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How To Create An App For The iPhone in 2023

How to create an app for the iPhone

At first, you will think it is a silly question. There are a plethora of online tutorials and how-to guides that provide you with the app development insights. Then, what is the requirement of another blog? Well, it is not as easy as it appears to create an App for iPhone

Developing an app for the iPhone is like a hard row to tow. You get puzzled at every step and may even find yourself between questions like- Do I need a mac? What is swift and objective-c? And the list of questions continues.

Do you know that often a developer follows just one set of commands instead of knowing that there is a loophole in it? Well, in this blog we will like to educate about the loopholes to look after and ways to succeed. There are a plethora of offshore app developers who can help you with the same.

Which is better iOS or Android?

There has been a simmering debate between what to prefer for app development, iOS or Android? According to research, a study calculated the total number of apps in AppStore. And, when you read the number you are sure to be astonished. In today’s date, there are more than 1.7 M apps found on AppStore. 

And, if the recent studies are to be believed then the app store generated about $15 Billion of sales, which is approximately half more than that of the play store. Therefore, creating an application for the app store or iOS can be profitable. And, to create a successful one, we need to follow some pieces of advice and guides. 

But, the first and foremost question that we need to ask ourselves is the right process to hire a developer? 

Four ways could help you in developing an iPhone app- 

  • DIY or Do it Yourself 
  • Hire hourly based developers 

  • Hire in-house developers 

  • Remote based dedicated developers


It is the most common processes of developing an app if you have a tight budget. You can create an app for yourself, but for that, you should have a deep understanding of the technology stack used. 

The first thing you need is solid information of the iOS programming languages such as Swift, coding logic as well as the architecture of an app. And, before that, you should figure the UI/UX designing as well. 

Hourly based developers

You can hire a developer just for the sake of the project completion. He will work on the project until it is not completed. And, you need to keep the communication in check as well as set the deadlines right. It is because certain things such as the deadline of the project and the communication should be properly emphasized. 

Create and hire your in-house team

You can hire your developers and even train them to accomplish certain tasks. The best part is zero communication obstacles as well as you can keep an eye on them always. 

Today, the time is such that there has been a lot of difficulty in managing the in-house team too. And, this is because even the in-house team has become a remote team.

Remote developers

At times, it has happened that you may lose on a great employee just because of the physical restraints. But with the concept of the remote team, you can hire dedicated remote developers and create your dream team. 

We have witnessed and already instilled our hopes in the outsourcing realm. The known examples that have risen to fame due to the outsourcing concept are as follows- 

  • Alibaba- They opted for the website outsourcing development
  • Whatsapp- They developed their messenger’s iOS version via an outsourcing team 
  • GitHub- Outsourced the back-end of their website.
  • Slack- The company outsourced the entire designing layout of their website. 

Moreover, if you are a startup and looking to create a Minimum Viable Product then you can opt for outsourcing. And, if you are worried about how to find that right talent, fret not, because there are well-developed outsourcing teams who have in-house talent ready.

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Well, it is often the most neglected process in the entire app development process. If you have zero ideas about who will be your target market, you cannot create a successful app. Therefore, take time to study the target market. And, the information that is collected will give you tips that help you to understand the app creation process in a better way. 

Competitor analysis 

 Please find some effective ways to do the competitor analysis and the same are as follows-

  1. Explore the app store- Thoroughly search for the apps, analyze the apps that are of similar pattern and examine for the loopholes, which helps them lure the target audience. 
  2. Read the reviews on Apple store/play store– The reviews can give you correct insight about what is an app all about. 
  3. And, finally, pen down the notes and offerings– Jot down the important piece or a value-added service that can help you get an idea about creating that one successful app. 

Sketch the perfect app idea

This section comprises the need to understand and create a particular type of app. Determine what will your app specialize in? What are your apps offering? And, what will be your main market? 

Once you understand and finalize this the rest of the process becomes very easy. And, no matter what do not fret. Your app type or an idea doesn’t have to be big or groundbreaking. Just keep your idea tangible. 

Define your target audience- 

 This is another important step that determines your overall app development process. Let’s start with some important pointers- 

 1. Age- It is one of the important criteria, suppose you want to offer scholarly guidance, then an adult who is working as a mechanic will do no good. 

2. Location- The language, timeline of ads sponsored and the offers may depend a lot on the location of your app. 

3. Interests- If your app provides the offer and discounts on food and best recommendations in a particular place, then you should seek and target an audience who loves to try new places. And, this can be done when your app user logs in through Facebook. It will read their data and suggest you referrals about the same.


 Monetization is one of the hardest processes today. And, to achieve the same we can keep in mind the following- 

  1. In-app advertising- It means though your app is free it comes with some added features.
  2. Freemium model- The app is free but some of the contents of the same aren’t. 
  3. Subscription model- The main part of the app is only available once you subscribe it. 
  4. Paid model- After a one-time purchase, the app is readily available for use.
  5. Paymium model- It is a combination of two different models. The app so downloaded is after it is paid but the additional content may have an option to buy or not.

Technological stack required to create an app for iPhone- 

 1. Programming Languages- Objective-C, Swift

 Why opt for swift?

Swift is known to be highly functional and is considered to have a dynamic library and therefore offer a code which is error-proof. And, this is done due to its strong inline support. 

On the other hand, Objective-C is a high-programming language that is based on C. It offers project-oriented capabilities as well as a dynamic routine environment. 

2. Integrated Development Executive- Xcode 

3. Software Development Kit (SDK)- IOS SDK

4. Popular tools available- Xcode, App code, Atom

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Wrapping it up:

On a concluding note, if you want to consult an expert about the mobile app development services, then look no more and contact us. Grafffersid is an award-winning name that offers impeccable and innovative IT solutions to its startup clients. In case you need to know more, we are just a skype text away!

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