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The Future Of MERN Stack Development

Future Of MERN Stack

If you are not new to the development world, we bet you must have heard about MERN stack development. With the technological advancements in the world, it’s pretty natural to expect your software or mobile applications to have a stunning interface and offer an easy and highly interactive user experience. Factually speaking, unlike in the old days, the audience is smart, especially when it comes to digital technicalities. Therefore, developers work pretty hard to offer a digital asset that will not only satiate the user’s needs but also offer a seamless experience. The future of MERN stack development lies therein. Developers can use this MERN stack development technology to build high-quality applications and software and keep their audience entertained at all times.

So, if you are wondering if you should stick to MERN, here’s a guide for you. Read on to explore everything related to the MERN stack, its components, benefits, future scope, and what skills to look for when hiring a remote/on-site MERN stack developer. 

Table of Content:

  1. What Is MERN Stack?
  2. Components Of MERN Stack
    • MongoDB
    • Express JS
    • React JS
    • Node JS
  3. Key Benefits  Of MERN Stack 
    • Open-Source Technology
    • Faster Development Process
    • Simple To Use
    • Allows Full-Stack Development
    • Provides the Best Experience
  4. Career Opportunities For MERN Stack
  5. What To Look For When Hiring A MERN Stack Developer
    • Responsibilities
    • Skills
  6. Future Of MERN Stack Development
  7. Why Hire Remote MERN Developers With GraffersID

What Is MERN Stack? 

If we get into specifics, MERN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS. In simpler terms, the MERN stack is a combination of these four technologies. MERN is an open-source JavaScript framework developers use to build highly interactive, creative and responsive web applications and websites. The four technologies that the MERN stack comprises are based on JavaScript. This allows developers to use extra open-source libraries or other elements to develop advanced websites. MERN stack is an open-source framework and is also called a well-known or full-stack development framework. 

If we take a deeper dive, Express and Node are used to develop the middle application tier, where Express.JS is a server-side web framework, and Node.JS is a JavaScript server platform. React, on the other hand, is a client-side JavaScript framework well known for its request handling, and MongoDB is a document database. 

Developers can use MERN technology to construct a three-tier architecture: front end, back end, and database. 

Components Of MERN Stack 

Components Of MERN Stack

The sudden surge in MERN stack demand is probably due to the framework being built on four, different JavaScript technologies. Here are the four main components of the MERN stack: 

  • MongoDB: MongoDB is an open-source, cross-platform program that can run on multiple servers. This prevents the system from being vulnerable to system failures. Developers can also store data in binary JSON format, thus, facilitating a quick exchange of data. 
  • Express JS: Express JS is a lightweight, server-side JavaScript framework that is often used to design highly secure and fast applications. It is a favorite choice for its minimal architecture and high speed. 
  • React JS: React JS is an open-source library powered by JavaScript to create single-page web designs. In addition to being highly scalable and fast, developers can use this technology to use the same code on multiple platforms and create Hybrid designs. 
  • Node JS: Node.JS is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment that allows the code to run outside the server without any problem. 

The future of MERN stack developers depends upon their proficiency in the above technologies. 

MERN Stack Future: Key Benefits

MERN stack development has a higher expectancy to grow in the coming times, particularly because it uses four leading JavaScript technologies to aid with the website or app development process. Here’s why MERN stack demand is expected to be high in the future: 

Key Benefits of MERN Stack

Open-Source Technology

One of the reasons why MERN stack development is a common choice is because MERN can facilitate an open-source code. This aids a faster development process and allows your MERN stack remote developers to create highly engaging websites with a high interactivity rate. It also allows developers to employ new changes to the development easily. 

Offers a Faster Development Process

Because the MERN stack is an open-source technology, developers are not required to develop a website or an application from scratch. They can use certain templates or already-made designs and add customizations, thus, resulting in a faster development process. 

Simple To Use

It is true that a MERN stack developer must be well worse in Express.JS, Node.JS, React and MongoDB. However, with a number of templates and features, the MERN stack is comparatively easy to use to make highly robust applications and websites. 

Allows Full-Stack Development

Stating again, the MERN stack is a culmination of the above four frameworks. Each framework offers an added advantage and allows developers to build front-end, back-end, and databases through MERn stack development technology. 

Provides the Best Experience

Apart from aiding a faster development process, MERn stack also allows developers to build highly secure applications. This can be quite beneficial, especially if you are building an app for an industry with high-security regulations, like the finance industry. So, apart from helping developers build fast, it also offers a highly secure and comfortable environment to the users. 

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Career Opportunities: A relatively Higher MERN Stack Demand

Once developers complete their MERN stack course, they are highly proficient in the four main frameworks of JavaScript. This gives them an edge over the competition and opens paths for great career opportunities. 

Depending on their skills and positions, MERN stack developers can earn quite well. In fact, junior developers can start at $85,000 per year as a base salary which can go up to $170,000 annually, once they gather enough experience. On average, MER stack developers can earn around $105,000 per year in the US. 

When it comes to freelancing rates, developers are usually hired at a rate of $29 per hour. 

What To Look For When Hiring A MERN Stack Developer? 

MERN stack developers are usually responsible for writing efficient, testable and reusable codes for the development and designing of a front-end web application. 

For starters, if you are looking to hire a remote MERN stack developer, you must ensure they are highly proficient in MongoDB, Node.JS, React JS and Express JS. This will allow you to hire a developer who can make a front end, back end and database. Hiring such developers will give you an edge over your costs and expenses and allow you to rely on a single person rather than appointing a whole team. 

In fact, the reason for an increase in MERN stack demand is particularly because it allows companies to build highly engaging, robust and complex websites easily. 

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Responsibilities to look for: 

Apart from building front-end web applications, interactive consumer databases and high-performance products, MERN stack developers might also be responsible for translating PSD designs and wireframes into highly functional website applications. 

Your developer would be working with the design and development team to brainstorm new development ideas and ensure a proper, highly functional website application design and development. 

In short, a MERN stack developer will have responsibilities like: 

  • Develop functional consumer databases for multiple systems.
  • Design and develop front-end web architecture.  
  • Curate effective code architecture to ensure a smooth and proper development process. 
  • Translate PSD designs and wireframes into functional apps. 
  • Collaborate with the design and development team to ensure everything is in sync. 
  • Curating highly functional databases and web applications. 
  • Software testing to ensure efficiency. 
  • Be a part of project planning and design ideation. 
  • Adhere to any technical issues during the development or design process. 

Skills needed: 

Apart from an in-depth knowledge of the four components of MERN, the developer you hire must also be able to combine different UI elements with the JavaScript object models. They should also have experience in creating RESTful services with node.JS and should be well-versed in OOP and database concepts. 

The developer should have proven experience in front-end and back-end development and use HTML5, LESS, SASS and Angular to build applications. 

In addition to this, a MERN stack developer should also have enough knowledge about the modern framework, and design patterns and should have the ability to curate units and integration tests for testing purposes. 

If we talk about soft skills, they should have a team working, analytical, problem-solving and self-motivation skills. Here’s an idea of the skill set required for a MERN stack developer: 

  • Knowledge of React.JS, Express.JS, Node.JS, and Resitfy. 
  • An ability to bind different UI elements. 
  • Using Node.JS to build RESTful services. 
  • Proficiency in database and OOP concepts. 
  • Experience in building front-end applications with the help of HTML5, SASS, LESS and Angular

Background needed: 

A MERN stack developer should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or a related field. 

Career Scope & Future of MERN stack Developers

MERN stack developers are in high demand in the tech industry due to their ability to develop full-stack web applications. MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. These four technologies together allow developers to create powerful web applications from scratch with a single language – JavaScript.

MERN stack developers have a bright future ahead of them as more and more companies are embracing the idea of full-stack development. With the increasing demand for web applications, MERN stack developers can expect to find plenty of job opportunities in the near future. They will also be able to benefit from the ever-evolving technology landscape as they will be able to stay up-to-date with new tools and techniques that come out on a regular basis.

Future Of MERN Stack Development

With high speed, better components, and an easy development process, MERN stack development is perhaps the future of full-stack development. Apart from helping companies build highly interactive app designs, it also offers a unique and highly engaging user experience. 

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