• Published by Sidharth Jain February 9, 2018
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    10 Principles to UI Design as a Founder

    10 Principles to UI Design as a Founder This article is posted from a Founder’s point of view to create a good UI Design, rather than a Designer’s point of view. The aim is to create a design of the product that makes the user loyal and engaged.       Here are the “10 […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain February 28, 2018
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    3 simple things saved me 4 hours daily and increased my productivity!!

    Most of the day goes by handling unnecessary things and doing unproductive activities, like creating invoices, teaching new joiners from the scratch, explaining the process, taking follow-ups and so on and so forth. By no means do I intend to understate the importance of these tasks but if you notice closely all these tasks can […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain April 17, 2018
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    4 ways to prepare before reaching out to developer !!

      The time before starting your own company or launching your product is the most exciting time. Here you spend hours doing research, you keep reading about the competitors, have a lot of new ideas, there is motivational content all around you, and you feel all ready to start building your website or mobile application. You […]

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  • grocery shopping Published by Sidharth Jain December 10, 2018

    5 innovative Tech features for Grocery startups in 2019

    Before we enter in this discussion let me clear you 2 things that the ideas we are going to discuss are not theories they have been practically applied by our team in our client’s projects. And second that it is not a Newton Science that costs a fortune to be implemented; just a couple of […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain August 13, 2018
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    5 most vital mistakes the First-time Entrepreneurs commit !!

    Startup success rate is claimed to be at less than 10% which is fairly low. For any business to run successfully the first priority is MONEY. If you have money than you have the leverage to make mistakes, errors, and experiment. However, this absolutely does not mean that you start running behind the money, on […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain February 26, 2018
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    5 Non-Technical Ways To Decide The Right Tech Company!!

    The fun of Entrepreneurship is in the journey we endure.   I have been in the IT industry for quite some time now and have worked with more than a dozen of IT companies. Hence, I had the privilege to watch how things work from the other side of the phone. Consider this article as […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain May 31, 2018

    7 step guide to validate your idea before developing it to reality!!

    How to validate before developing your idea into reality Start from offline: At times founders are too eager to jump to the development phase and have their idea as a reality. Although, it may not be the best practice. Development involves times, effort, commitment and money. 4 of the most crucial things for any startup’s […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain May 23, 2018
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    7 ways on how UI design could increase your sales!!

      Before we dive in let’s take a moment to introspect. Now think back and ask yourself “WHAT MAKES YOU TRY SOMETHING NEW ?”. Like a new YouTube video or a new dress in a mall or a new eatery around the corner ask yourself. For me the reason has often been “THE LOOK” could […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain October 6, 2017
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    Achieve upto 85% of Client Revert!!

    Client Followups is getting Clients Interested. As per the analytics, on an average 70% of your IT companies business comes after taking regular follow-ups. It is also one of the things that show your level of commitment, maturity, and professionalism to the new clients. Some clients intentionally do not revert just to check how serious […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain July 24, 2018
    Categories Awards 198 10

    CLUTCH ranked Graffersid “Top 15 Web Development Companies in India in 2018” !!

    We are excited to announce that we have been featured as one of the leading IT managed services company in India by! Clutch is a Washington D.C based ratings, research, and reviews firm that covers thousands of companies in the technology, development and marketing space. Clutch’s platform identifies the top performers in each industry […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain September 26, 2017
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    Focused on delivery and never worried about sales again.

    For any company the most important part is sales. And the best way to get more sales is by delivering your projects before time and with good quality. Confused? Let me elaborate. To get more sales you need to market yourself well, and what is a better way to market than your clients doing it […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain September 27, 2017
    Categories Founder's Diary, Management 183 4

    Full Stack Software Engineer to a Business Developer

    You will not know what you are good at unless you try it. Stop Thinking, Start Acting!! In my first management role, I helped the company register a 3x growth with 41% hike in revenue, by monetizing the existing data and resources, and introduced them in 2 new verticals. Not big numbers? Well, these are […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain March 19, 2018
    Categories Awards 173

    Graffersid Founder wins “50 Most Influential Global Youth Marketing Leader” !!

    50 Most Influential Global Youth Leaders Each year, World HRD Congress awards companies and individuals over multiple categories and domains for their outstanding work over the year. The recognition is not company size specific but is completely centralised to the achievements made by the winners. From companies as big as the IBM to as small […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain December 11, 2017
    Categories Consultancy 143

    Graffersid IT Consultancy

    IT Consultancy If you had a bakery shop, would you serve the same piece of cake again and again to every client? Apparently, a big NO. You would first find their flavor and then serve accordingly. Our approach exhibits the same formulae. We aid our clients by appreciating their vision and delivering the best possible […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain December 12, 2017
    Categories Consultancy 175 35

    Graffersid Sales Consultancy

    Sales Consultancy This is the most interesting part and the one that drives every company. Doing Sales is like doing a marriage, you really need to understand and know your partner (your customers). We focus solely on In-Bound Organic lead generation strategies. Organic because we don’t believe in paid marketing. Here is a small comparison […]

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  • Published by Sidharth Jain March 5, 2018
    Categories Awards 198

    Graffersid Wins Awards by FinancesOnline!

    Graffersid wins “Great User Experience 2018” and “Rising Star 2018” Award by FinancesOnline! Graffersid has banged, back-to-back, 2 prestigious awards in the annual review of outstanding products in IT Development Software category by one of the biggest software review websites FinancesOnline . In one of the recent recognition event conducted on the FinancesOnline platform, Graffersid […]

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  • Graffersid 5 startups Published by Sidharth Jain December 3, 2018

    How these 5 biggest startups got their first 10,000 customers

    The aim to share these stories/growth hacks is to help you realize that no one is an exception to the journey of startups. Even these, today’s world, behemoths have once struggled to tractions and a steady customer base on their platforms. Even they have faced the problems that you are or might face in the […]

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  • Published by Nikunj December 27, 2017
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    Points to keep in mind while designing client’s idea (UI/UX)?

    What to ask graphic design clients? Many people don’t understand the work of UI/UX designer. For them, it’s just designing that need to look good. At the start of a project, it is important to understand what to ask graphic design clients to gather as much information as possible.   This needs to take place before […]

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  • Instacart study Published by Sidharth Jain December 11, 2018

    Understanding Grocery Shopping App- Instacart

    What is Instacart? Instacart is an online platform to get groceries and other living place essentials at your doorstep. It is one of the most efficient and trusted platforms in the USA with its headquarters in California, USA. It is on-demand e-store having grown tremendously since incorporation. This grocery store has set-up an example for […]

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