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Top 11 Mobile App Development Companies In Australia

mobile app development

The insane popularity of mobile app development Has resulted in a spike in the demand for mobile app development companies In the world, especially in countries like Australia.

Have you ever wondered why the demand for mobile app development is growing tremendously? The demand for mobile app development is growing due to the increase in the usability of applications on smartphones. you’d be surprised to see that nowadays every other person is spotted scrolling on a smartphone.

There are tons of apps available on the smartphone that mostly keep users engaged on it. Besides using various entertainment applications, most businesses have also entered the world of application development where they extensively rely on mobile app developers to develop mobile applications. 

The potential reason why most startups or businesses have been drifting towards the web App industry Is to develop applications for their services or products to enhance their visibility among the customers resulting in building a strong customer base and effective communication.

If you are also on the hunt to hire the top mobile app development company in Australia, your hunt stops as we have compiled a list of the 11 best app development companies in Australia.

11 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Australia

1. GraffersID

GraffersID - mobile app development

GraffersID is the Best web and app development company that is highly recognized to offer top-notch web and app developers on a contractual basis. The company is the fastest evolving Tech company with experience in working with gigantic organizations such as Airbnb, WeWork, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, and many more.

The company also provides staff augmentation services to help scale up your team with trained professional developers on a contractual basis Resulting in less time to market And enhancing the efficiency of the team.

 You can hire remote developers who are specialized in React JS, React Native, Node JS, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, and MERN stack.

If at any time you feel that the developer isn’t meeting the bar of your expectation, you can blatantly ask for a substitution without any fuss.

The service is quite hassle-free, hence you don’t end up getting bothered!

Expertise– Hire remote developers, website development, mobile development, testing, Website designing, mobile designing, Portal designing, clickable prototyping, Yearly maintenance, automation testing, and DevOps.

2. Wave Digital 

Wave Digital

It’s a highly recognized web and app development company for its innovation and high-class work culture. It is facilitated by many startups in app development which also involves Android application development, iPhone application development, API development, cloud infrastructure design thinking, and many more.

Expertise– Web app development, Integration projects, API development, cloud infrastructure, UI UX designing, digital product strategy, IoT, User experience design, web design, and innovation.

3. Appetiser


It’s an Australian-based web and app development company That emphasizes Offering web development, UI UX design, and mobile app development services,

The company is renowned for being innovative and has served some of the best prominent companies in the world.

Expertise– App development, Market design, UI UX design, entrepreneurship, Tech business, growth marketing.

4.  Kwix Global Solutions 

Kwix Global Solutions 

It’s a leading web and app development company in Australia. the company claims to have served a wide range of clients in different industries. 

Their expertise in this industry makes them Stand out from the crowd in Australia. Also, the organization facilitates the development of unique products for the clients.

Expertise– Mobile application development, website development, domain name search and registration, business ideation, gaming, marketing strategy, SEO and SMO, UI and UX designing.

5. WorkingMouse


Workingmouse is a group of developers, Designers, testers, and growth hackers who focus on offering cloud migration, software development, software testing, Innovation, Legacy migration,

Expertise– Model-driven engineering, Model-based testing, Agile, software development, innovation, mobile app development.

6. Atlasopen

Atlasopen Logo

The company offers services such as web and app development, web design, advertising, influence marketing, paid media, and e-commerce. 

The company is recognized for successful collaborations with many brands and NGOs for creating, leveraging, and inventing a specific product.

Expertise– App design, e-commerce, web and app development, creative campaigns, UI UX designing, digital marketing, voice and video marketing, influencer marketing, paid media, advertising, SEO, and SMM.

7.  Sentia Australia Pty Ltd

Sentia Australia Pty Ltd Logo

It’s one of the widely known software development consultancy in Australia with expertise in web and mobile development.

The company believes that the role of software developers is to develop software catering to the requirements of any business. The company ensures that they provide the best services in the market which involve web development, iPhone development, mobile development, iPad development, and IT services.

The company assures its clients to create amazing platforms at reasonable prices.

Expertise– Software development, IT consulting, iPad development, iPhone development, web development, Android development, UI UX designing, mobile development.

8. App Boxer

App Boxer Logo

It’s a Sydney-based web and mobile app development company e that accepts projects from all across the world. The company has over 50 employees catering to various clients worldwide. Also, it operates a partnership and advisory model that includes business strategy, design, and marketing from scratch.

Expertise– Web app development, app design, game design, branding, business application development.

9. DreamWalk 

DreamWalk Logo

It’s yet another Australian-based company with expertise in web and app development, web design, software development, iPhone and iPad development, and other services.

The company believes in developing ethical applications that can be transparent and efficient for large operations and startups.

Expertise– iPad app development, iPhone app development, Website development, software development, web design.

10. Launchpad App Development 

Launchpad App Development Logo

It’s an Australian-based mobile app development company e who has achieved a record of developing some amazing and successful applications for clients.

The company believes in empowering both unsuccessful and revolutionary brands and startups, to recreate various rules integrated with traditional Business models.

Expertise– App marketing, start-up consultancy, innovation consultancy, iPhone and iPad app development, UI and UX designing,

11. App Gurus

App Gurus Logo

This Australian-based company is wildly popular working with different entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses for helping them transform through their innovative ideas and concepts. 

The company focuses on offering app development, mobile design and development, and prototyping services.

Also, the company offers Consultancy Services by providing them with ideal solutions for building future-proof and scalable infrastructure.

Expertise– Mobile app development, software architecture, solution architecture.


These were the top 11 web development companies in Australia that you Can consider without giving a second thought!

Do you want to develop a robust and reliable product for your startup? Contact us to get mobile and web development services from Graffersid.

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