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Companies have achieved 5x faster growth with Remote Tech Teams.

When borders disappear the benefits of global ecosystem is used effectively, enabling companies to grow rounds the clock.
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Our Services

GraffersID Payroll Developers | No Freelancers | No Sub Contracting

Dedicated Developers

GraffersID employee will work dedicated only for you for the entire duration

Offshore Managed

Companies can now setup their complete tech team with GraffersID.
  • Minimum 10 member team
  • minimum 1 year contract

Fixed Cost Project

Get your idea converted to a software at a fixed cost



9.8 / 10 Average Rating


9.9 / 10 Average Rating

MERN Stack

9.7 / 10 Average Rating

Mobile App

9.7 / 10 Average Rating

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Since all the developers are the employees of GraffersID, and we maintain a 10% Bench at all times, once you share your JD with us it takes around 2 hours for our team to identify the developer, thanks to our smart matching algorithm.
No. All the developers are 100% employees of GraffersID and GraffersID alone. We donot work with any freelancers or partner companies. At the time of contract signing we give you all the necessary proofs of their employment with GraffersID.
Yes. Our aim is to unburden our clients with the hassle of hiring, Managing, Retaining and Training of Developers. Our Process enables our customers to setup their complete tech teach with GraffersID. You will receive additional benefits like Price BreakDown Disclosure, Transparent Pricing, Dedicated HR Manager (at no extra cost), Training, Custom Policies, and Work Culture Definition. However, based on our experience customers who have Full time Product Manager to manage the Developers provided by GraffersID have got maximum benefit of our service.
Developers will work like your Full Time employees. You can manage them as you see fit. You can deploy your custom softwares, enforce sharing restrictions, give customized work policies, among other things the way you do it with your full time employees. GraffersID ensures High Retentions, Payroll and Compliances, Timesheet management, Work Culture, Training and Upskilling, Grievances, HR Services, and Hardware Facility. Client will be responsible for Daily Work management and Delivery management. Customers focus on Development goals while we focus on managing developers.
Similar to Salary you pay us on monthly basis. Unlike Salary, You only have to pay the contract fee and rest everything we manage at our end. All our services charges are included in the contract cost itself. No Hidden Charges, No Surprise Cost, No Surcharge. 100% Transparency and Predictability.
Yes. We can hire developer specific to customer’s requirement with our vetting process to ensure the developer is of the right attitude and matching skills. However the contract has to be of minimum 1 year for this new Developer.

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Focused on being the best in JAVASCRIPT Framework

Techies in Practice

Your Trusted Tech

Our mission is to unburden clients of Hiring, Retention, and Upskilling. You focus on achieving growth while we manage your tech team.

Advantages For Clients

Client Focused Implementations

GraffersID Benefits
Value for Clients

High Retentions

Dependable Team for long term partnership

Fair Pay

Satisfied employees tent to stay much longer and help the company grow

100% inhouse Developers

Complete control and transparent process

Buddy System

Each developer is assigned a buddy who is always available to help and guide

Cost Optimised Development Centre

Save Development Cost and Invest more on Growing your business


Upscale and Downscale your team with 1 month notice

Bench Strength

10% Ready Bench for deployment, safe guarding immediate requirements

Customer Protection

Value we provide

We offer reliable, efficient delivery with high-calibre engineers & finely-tuned software development processes.
Save up to 70% of your time by hiring the developers who can join immediately.


Absolute Compliance with the Laws of the country.
Information and Privacy are main priority


Legally verified, Mandatory signing of NDA to ensure client protection.

Networking softwares

Deploying Best in class networking softwares for enhanced connectivity and control


Personalized contract for each client ensuring the best output.

Restricted sharing

Data and Files are kept in high observation to discourage sharing without approvals.

Hiring for in House Team

Time And Effort

GraffersID Developers

Time is the only Luxury we can’t buy

15 Days

Team of TA for
Identification and Calling

30-90 Days

Team of Junior HR for
timely followups

30-90 Days

Team of HR for culture
and Grievances
Onboard Contract Developer in 1 Day
Job Description
Receive Video
Schedule one –
one Tech Round

2 Hours

2 Hours

2 Hours

2 Hours


Time is the only Luxury we can’t buy

Success of our


20+ Fortune 500, 20+ Unicorns, 50+ Series A Funded, 50+ Corporates.

We work with diverse clienteles’ right from ideation level startups to multinational corporates. Our strongly connected team provides a strong backbone to every product we work on.

Projects we have
worked on

Case studies

Life At GraffersID

Leaders inspiring team to grow

Why Developers Love Graffersid Giving us High Retention Rate

Monthly Presentation to hone analysis skills

All Developers are required to give on stage presentations for everything they have learnt.

Daily Extempore to build confidence

Random speaker for the day is called in stage to speak for 60 seconds on an instant topic.

Exercises to teach better articulation of thoughts

Developers are made to give project demos to end client, training sessions to junior developer and Guest lectures in Institutes

Events and Hackathons to challenge our developers

Competitions are the best way to test skills. A Country level Hard Core coding challenge events

Demo Interviews to enhance self representations

Every fortnight Demo Interview are conducted with Corporate trainers.

Mock Tests to measure growth

Technical tests to encourage constant the learning to ensure developers stay updated with latest tech trends.


Success Stories

Our customers love what we do


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