experience.

Main Features of the Florist App

Main Features of Flower delivery app

Here are some basic features that you should consider when developing a flower delivery app. Also, there must be a balance between modern and basic features.

Depending on your business, always evaluate cost before developing an app, as it will make you analyze what features you want to add to your app.

Don’t overflood the app with all the features, as it will add more to the cost and will consume more space.

1. Push Notifications

This is the most important feature and is almost present in all apps. Push notifications notify the customers of whatever business owners want to.

This is a good way to boost sales, especially if the business owners want to convert the users from those who have installed the app but haven’t used it much.

There are different types of push notifications that your application can offer, such as mass push notifications that inform the customers and users about recent announcements.

User-based notification, where companies can share any message with their users, which can be active, inactive, old, or new.

Discount notifications allow you to send coupon codes to new users or loyal customers. It’s a message which is sent to attract new users.

Cart-based notification compels the user to add products to the cart by sending the notification.

The product-based notification informs the user about the product they were looking for but couldn’t find, such as flowers.

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2. User-Panel

1. Login/Registration

The registration window will help all the users to create an account and will also keep a record of all the details that they have provided, such as their address.

Additionally, users should also be given an option to log in so that they can log in to their account whenever they want using their login credentials. This feature is generally available in all e-commerce applications.

2. Payment

You will find ample payment options available. However, it’s always advisable to only include trustable modes of payment to avoid any financial glitches or issues in the future.

3. History of Orders

There must be a separate option for the history of orders. It will keep a record of the most active areas and will also be convenient for the client to reorder the flowers whenever required without much effort.

4. Tracking

Tracking is yet another important feature as it will help the user track the delivery and will also help them view the information about the delivery person such as their name, estimated time of delivery, total time, and much more.

5. Filter

There should always be an option to filter or sort the options as no user wants to search for them again all over again as it can become frustrating for the user to do it again and again to find the options.

Based on the parameters, the user can filter out the options as it helps to save time.

6. Browsing

This helps the user to browse through all the listings. In the case of flower delivery app development, the user can browse through all the flower listings and then select the desired one and get it delivered.

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7. Admin Panel

1. Login/Registration

It’s generally used for security purposes so that only those users who have login credentials for the admin panel are allowed to enter.

2. New Requests

It keeps track or record of all the requests coming in and manages those requests.

3. Payment Receipts

This option consists of all the receipt numbers, payment, mode of payment, time, and other information provided by the user.

4. Settings

All the possible modifications can be made through this option. Also, the management of application and customization settings can be done.

5. Management Stock

This option specifies the number of flowers and items available in the shop so that if there is insufficient stock, the shop will not automatically receive a request.

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Additional Features of Flower Delivery

In addition to the main features, you can also add some additional features considering the cost and size of the application to make the app more ubiquitous and innovative.

1. Custom Notes

Sometimes, people order flowers on special occasions. To add a little innovative and warm touch, users can voice their thoughts, which can be converted into a beautiful card and can be attached with the flowers.

2. Social Media

In the era of social media, people love using it and posting their lives on it. You can take this opportunity to enable users to integrate their accounts with the app.

3. Chatbot integration

Nowadays, every other e-commerce application has this chatbot feature to minimize human effort. This feature enhances the customer experience as they feel responsive.

You just have to store the predefined answers so that whenever a customer comes across any glitch or wants to raise any issue, they can directly get connected with these chatbots and connect with service executives.

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4. In-App Camera

In-app camera features can turn out quite useful when the order isn’t in the proper condition. Then the picture can be clicked and get replaced, or customers can also click the pictures for sharing reviews and feedback.

5. Loyalty Program

Often companies use referral and rewards programs to attract and engage customers. These programs motivate customers to use the application more frequently to earn reward points, which can eventually be converted into discount offers.

Who doesn’t want to avail discounts? This feature can be quite beneficial for flower delivery apps to attract potential customers.

What’s the Cost to develop a Flower Delivery App?

Before developing an app, you would like to know the cost of developing the app for planning out the budget.

There are several factors on which the cost of development depends, which include the software development framework that you will choose, technology type and its complexity, and basic functionality.

Needless to say, the cost does depend on the UI and UX, the features you want to incorporate, and the customization and functionalities of the app.

If you’re willing to hire a development team from the USA or Europe, then it’s going to cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

However, if you hire a web development company from India, it’s going to cut down on the cost.

If you’re interested in hiring from India, then GraffersID could be a perfect choice. The company provides the best app development service. Moreover, it would cost you less, which is $8000–$25,000, depending on the type of service you’re looking for. Isn’t it a good deal?

Current 5 Best Flower delivery Apps

Best 5 Flower delivery app

It’s always good to analyze and know your competitors to stay ahead. Here are the five flower delivery apps:

1. ProFlowers

It’s one of the reputed companies in the flower industry. They offer a wide range of products in addition to offering customizable bouquets, flowers, and vases. You can also add goodies, chocolates, and edible gourmet bouquets.

Also, the companies claim to provide flowers directly from the field. Moreover, they have an option for same-day delivery so that if it’s a special occasion, customers can get it on the same day, which enhances the customer experience.

2. 1-800 Flowers

This company has been in the market for nearly 40 years. They offer varieties of floral arrangements and good-quality services to their customers. Besides it, the company offers items such as teddy bears, candies, and cards to add a personalized touch.

Moreover, it was one of the first companies to use services such as chatbots, helplines, digital marketing, and delivery applications.

3. FTD

The Floral Transworld Delivery company has been in the market for a decade and is one of the oldest companies and they have been known for hand flower delivery arrangements. This adds a special touch to their orders while assuring that the order will reach safely. Also, they offer same-day delivery services and partner with local florists.

4. The Bouquet

They have a unique style of creating flower arrangements as they’re made from freshly stemmed flowers that they get from environmentally friendly farms. Besides, they offer next-day and same-day delivery options. Also, with a subscription, you can send flowers on a monthly or weekly basis.

5. Amazon

Amazon Prime users can easily send flowers of any brand to anyone. Furthermore, with a subscription, you don’t have to pay as much for shipping, making delivery more cost-effective. To avail of all these benefits, you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Have an app Idea


Developing a flower delivery application doesn’t only improve the process of placing an order and mode of payment. It helps the users customize it accordingly, and you can add some amazing advanced features along with basic features to enhance the user experience.

Hiring a professional web and app development company can always be the cherry on top of the cake, as it will make your work easier by offering you good quality services.