Future Of MERN Stack Development

“MERN is an open-source JavaScript framework developers use to build highly interactive, creative and responsive web applications and websites.”

What Is MERN Stack

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Components of MERN Stack









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Key Benefits of MERN Stack

1) Open Source Technology 2) Faster Development Process 3) Simple to Use 4) Allows Full-Stack Development 5) Provide Best Experience

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Skill set required for a MERN stack developer

1) Knowledge of React.JS, Express.JS, Node.JS, and Resitfy 2) An ability to bind different UI elements. 3) Using Node.JS to build RESTful services. 4) Proficiency in database and OOP conceptsent. 5) Experience in building front-end applications.

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Future Of MERN Stack Development

With high speed, better components, and an easy development process, MERN stack development is perhaps the future of full-stack development.

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