What is WordPress website? Advantage and disadvantage of wordpress

June 22nd, 2019 by Content Team
wordpress website

“WordPress Website” Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress website we should first have a look at what is WordPress website? The WordPress website is an open online website which is the easiest and strongest blogging and content management website. This website is used by simply downloading and installing it for free. It also […]

Next Innovation in E-Commerce Industry

February 5th, 2019 by Sidharth Jain Comments: 6 1
next Innovation in E-commerce industry

To understand the next innovation we have to first understand the E-commerce industry. It’s pain points, the reason and then the solutions (innovations). The E-commerce industry is one of the hottest markets and has been that way for over a decade now. E-commerce is a broad terminology it can involve anything from clothing to Pharmaceuticals […]

What to choose “Custom built website” or “WordPress” ?

December 19th, 2018 by Sidharth Jain Comments: 4
Custom built website vs wordpress

“Custom built website or WordPress” Ask a non-tech founder what is his biggest dilemma, he won’t say “his wife’s bad mood”, rather it would be to decide the technology best suited for his idea. You talk to a dozen people and you will have a dozen options all mutually exclusive, completely driven by one’s own […]

Benefits and services of Chatbots.

December 11th, 2018 by Sidharth Jain Comments: 4 1
Benefits of Chatbots

“Benefits of Chatbots” Trust Chatbot Like You Trust Your Car Breaks Artificial Intelligence is growing at a high speed. It can now solve your queries in minutes via Chatbots. Chatbots are developed to communicate with people for various different reasons. Benefits of Chatbots have come a long way from virtual assistants to sophisticated bots in […]