User interface and visitor experience (UI UX) design are crucial in web development since it is one of the first things users see and interact with when they visit a website. It is necessary to develop user interfaces that are not just intuitive but also easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Interfaces that are poorly designed can cause users to become frustrated, resulting in lost sales.

The user interface and user experience are equally essential since they can affect a website’s entire user experience. A user’s ability to navigate a website can be slowed down, and they may have a more challenging time finding what they are looking for if the menus and buttons are not well structured. Inadequately constructed forms can also result in the loss of data or the introduction of errors during the data entry process.

Because it can affect the company’s bottom line, UI/UX design is very significant. A poorly designed interface might result in lost sales and frustrated users. We can assist our visitors in navigating our websites and locating the information and items they are looking for by building interfaces that are simple to use and visually appealing.

A Primer on Information Technology

People frequently get web development, web design, user interface design, and user experience design confused. See the glossary entries below for a clearer picture of the differences between the two.

Web development

Web development is the term used to describe all of the work done behind the scenes to ensure that a website functions correctly, loads quickly, and performs well in general.

Web design

Web design is an overarching term for developing and maintaining websites and encompasses various subfields and abilities. Web design includes many disciplines, including user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, and others.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface design development improves a user’s interaction with a website or app to make it as efficient and reliable as possible. The “User Interface” is the name for this part 

User experience

User experience, often known as UX, refers to creating and enhancing the quality of the knowledge that users have whenever they interact with a website or mobile application. A website’s user experience (UX) can determine whether or not the website is successful.

UI/UX Design’s Most Important Elements

UI UX Design Key Elements

Find out what the most important aspects of UI and UX design are by reading on down below.

Designing for Interactions

IDX stands for interaction design, which refers to the process that groups go through to devise websites and applications that offer visitors experiences that are pertinent and important to them as users. It involves including several aspects, such as typeface, music, colors, images, aesthetics, and more, in your website or application. To construct websites that are valuable to users, design is critical; we will go into more detail about this topic later.

The Architecture of Information

The process of determining how to organize the many components of something in a way that makes it easy to comprehend is called “information architecture.” The user experience (UX) construction outlines how the material on your website will be layered and organized.

Visual Design

The term “visual design” refers, as its name suggests, to how the website’s visuals appear to visitors. Its purpose is to enhance the visual attractiveness and usability of the website or application. In most cases, the emphasis is placed on aspects of website design such as white space, photos, videos, typography, color, and iconography seen on the website.


Wireframing is a term used to describe the process of designing the structural components of a website. Before your website is made public, you can use it to evaluate its functionality, look, usability, and features using the staging environment.


When referring to a website, “usability” refers to how user-friendly the webpage is for the people who frequent it. A website is said to have strong usability if it prioritizes essential components of the user interface. These factors include a practical design, a fast load time, simple operations, a unique style, and easy navigation, among other things.

Metrics to Assess the Quality of the User Experience (UX)

Let’s have a look at some of the basic parameters that are used when evaluating a user’s experience with a product before we discuss the primary reasons why UI/UX is essential during the app development process:

  1. Metrics of the Users:

  • The Rate of Adoptions
  • The Retention Rate
  • The Rate of Conversion
  1. Metrics Regarding Usability:

  • The proportion of Completed Tasks
  • Task Time
  • The rate with which mistakes are made, and
  • The Rate of Giving Up
  1. Metrics Relating to Attitudes and Behaviours:

  • Usability Rating of the System (SUS)
  • Questionnaire Concerning the Standardization of the User Experience for the Percentile Ranking (SUPR-Q)
  • Usability Metric for User Experience (UMUX) – focusing on effectiveness, efficiency, and overall satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to evaluate customer commitment

You may also use the Technology Acceptance Model to evaluate the behavioral components of the user interface and user experience.

  • A sense of perceived usefulness can “improve their performance on the work.”
  • The user’s impression is that using the product requires little effort.

5 reasons why UI/UX is important to the success of any web development

UX Design for Web Development

Understanding the significance of user interface and user experience design in the creation of a successful website

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss the importance of user interface and user experience design to the overall success of web development. Please take a moment to learn the top five reasons why it is significant.

  1. It contributes to a higher user engagement on your website.

The incorporation of graphical components into a website is made possible thanks to the contributions of both the user interface and the user experience. These elements provide the website visitors with the ability to navigate through the web page. 

If the website’s visitors do not find the page they are viewing to be fascinating and engaging, they will likely leave the website and go to one of its rivals instead. On the other hand, websites that are visually appealing and straightforward to browse are more likely to persuade users to spend more time on the site and investigate the products and services the business offers. 

In a nutshell, an effective UI/UX design results in increased user engagement, which in turn generates a more significant number of prospective leads, which ultimately increases income and increases brand awareness for your company.

  1. It contributes to the development of your brand

Customers are more likely to be content and pleased with a website that strongly emphasizes user interface and user experience. People will always be more drawn to companies and brands that emphasize providing a positive experience for their customers. 

Additionally, if you let your consumers have their say and ask for their input on how to improve your website, you’ll be able to pick up on any niggling problems they’re having and fix them for the next time they visit. Increased reputation for your firm means more trust from satisfied customers. The long-term success of your company can be helped along in this regard.

  1. It results in time and financial savings.

Suppose you invest once in your website’s UX and design. You’ll lower the probability that clients will submit formal complaints against you and the frequency of website upkeep and updates. Frequently updating your website takes time and resources. 

If you focus on efficient website construction from the start, you can save time, money, and effort to utilise elsewhere. Before starting a website, research user design and interface needs. If the problem arose after the product was released, the cost would be multiplied by ten, to a minimum of $100. User experience design can save money in product development.

  1. An effective UI/UX design helps with search engine optimization

Website success depends on keyword rankings’ design and SEO work hand in hand, and both are highly crucial factors in boosting a website’s position in the search results displayed by Google. Providing information to consumers in a time-efficient and uncomplicated manner is the primary objective of the search engine. 

Search engines consider various data points to measure the level of user interaction. A fast page load speed, mobile responsiveness, and a user-friendly URL structure are all essential aspects of a robust user experience design. They all contribute to an efficient search engine optimization approach.

  1. User experience design boosts the number of sales made on a website.

There is a large number of websites that all provide the same items and services. Customers are most likely to select a website because of its appealing appearance and user-friendly experience. 

According to the findings of a study, an improved user experience can increase conversion rates by up to 400%. Additionally, as noted earlier, accessibility and usability that have been adequately optimized can significantly impact the level of happiness experienced by customers. 

Furthermore, a website that emphasizes the significance of user interface and user experience design may also boost a user’s propensity to explore the products offered on the website. It is why it’s crucial to hire skilled UI/UX designers to grow your company and increase conversions.

Which of these two—UI or UX—is more important?

When designing websites and apps, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are both extremely important. As they contribute to the whole, neither one can be ignored in favor of the other. Developing a user interface without also developing the user experience (or vice versa) would result in the following issues:

  • A website that is simple to access but does not deliver a positive experience for its users through the usage of graphic components.
  • A website that is appealing to the eye and has high-quality images but does not load its pages quickly and does not have well-organized content.
  • To use a coin metaphor, user interface design and user experience architecture are opposite sides of the same coin. As a result, the two aspects have an exact amount of significance when it comes to the production of efficient websites.

An outline of Hire UI UX Remote Developers in the most basic form

Hire UI UX Remote Developers to create an intuitive design for your software, websites, and applications. Hire UI UX Remote Developers who provide a comprehensive range of wireframe design services and use the most up-to-date technologies and methods to produce online and mobile applications with beautiful branding. 

Employing user experience designers and user interface designers who are specialists in their fields will help you establish the tone of your brand and build the designs in a strategic way. Hire UI UX Remote Developers who create mockups for your websites or mobile apps according to your demands, considering every minuscule aspect, from color matching to brand identification.

Why is UI/UX Design so important for a business’s growth In 2023?

UX Design so important for a business's growth

If you are in the process of developing a website for your company, one of your primary goals should undoubtedly be to boost customer participation, sales, and recognition of your brand. On the other hand, this can only be accomplished in its entirety if the users who visit your website have a pleasant experience overall. 

When it comes to the success of an online business, ensuring that the customers are happy is essential. Because there is a lot of competition in the internet market, your website must be noticeable. The user interface design of your website should be powerful enough to capture the interest of your customer and convince them to continue using your website. 

Consider this: if you were shopping for products and services online, which company’s website would you choose: the one that has a user interface design that is helpful and allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly, or the one that is unresponsive, difficult to use, and slows down the purchasing process.

What is offshore development?

An offshore development center is a company that offers software development services to its clients but is physically located in a different nation. This particular kind of business is considered a subsidiary of the primary firm you run. An offshore development center is a business that offers its services or products to customers in a different country. 

Although outsourcing is a service that provides specific services or goods from a third-party company, the physical location of the company providing those services or products may not be an essential consideration. The primary objective of the offshore development center is to assist in lowering the company’s expenses by making use of the disparity in the cost of living between the two countries. 

Offshore development centers can offer various services, including the construction of a software development team according to your specifications, project-based development, testing services, and the establishment of an independent offshore development center for individual customers.

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The advantages of the offshore development center

An offshore development center has the potential to deliver several valuable benefits. The following are some of the reasons for doing so:

Cost reduction: 

As was said earlier; this is possible since the offshore development center is frequently established in nations with lower living expenses than the nations where the headquarters are situated. They can either shift the primary focus to other aspects or use the cost disparity to lower fees regarding materials and labor while simultaneously growing sales.

Cheaper facilities

Establishing an offshore development center in a cheaper country benefits firms in terms of reputation and sales, as well as office rent, maintenance, and internet costs. Establishing an offshore development center in a much cheaper country’s center of the economy is beneficial to businesses.

Extend your market to include a country in another region: 

Doing business in the marketplace of another nation is an excellent method to boost sales volume and reputation, as well as to get closer to clients and better understand the requirements they have. It not only allows you to be physically present in the target market, but it also helps cut down on the costs associated with logistics.

Large group with many different skills:

If you want to set up a team with more than 50 people, suppliers can set up a separate office for your employee branding where all of your developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, and marketing specialists will work together.

Access to the Talent Pool: 

Having your firm located in a different country gives you access to the talent pool of that particular country, which can enrich your company’s working culture and improve your general skills. When prospective employees learn that they would be working in the “office of a foreign corporation,” they are more likely to accept the positions.

Improving Confidentiality: 

The offshore development center is likely home to several teams concurrently working on several projects. It would help if you approached your offshore development center for a team office as soon as possible.

Localization of products 

An offshore development center is an excellent option to consider if you want to access the international market because it brings your company closer to a particular market but also assists in regionalizing your goods. If you wish to sell in Vietnam, locate your offshore development center there. Since all of your developers are Vietnamese nationals, they can contribute some ideas specific to the Vietnamese market that will help localize your product.


User interface and user experience are essential to the success of a website. Suppose you want to design your company’s excellent, engaging, and helpful website. In that case, you must be aware of the significance of UI/UX design, as well as the function that it plays in the process of designing websites. 

Outsourcing UI/UX development to professionals is an excellent alternative for companies, as it helps ensure that the entire development process is carried out without any hiccups. Get in touch with us for the best UI/UX design services from GraffersID to produce inspiring digital experiences for billions of users.

Though the coronavirus pandemic caused a sudden surge in the trend of working remotely, we can not deny the fact that remote working is associated with a lot of taboos. Did you know that before the pandemic struck and took millions of lives with it, most in-house workers weren’t even at their desks 60% of the time? 

And, though we do not attempt to put shade on any working environment, remote working is here to stay. And if you are looking to hire a remote developer, there are some strategies you can embrace to boost their productivity. Regardless, like any other in-office worker, the productivity of a remote worker can be affected by a number of reasons. 

So, if you are looking to navigate the complexities of managing a virtual team and meet ends at the right time, you are at the right place. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring remotely, factors affecting your virtual team’s productivity, and seven strategies to help you skyrocket their productivity. 

Why Should You Hire Remote Workers?

Believe it or not, companies do benefit from a remote working module, probably as much as the workers do. In addition to sticking to proper work and life balance, remote working does boost productivity, creativity, and flexibility. 

Can I hire remote developers from India? 

With most companies offering remote jobs, salary expectations have skyrocketed in the past two years. Employers can no longer use working remotely as an excuse to offer lower pay. However, if you want to cut down your cost, hiring remote developers or other people can help you stick to your budget while getting in touch with global talent. Because the cost of living and sustaining in India is generally lower than in the USA, you might be able to hire remote developers from India at a much lower rate. 

Moving forth, here are the top benefits of hiring Indian remote workers: 

Reasons to hire remote workers

Save Money On Office Spaces

If you are an emerging tech company, you would either have to rent out an office space or take space in a co-working space. But, with remote working, you don’t need to do either. This means you can cut down your biggest expense: the rent. Moreover, rent is not the only significant expense you would have to deal with if you follow an in-office module. For starters, you must provide drinks like a clean water supply, coffee or tea. Then, there are also team outings and fun weekends. If you, however, plan to manage everything remotely, you can do everything virtually. So, no more providing snacks, drinks, and bathroom supplies or paying for the rent. Moreover, hiring an Indian remote worker will actually fit your budget, and you’ll be able to grab real talent, thus improving your services. 

Reduce Equipment Cost

If you go for a remote module through an offshore development center, you won’t be required to provide your team with equipment like a laptop or a PC. Remote working follows a BYOD culture, i.e., Bring Your Own Device. In short, you will be able to cut down equipment costs like purchasing or renting intelligent devices for an entire team. Moreover, you’ll also save on repairs, updates, and routine maintenance. 

Team Productivity Will Boost

If you are a creatively-driven company like a digital marketing company, you’ll know the benefit of how a comfortable space can boost creativity. Hiring remote Indian developers from an offshore development center gives your team flexibility and saves time on traveling to and back from the office. Moreover, the team will be able to choose a device of their choice, and having familiar devices can help you work better. With traveling time cut short and a sense of familiarity, the team will be able to give their best with no stress. This will lead to improved profits. 

Hire A Diversified Team

If you hire remote developers from India, you won’t be restricting your team to geographical limitations. This means you can hire actual talent and not just local residents. In fact, remote working has contributed to hiring the best professionals, especially from India. 

recent surveyed for remote working

Challenges Faced In A Remote Working Module

Frankly speaking, remote working has its own sets of pros and cons. And while there are a number of noteworthy benefits, you can not deny some challenges companies face. For starters, hiring outside the office premises can allow sensitive information to enter the real world, causing a data breach. However, you can adopt some corporate settings to avoid it. 

Furthermore, there would be no one to monitor employees. This is perhaps the most significant challenge and the only reason why most companies have denied this module. Lack of monitoring can cause the employees to slag, thus affecting productivity. Though remote working has helped several companies increase team productivity, some employees might take this for granted and find loopholes. 

While data protection and device security can be protected with automotive software, here are vital factors affecting your remote team’s productivity. 

Reasons For Lower Team Productivity 

Increased Distractions

Working from the office means your team would be restricted to a professional environment where there will be minimal distractions. However, working from home can cause an increased number of distractions. Like, the family would be at home or working while lying on the bed.

Lower Monitoring

Monitoring is easy when working from the office. But, in a remote environment, no one would be there to measure productivity and keep stats on your targets. Employees may feel like spending more time with family or friends or doing work unrelated to the office. 

No Social Touch

From team meetings to cultural fests and days out, companies find a way to help employees socialize with other employees. This helps build a connection between fellow team members. However, when you hire remote developers, they might feel disengaged from their team. This might stop the employees from reaching out to their superiors to gain guidance or resolve a problem, thus affecting their productivity. 

Inability To Fix Technical Errors Fast

If you are a tech company, you must be relying on technology. And, device or network errors are pretty common when using technology. Your team would have to ensure the proper functioning of all digital devices. So, one a device shows a technical glitch, not all employees would be tech-savvy to solve those problems on their own. This will affect the productivity of the employees. 

Lack Of Proper Information

Several corporate businesses try their best to protect against data breaches. An in-office environment where all employees would report to the office would be able to access this information after clearing several security checks. But, when it is a remote setting, the company won’t provide all the information handy to all employees. This means, that the team would not have enough information on the projects they are working on and would not be able to understand the final objectives. 

7 Strategies To Improve Productivity Of Remote Workers 

Strategies To Improve Productivity Of Remote Workers

If you have made up your mind to hire remote developers from India and get access to actual talent, the following strategies will help you preserve a healthy working environment for your virtual team and improve their productivity. 

Though the remote setting is the new normal, several companies try to track their employees through tracking software, constant team meetings, and organizing no team events. Regardless, a survey on remote settings revealed that one-third of hiring managers noticed an increase in productivity due to working remotely. Moreover, 90% of workers reported higher productivity when working remotely. 

However, if you feel like your productivity has decreased since you adopted a remote setting, here are the top seven strategies you can embrace to boost your team’s productivity. 

1. Streamlined Communication

It’s undeniable that effective communication is an excellent concept of brainstorming, good team connection and higher productivity. And, if it’s a remote setting you are following, effective communication is pretty important. However, there should be a balance. Too much informal communication can bring things downside, degrading productivity. 

In short, to enhance proper communication, give space to your employees and allow them to depict their team working skills. Honestly speaking, sometimes a thumbs-up emoji or a smiley face can bring your employees closer. In fact, according to a study, proper usage of emojis helped 73% of people in faster idea sharing. 

To streamline communication, here’s what you can do:

  • Lower communication channels 

Instead of embracing multiple communication channels, ask your team to use a single communication channel like Skype for proper communication. 

  • Work on your internal communication policy

To reconstruct your internal policy for proper communication, define elements like goals, channels, frequency and time when contact is required. Also, record everything and update all team members.

2. Work On Company’s Work Culture

To skyrocket your team’s productivity, committing to a company’s ethical work culture is essential. Everything comes down to how much your employees enjoy working for you. If a culture is too stressful and full of authoritarian figures, employees won’t be able to add that spark of creativity and will be restricted to something too basic. 

So, to redesign your company’s culture, here’s what you can do: 

  • Flexible working hours

Higher productivity comes from a proper work-life balance. Make sure to give your employees adequate flexibility so they can give themselves some time and work properly when they are at it. 

  • Offer health incentives

We’re not just talking about health insurance. While it is pretty important, make sure to offer mental health assistance to your employees as well. 

  • Promote core values held by the company

You can create several processes or events that promote company values to help with employee engagement and proper goal completion. 

  • Allow Your Team To Take Control Of Their Time

Remote working can blur the thin line between work and life, especially if they have family or pets living with them. Moreover, the team might lose touch with reality, thus affecting their productivity. 

To encourage team members that they are perhaps in control of their time, you must help them eliminate distractions or unproductive habits. To enhance your team’s productivity, you can do the following: 

  • Share information on proper time management or organize webinars to offer time management tips and practices. 
  • Ask your team members to note their peak productive hours and structure their daily tasks accordingly. 
  • Communicate reasonable deadlines and team plans. 
  • Ask your virtual team to make daily, weekly and monthly goals. 

3. Automated Processes 

The lack of productivity can also be attributed to prioritizing mundane, repetitive tasks over something significant. If your team has to complete those not-so-important tasks every day, they won’t have enough time to focus on actual work. So, instead of assigning your team members these highly repetitive tasks, look for ways to automate them fully. 

Like, instead of manually entering business finances, purchase a subscription to software to automate all finances. If you divert your team to priorities, they will be able to give their 100% on every task and make sure everything is delivered within the predictive timeframe. 

4. Simplified Collaboration

Often, several companies working on a remote basis think that they need to adopt more tools to keep everyone connected. However, the opposite is actually quite true. To improve proper productivity, you must follow the less is more principle. 

This means, that instead of using several tools to track your team’s productivity, let go of some useless tools and trust your team. This will streamline collaboration and simplify everything. In fact, you can go for a single software that supports effective communication, goal tracking, goal setting, deadlines, and vacation tracking. 

5. Reduce The Number Of Team Meetings 

It’s true that your team needs to have regular team meetings to stay in touch and discuss shared goals to track progress. However, according to research, too much Zoom time can be stressful. Several studies have found that spending too much time on Zoom or similar platforms has resulted in exhaustion, fatigue and reduced mobility. 

Also, if your team would be spending most of their time on a video meet discussing what they need to do rather than actually doing it, productivity will hit rock bottom. 

6. More Play, More Work

Lastly, you need to make the working process more fun. Working in a company should not only be restricted to meeting deadlines and completing tasks. In short, you must organize exciting competitions and several informal activities to boost employee engagement. 

You can also establish a buddy system to keep things on track and make everything fun. 

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Wrapping Up: Hire Remote Developers From India

If you are planning to hire Indian remote workers, visit us today at GraffersID, an offshore development center. We follow rigorous selection processes to help you hire the best talent and a diversified team. We also ensure that our team of remote developers follows compliance and has soft skills like time management, leadership, and sincerity. 

Give us a call today to hire right.

Did you know that remote working has skyrocketed by 140% since 2005? Regardless of whether being struck by the pandemic or not, remote work is here to stay. With lower office costs to better productivity, several companies have realized the benefits of remote working. Moreover, if productivity and quality work are your primary motives, you can reduce the cost of hiring remote developers if you outsource your need from third-world countries like India. Read our full article and get to know the top remote developers benefits offered by worldwide companies.

If you hire remote developers from India, you can cut down your employee retention costs, and office costs and improve the offered services by diversifying your team with global talent. And while the companies benefit a lot from hiring a remote team, employees can enjoy a number of perks too. 

Benefits & Remote Developers Surveyed

Keeping this in mind, here are the top 31 benefits offered by companies to remote developers.

Free Mental Health Support

Though remote working comes with higher flexibility and lesser work pressure, you can not help but deny that staying at home with no actual contact can affect your mental health. And, while remote working surged during the COVID, so did mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 

Several companies understand this concern. So, when they hire remote developers, they make sure to provide free mental support. Employees working remotely can get in touch with experts hired by the company to improve their mental health. This creates a safe, secure, caring, and productive environment. 

Plant Subscriptions 

A better working environment means higher productivity. And one can enhance a working environment by adding greenery. As part of the welcoming kit, several companies who hire remote employees from an IT staff augmentation company give their employees potters or low-maintenance plants like cactus to add a modern yet productive touch to workstations. 

Office Setup At Home

One thing that is a bit alarming in a remote setting is employees working from their couches or beds. Companies that hire remote developers from India or other countries provide incentives so that remote employees can set up their office desks and work more productively. 

The incentive employees receive can be used to purchase ergonomic furniture, standing desks, lighting, chairs etc. 

Workout Sessions

A healthy employee means a productive employee. Keeping this in mind, companies do offer free workout classes led by a certified instructor. This allows employees to get an exercise break during their busy schedule and take a break from all the stress. 

Some companies might also provide fitness centers or gym passes. 

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Childcare Benefits 

Most people might also prefer remote working because they have children to take care of. Several tech giants do offer childcare health facilities to remote workers from an IT staff augmentation company. 

According to the Eldercare Locator, child care can range from $2,000 to $5,000 every month. And, getting incentives on this can be a significant perk for some of the employees. 

Meal Delivery 

While the company won’t actually order and send food to employees’ homes, they do offer incentives and discount coupons so that employees can skip skipping in between working hours and focus more on productivity. 

While this might seem like an extra expense to most companies, cooking and eating can take up to 2-3 hours off the working hours. Ordering meals can help employees focus on their work rather than spending 2 hours in a kitchen. 

Modern Technology And Tools 

When companies hire remote developer, they cut down office costs like paying rent or providing essential utilities like coffee or evening snacks to the employees. Several companies can use this extra money to pay for technology.

Companies provide laptops, high-speed internet connection or monitors to ensure that the work is not disrupted due to a technical failure. 

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Virtual Team Events 

Who said a virtual team could not have all the fun? To help employees connect on a personal level, companies that hire remote developers from India or other countries host virtual team activities or games to help employees connect. 

Some companies might also host virtual events like word puzzles, bucket list item sharing, virtual coffee meets, random chit-chats meet, recipe or craft challenges etc. 

Online Courses

Believe it or not, companies want their remote employees to grow and find a new skill set. Focusing on new skills isn’t just a benefit for employees but also for the companies. The employee can use the new skills to work more productively and provide better quality every time. 

Remote or not, companies offer several paid courses for free to help employees grow. 

Home Gym Equipment

Working from home means being restricted to the four walls and moving your body way less. That’s why organizations offer their employees gym equipment, supplies, or passes to help them maintain a healthy body. 

Surprise Day Offs 

Going through a tough week? We bet it’s pretty standard in the corporate world. Going through close deadlines and a hectic week can slow down your employees from providing the best. Surprise day offs offered by some organizations can allow employees to take a break from the stress and work better when they return to work. 

High-Connection Wifi Connectivity 

When companies hire remote developers, they offer reimbursements to help employees pay for high-speed internet connectivity. After all, wifi is quite essential, especially if you are a tech company and have a team of remote developers. 

Providing stable internet connections helps employees to work their best and give 100% without the slow internet speed getting in the way. 

No Meeting Days

For many, remote working means a lot of Zoom meets where employees are required to discuss what needs to be done rather than actually doing it. Hosting a no-meeting day can be a win-win for companies and employees. In fact, one of the biggest concerns of remote developers is attending several meetings daily. 

A no-meeting day can help employees focus on the actual better and focus on meeting the deadlines instead of anticipating them. 

Virtually-Hosted Happy Hours 

To reward project completion, many organizations host virtual happy hours where employees can celebrate their success and get to know their team and mentors more personally. 

This helps create a personal bridge between the workforce, allowing them to collaborate more effectively and allowing proper communication to flow in the organization. 

Pet Insurance 

Apart from the basic health insurance and retirement saving plans, remote workers outsourced from an IT staff augmentation company also get pet insurance as a voluntary benefit that helps them cover the medical bills of their beloved furry friends. 

Meal Cards 

As part of their appreciation policy, employees working in a remote setting are also gifted with several food vouchers or meal cards to encourage the team to perform their best. 

4 Days A Week

Most companies are pretty stuck on improving the team’s productivity. And, rather than sticking to the traditional methods of scolding and humiliating, companies understand the importance of providing flexibility to the team. 

Though it might not always be a four-day week, most companies offer a four-day week once every month or a half-day Friday to check the level of productivity. 

Goodies To New Employees

Once a company hires remote developers from India or other countries, the focus is on building a remote team culture. Upon hiring, companies do send several goodies labeled with the company’s logo to build engagement and provide appreciation. 

The welcome kit may include water bottles, socks, mugs, T-shirts, sneakers, and tech accessories like earphones, notebooks or stickers. 

Recognition Programs 

Recognizing and appreciating employees, peers, juniors, or managers helps the workforce to show more dedication to their responsibilities and work their best during working hours. Companies working on a remote basis host peer-to-peer recognition programs like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or success to motivate employees into doing better. 

Free Access To Co-Working Spaces

If a remote developer isn’t comfortable working from home due to a lack of space or shared space, they can ask companies to provide them a stipend so they can work in a co-working space. 

Note that allowing your employees to work from a co-working space would be a better option than requiring your employees to commute to the office because this will offer them flexibility and will also help you decrease the monthly rent expense. 

Vacation Stipends 

It’s pretty understandable that employees deserve vacations. Vacations help them take a break from daily life, spend some time with their friends or family and recharge during their days off. 

While some companies might not actually provide stipends to go on a vacation, most do offer longer leaves so that remote workers can get out of their four walls and connect with people. 

Annual Gathering Or Meetups 

This can go both ways. Companies can either ask the employees to physically attend the event or host a virtual meetup. If they have several employees working from different companies like India, Japan or the UK, they usually host a virtual meetup annually, so that employees can connect with their peers, juniors, seniors and managers. 

Flexibility In Working Hours 

While some companies follow a strict 9-5 policy for their remote employees, most companies allow their employees to freely choose their working hours. This flexibility enables the employees to work according to their convenience, thus allowing them to contribute better.

Investment Programs  

To help their remote team secure their future, most companies encourage their team to invest in certain shares. These shares are usually available at a lower rate than the market rate to encourage participation. 

Health Perks 

Did you know that 83% of the employees think having health insurance helps them decide whether they want to stay in the company or not? 

Almost every company offers health insurance to its employees, regardless of whether a virtual or a physical team. 

Birthday/Work Anniversary Vouchers 

Companies have a particular way of making their employees feel special. From Zara to Amazon, companies give special shopping vouchers to celebrate their employees’ one-year anniversary or birthdays. 

Quit Smoking Programs 

Another thing that is pretty common in the corporate world is being a smoker. But, to help employees quit it, companies host many programs and campaigns to educate their remote workers. 

Performance Bonuses 

From monetary to non-monetary incentives, companies understand the importance of appreciation for boosting team productivity. 

As a result, organizations offer several incentives like bonuses, trophies, trips, days off etc., as part of their successful goal achievement program.  

Onboarding Programs 

Companies are pretty keen on breaking the ice when they hire remote developers or other team members. They host a fun and interactive onboarding process that allows the new team member to connect with other employees, understand the company’s goals and values and make them feel more comfortable. 

This can be done through online meets.

Premium Subscriptions

From Spotify to the Mindfulness app, companies also offer a premium subscription to their employees to stray away from the jarring ads and listen to their favorite tunes while working on their projects.

Pet Adoption Programs

We all know that caring for a pet is a full-time job, something that is not possible for in-office employees. Working remotely allows the employees to adopt or buy their new furry best friend and care for them while working from home.

Looking for Dedicated Developer

How To Hire Remote Developers from India? 

Ready to cut your costs to a significant level? Hiring employees from third-world countries like India can help you with that. Hiring Indian remote workers allows you to improve your productivity while paying a lot less in salaries or incentives. Plus, you can also diversify your team and connect with global talent rather than being restricted to local talent. If you want to hire remote developers from India, connect with us today.

We are an IT staff augmentation company that helps you connect with the best global talent who take their tasks seriously and provide 100% motivation to help you reach your company goals. 

Get in touch with the team of GraffersID and start hiring the right people today.

The development industry has progressed to a new phase where traditional websites and applications have become outdated. Even the world’s most visited website, Google, undergoes regular transformations, modifications, and additions to keep up with the pace. In this fast-accelerating world, it has become imperative for businesses to target every possible or viable audience pool, from social media to mobile users. That’s where React.JS vs Vue.JS enter the scene. These frameworks are based on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS— the three most crucial programming languages for tackling a software’s front end. Although both frameworks share a myriad of similarities, they sport subtle differences that set them apart. When you don’t have complete knowledge, it is better not to hire React.JS developers or Vue.JS developers for your project.

For this reason, we have presented a comparative study between these JS frameworks used mostly throughout the world. With this, you won’t face any dilemma in utilizing the opportunities to build an innovative and next-gen application or website.

What are React.JS and Vue.JS?

Benefits of React.JS and Vue.JS

React.JS are Vue.JS is, a JavaScript framework based on HTML and CSS. Developers use these frameworks for developing the UI components. They allow the same codebase to be executed in different operating systems, from iOS to Android OS. They divide the entire user interface into multiple components.

As a result, designing the UI blocks becomes simpler and much more convenient. In addition, developers can work on each component module independently without jumbling them up and messing up the entire codebase.

Over the years, the frameworks have become quite popular, owing to their library packages, rendering abilities, and MVC architecture. So, differentiating between them is quite difficult, especially when the projects are simpler and smaller.

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Why should you work with React.JS? Why should you choose Vue.JS?

When you want to hire remote React.JS developers or Vue.JS developers for your project, you must know the advantages you can leverage from these frameworks.

Despite being similar in many aspects, their advantages are somewhat different. Owing to this, we have discussed how each framework can impact your project for good. 

Benefits of React.JS

  1. React.JS incorporates virtual DOM instead of the real one. It allows the developers to modify the functions or add a new block without influencing the application’s or website’s performance and productivity. 
  2. Developers can render this framework on both client-side and server-side platforms, allowing them to scale the software from different aspects.
  3. It comes with a huge number of reusable components stored in the library. These are functions and packages that perform general functions in different codebases. Therefore, you won’t have to write the entire code from scratch. 
  4. React.JS has a huge open network community where you will find many peers to seek help, share your ideas and opinions, and gain real-time React knowledge.
  5. Data flow in React.JS is unidirectional, i.e., the child components can be rendered to the parents and not the other way around. This allows developers to change the state variables without affecting the parent component’s functions or values. 

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Benefits of Vue.JS

  1. One of the major benefits of using Vue.JS is its simplicity. It is still in the progressive stage. Updates and new elements are added almost regularly to the development platform. That’s why it’s quite suitable for projects that will continue for a long and need scaling occasionally.
  2. Vue.JS is ideal for small projects where you don’t need a large bandwidth or the implementation of advanced and complex features. 
  3. You will be surprised to know that the library packages on Vue.JS occupy the memory of 21 KB only. as a result, it is lightweight and allows a faster rendering process through virtual DOM. 
  4. The websites or applications developed with Viue.JS delineate excellent performance, reduced load time, and faster speed. 
  5. Vue.JS is easy to learn, which is why most developers proceed with this framework at the beginning stage when they have just started to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  6. Thanks to the open community, you will get abundant help from your peers about different program solutions, troubleshooting methods, etc. 

What challenges can you face with React.JS and Vue.JS?

challenges with ReactJS and VueJS

Challenges in React.JS

  1. You won’t find improved and well-described documentation for React.JS, which is a great disadvantage for the developers. 
  2. Developers must keep up with all the changes introduced in the framework as it is regularly updated. 
  3. Working with React.JS for small or short-term projects is not ideal. 

Challenges in Vue.JS

  1. Although developers look for flexibility in the development platform, Vue.JS is too flexible. Therefore, developers find themselves in trouble when they need to develop high-end codes for applications with complex UI features. 
  2. The library packages and functions are limited on Vue.JS. Unlike its contenders, you won’t get the plethora of components that can be used to form the codebase.
  3. It is still nascent, so developers cannot fully access the libraries or plugins. They need to code most functions from scratch used in almost every codebase. 

A comparative study of React.JS VS Vue.JS

comparative Study of React.JS and Vue.JS

Before you hire React.JS developers for your project or the Vue.JS developers, you must know the key differences between these platforms in depth. It will help you decide which framework will be most feasible for your desired project completion and achievement. 

  • Documentation

All frameworks come with documentation where developers can learn more about the built-in library functions, packages, components, syntaxes, etc. React.JS has the documentation ready for dev but not in a well-mannered form, unlike its competitors. 

On the other hand, if we consider Vue.JS, you won’t find documentation recorded or uploaded in the form of white paper. This is why working with Vuw.JS can become difficult due to the lack of references.

  • Learning curve

Thanks to the wonderful library functions and packages, both frameworks are easy to learn and master. However, React.JS is difficult to grasp compared to Vue.JS. It is because the former framework was introduced first and crossed the progressive stage, unlike Vue. JS. 

  • Applications

Knowing these frameworks’ applications is imperative so that you can easily hire remote React.JS developers or Vue.JS professionals. First, Vue.JS does not come with advanced features that you can include in the next-gen applications. Therefore, it is suitable for simpler and smaller projects where basic functionality is required mainly. 

On the other hand, if we consider Rweact.JS, you can use it for long-term and advanced projects. The abundance of library functions will help you complete the development process and meet the requirements of your clients or the targeted users. 

  • UI quality

If new consider the quality of the developed UI from React.JS and VCue.JS, the former is the winner. It helps you create and develop some of the most incredible UI components and scale them individually without impacting the overall performance of the code. 

On the other hand, Vue.JS come with fewer library functions. As a result, you will have to struggle to develop a fast-paced UI that matches the current market trends. 

Looking for ReactJS Developers


With the full description mentioned above concerning React.JS and Vue.JS, you won’t have any problem choosing the best framework for your upcoming project. Ensure the project requirements are aligned with the potential of the frameworks, and then start the selection criteria. Also, when you hire remoter React.JS developers or Vue.JS professionals, you should check if the company is experienced and reputed or not.

Thinking of starting your own business? Being a budding entrepreneur isn’t easy. And what complicated the matter is several misunderstandings and myths associated with running a successful enterprise.

It’s true that a successful business requires time, effort, and uncompromising skills to promote something innovative. But, you don’t need to be an expert in a particular field to start one. Getting in touch with the right IT staff augmentation company and hiring the right people can help you grow your business and debunk all the myths and exaggerations associated with owning one.

So, if you have your business plans ready and a clear objective in mind, here are some of the most common myths you need to stray away from. Read the article to explore some common misunderstandings in the entrepreneurship realm and analysis of what actually is true.

1. You Need To Become A High-Risk Taker To Become An Entrepreneur

High Risk Taker

It’s true that business owners need to take risks for a successful business. But, this does not mean you need to put everything at stake to run a business. Several business tycoons understand the need to take risks but also keep in mind that excessive risk can be a hazard. 

Contrary to this misconception, entrepreneurs do not need to take too many risks. Though several business owners enjoy challenges coming their way, everything you put at stake should be calculated. Successful owners rarely act until they calculate everything and consider all the dangers involved in a new prospect. This characteristic helps business owners to take their enterprise to heights, while others simply lose everything to the risk. 

Fact: Business owners should take calculated risks after considering the pros and cons of their actions.

2. Entrepreneurs Are Never Self-Made

This is perhaps the biggest misconception that stops several possible owners from starting something worth the risk. Many people think you need to be born with specific capabilities or come from a business family to become a successful entrepreneur. It is also believed that most successful business owners come from rich families, and they become successful because money is never a constraint for them.  

However, experts note that most successful business owners never really belonged to business or rich families. Though belonging to a rich or influential family can be an added advantage, most successful owners are self-made and self-taught. 

Moreover, some business owners don’t even have a proper degree but still have certain skills like out-of-the-box thinking and passion to leverage smart technology and become successful. To start a business, you can not stop just because you are not inherently rich or influential. Starting a business can be a huge step, but the only thing mandatory is consistency, hard work, and innovation. Also, there are several short-term entrepreneurship courses that can help you develop the needed skill set to run your own business. 

Fact: Entrepreneurs can be taught how to run a business.

3, Most Entrepreneurs Are Socially Introverted 

We must agree that this one is wildly inaccurate. Initially, entrepreneurs might work on their own, but once they hire a team or outsource help from an offshore development center, they are generally outspoken and quite confident when expressing their pitch to potential clients. 

To thrive, communication is the key. Keeping this in mind, entrepreneurs prioritize communication to ensure proper goal completion within the predicted timeline.  

Fact: Most successful entrepreneurs work in a team rather than working alone. 

4. Running A Business Means No Personal Life

Business Owner Personal life balance

There’s no denying that most business owners work long shifts, but this does not apply to only entrepreneurs. In fact, CEOs, managers and business heads work crazy hours too, 40 hours per week, if we are being precise.

The crux here is motivation. If you love your work, you won’t mind spending a lot on your work. However, with time, entrepreneurs do learn to strike a balance between work and personal life. This happens when you take control of your time and provide flexibility not only to yourself but also to your employees. You can also hire software developers from an IT staff augmentation company if you are a tech-based company. 

So, contrary to this major misconception that entrepreneurs work 24/7, business owners are pretty particular about their schedules. So, even though they work hard all week, they make sure to spend the weekends with their family. 

Fact: With flexible schedules, entrepreneurs can strike a work-life balance. 

5. You Need To Be Tech-Savvy To Start Your Own Business

We bet you know some of the tech wizards with successful businesses on your fingers. But, in reality, the success of most IT entrepreneurs is usually exaggerated to the public. In fact, tech wizards with successful businesses are only a handful. 

Factually speaking, entrepreneurship is versatile, and you don’t need to have extensive IT knowledge to run a business. You can always outsource your tech needs from an offshore development center. So, instead of following a trend of being IT or tech-savvy, follow what you are passionate about. 

Fact: Entrepreneurship is a versatile field and not restricted to tech wizards. 

6. The Only Motivation To Run A Business Is Getting Rich

Business Owner Motivations

Hate to break it to you, but no business is a get-rich-quick scheme. Whether you are starting an IT company or an offshore development center, you must note that any business can take up to 4 years to run even. 

Another common mistake most business owners make is purchasing luxury before they become successful, like purchasing a car or house. Most successful owners drive simple cars, wear regular clothes, and put extra cash into something that would positively impact their business. This is why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. 

Even though money can be the primary driver for most business owners, humanitarians do exist. Moreover, the primary objective for a business should be growth and not just wealth. 

Fact: Entrepreneurs Are Driven To Both: Money And Growth

7. Business Owners Switch Job Frequently 

As concluded by a recent analysis of a study, most entrepreneurs have worked as employees for several years before starting their business. With this experience, they gained insight into how to run a business and how to launch a business idea. 

In fact, most entrepreneurs had a high rate of success before they switched jobs and went venturing. However, not all entrepreneurs have worked as employees to be successful. The crux here is that most entrepreneurs prefer stability and are quite resistant to changes. 

Fact: Business owners like stability and are often resistant to changes. 

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8. Entrepreneurs Do Not Require Financial Assistance 

 Coming up with a business idea is not the only thing that matters. Besides this, you need financial backup to launch your new business idea and market it on several platforms to improve brand visibility and reach the target audience. 

So, though people might believe that entrepreneurs are self-made, most do need financial assistance. Let’s face it: it’s a competitive world out there, and a small contribution from a venture capitalist can help business owners a lot. 

Though we are not implying that entrepreneurs without financial backup or assistance fail, having your finances covered can be a gold mine for start-ups. 

Fact: Entrepreneurs need financial backup and might connect with a venture capitalist for the same. While some might be willing to use their savings, not everyone is comfortable with this idea. 

9. Business Owners Are Deceitful And Ruthless

This one is more of a stereotype than a myth. There’s a lot of misconception that most business owners are ruthless and might topple anyone who comes in the way. Honestly speaking, it’s just a public exaggeration for mere entertainment purposes. 

Even if a business owner is deceitful, they would have a tendency to detach themselves from people, which would mean separating themselves from possible growth and opportunities. 

Instead, here’s a reality check. Entrepreneurs are warm-hearted, and most even have several charity programs actively going on. Though the main aim of running a business has always been getting richer, most business owners do work for a social cause. 

Fact: Entrepreneurs are not deceitful. Though the way of working might be a lot different, they are more focused on success rather than people association. 

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10. Business Owners Do Not Have Dedication

If we say this one’s true, there’s no way our world would have ever seen a sudden influx of business tycoons. In fact, entrepreneurs run on nothing but dedication, at least successful ones do. 

In addition to being highly dedicated, most entrepreneurs are committed to the company’s growth and becoming their own boss. There’s a certain sense of freedom that diverts successful entrepreneurs into giving their best towards their business. 

It’s true that sometimes some entrepreneurs might be tempted to change directions, but this does not mean that they lack dedication. In fact, they find shortcomings in their business plan and switch to a new one to control losses. 

Simple 9 Tips For A Successful Business

For a successful business, you need more than just a creative idea or financial backup. You need skills, a business plan and good planning to make things successful. While you can hire a whole team of remote developers from an IT staff augmentation company, here are the top nine things you must keep in mind to bring success to your business. 

  • Keeping everything organized: Task completion should be at the top of your checklist. And, to ensure proper delivery and deadlines, you must keep everything organized as a business owner. Consider making a checklist or using SAAS software if you have a huge team.
  • Detailed Recording: You need to maintain a record of every business strategy or plan you ever implemented. This could help you with the challenges you are currently facing. To get started with, you must maintain a physical record and the one in the cloud.
  • Keeping an eye on competition: The more you are in sync with your competition and know what they are doing, the better your business strategies will be. Moreover, it will also help you use your creative skills and provide new services to the customers.
  • Calculating rewards and risks: Every risk you take should be weighed about the pros and cons of that risk. In short, you must ensure that the risk you are taking is worth the reward you might get.
  • Boosting creativity: Out-of-the-box thinking is the key to success. Whether it is your marketing campaign or branding, you must add that creative factor to catch the eyes of your potential clients.
  • Staying focused: You can’t just expect results within a day or two. You would have to work hard, stay dedicated and be consistent if you want to see proper results.
  • Learning to make sacrifices: If you are planning to start a business, understand that the first year would require the most arduous work. In short, you must be willing to spend less time socializing.
  • Providing the best services: Everything you offer, from packaging to service quality and customer care, should be outstanding and based on a customer approach.
  • Consistency: To make your business successful, you must adapt to long-term habits and consistency.

Looking for Dedicated Developer

Wrapping Up: Hire The Best Team With Graffers ID

If you have your business plan ready and want to kick-start your enterprise with a team of the best remote developers, you can outsource this need by getting in touch with us. We, at GraffersID, are an IT Staff Augmentation Company, that helps you Get in touch with global talent.

The two most confusing jobs in this preset era are that of a product designer and UX designer. It is not easy to understand the difference because of the myriad of similarities both have. In many industries, the terms are interchangeable, leading to more bafflement and confusion.

This is why most people choose the wrong career and repent in the future. They don’t have clarity about these subjects concerning the roles and responsibilities, salaries, and future job prospects. Keeping this in mind, we have discussed some major differences everyone should know about a product and UX designer.

This article will clarify and help you choose the best product or UI/UX design company from an employer’s perspective. After all, ending up with the wrong choice will lead to not only a waste of time and money but may jeopardize the user experience or product.

What are product design And UX design?

As the name suggests, product design is the process through which a new product is designed from scratch to meet customer requirements and market expectations. The design process involves multiple steps, from brainstorming ideas to testing prototypes and deploying the same for production. For example, when a company decides to launch a new mobile, the first phase is the design process. 

UX defines the user experience, i.e., how the user will feel using the product. It can be satisfactory, impressive, worst, and so on. Therefore, UX is concerned with the users’ psychology and behaviors. It is very important for the UX design company you have hired to carefully study the consumer market and understand what they are expecting.

Failure to gather knowledge on this matter can lead to further problems as they won’t be able to understand how several notches can take up the UX. In addition, it may lead to product failure post-release into production and the market. For this reason, companies must pay close attention to the UX design process. 

How the product or UX design is carried out?

Product Design or UX Design

A product or UX design process is divided into six steps, which are:

  • Idea generation: In this phase, designers gather and study different documents on requirements or expectations. They share ideas and opinions through brainstorming. These ideas are then filtered, and only one is chosen that sounds to be the closest to the requirement.
  • Product definition: In the next step, the designers define different attributes of the product or UX attributes. If it is software, the designer will define its UI elements, the number of pages it will have, layouts, color configurations, and so on.
  • Prototype formation: The most important step of product and UI design is prototyping, where the professionals convert the design into a real-time prototype.
  • Initial design phase: The prototype is approved and sent for production. Most companies start with small batches to reduce the losses later on if the product or UX fails to draw in the expected revenues.
  • Testing and validation: Once the samples are ready to be released into the market, different testing processes are initiated, like performance testing, load testing, and so on.
  • Commercialization and marketing: The samples are released into the market for users in this step. Marketing strategies are implemented to commercialize the product.

Know the Difference between UI and UX Design

What are the roles and responsibilities of a product designer?

A product designer supervises and carries out the entire product design phase. Therefore, as an employer, you should ensure the person you hire is proficient enough. Following are the responsibilities of a product designer, which you should be aware of: 

  • Product designers conduct an array of market research. It helps them to understand the most important areas where there is a gap. 
  • They are also concerned with transforming the knowledge they gained from the research into ideas and opinions. 
  • Product designers gather ideas from others, like marketers, analysts, etc. They are concerned with brainstorming the gathered opinions to reach a specific conclusion. 
  • They also work on defining the attributes of the product and several other restrictions to be followed for product designs.
  • The product designers work closely with the design team and offer their inputs and feedback to ensure the final prototype is up to the mark. 
  • They use different types of 3D modeling software like CAD and CAM to come up with the best design for the sample. This design is then sent to the production factory to create the first batch. 
  • Gathering the produced samples and running different kinds of testing is also one of the major responsibilities of the product designers. 
  • A product designer needs to know more about design techniques, research tools, materials, etc. 

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What are the roles and responsibilities of a UX designer?

Following are the major roles and responsibilities of the UX designer:

  • UX designers are concerned with transforming designs into prototypes, mockups, flowcharts, and wireframes.
  • They understand the client’s requirements and facilitate the same in the form of sketches and designs to ensure they can get the green signal in one go.
  • The UX designers are also concerned with providing feedback and deeper insight into the user stories and experiences.
  • They analyze the designs and check the areas where the error is present. Accordingly, they work closely with the product design team to form a perfect solution for the problem. 
  • UX designers solely focus on the design aspects that will help elevate the user experience and satisfy the user post-launch of the product. It can be the UI of the software, the performance of a car’s engine, and so on.
  • They are responsible for planning new ideas and taking risks to ensure the prototypes are innovative and different from the competitors. 

How to hire the best product or UX design company for your business?

UX Design for business

Regardless of whether you need the product of UI/UX design services, you need to select the best company that can live up to your expectations. Here, we have explained a few tips to help you easily select a professional.

  • First of all, you need to look into the experience earned by the professional. A product of UX designer needs to be proficient enough in work and should have hands-on knowledge about the field for at least two to three years.
  • Go for a reputed UX design company or the product design company. This will help you avoid most of the challenges once the product is released into the market.
  • Consider the project budget. No matter how good and lucrative the claims sound, you cannot exceed the budget. 
  • Ensure to check the skillset of the product and UX designers. They need to be creative and have proper market knowledge about consumer behavior.
  • They must know how to analyze different datasets and utilize the same information to create the most innovative solution. 

Looking for Dedicated Developer


Now that you know the differences between a product designer and the UX designer choose the best web and mobile app development company to get the world completed. Also, ensure the UX or the product meets the market expectations perfectly so that you don’t suffer from reduced online reputation and popularity. 

Innovation is one of the substantial parts of technology, and it’s constantly evolving and touching the sky daily. The primary justification for the revisions is that users are not happy with any one creation. We desire modern products that are simple to use and must last forever in every way. Distinct users experience different experiences, which are typically never-ending. 

To create a complete application, website designers mostly used JavaScript and conventional HTML coding techniques. These days, they employ sophisticated technological stacks like Mern and Mean

Before continuing, it’s essential to understand the development cost or hire Mern stack developer. In this article, we will learn every aspect of hiring committed Mern stack developers. After reading the entire post, you’ll understand how much it costs to hire a Mern stack developer.

What is a Mern Development Stack?

Mern Stack Development

Mern is a concept that combines various JavaScript technologies into one. It is particularly effective for web development, which incorporates all business requirements.

The software engineers agree that MERN Stack is the best option for creating cutting-edge websites and apps with an eye-catching user interface. We must comprehend the resource before moving on to higher Mern stack developers. There is a significant demand for it because of its fierce competition from other technologies.

  • M-MongoDB, a NoSQL database management system. 
  • E– ExpressJS, a NodeJS backend web application framework.
  • R– ReactJS is a JavaScript library that creates user interfaces based on UI components.
  • N– NodeJS, JavaScript may now execute a JS runtime environment outside browsers. 

 The development process becomes smooth and facile by utilizing the right technology. Mern is integrated into one package by the following open-source parts such as: 

  • MongoDB
  • Express JS
  • React JS
  • Node JS 

Every element we have listed is a valuable asset to the stack. They must deliver functional, responsive, and appealing web and app development processes.

The power of Offshore Mobile and Web Development

Offshore Developement Company Power

Create magic by Hiring Mern Stack Developer from Offshore Mobile and Web Development Company. Most businesses exhibit embraced weekend growth and quickly rise to the top of their respective industries in a short span. The majority of us must be interested in learning the secret of success. We are interested in learning more about the method and its real purpose. Most significantly, they have replaced their conventional and antiquated procedures with contemporary ones. 

They are regarded as rule breakers or industry transformers because they frequently advance along the way. We must be intelligent and adaptable to excel in this field. With innovation, it will be possible for us to operate efficiently and contribute in a variety of ways to the sector. Yes, that goes with hiring Mern stack programmers from a reputable offshore development company of mobile apps; you can carve out your profitable web development solutions.

You can reap many more lucrative advantages from the offshore development process, particularly regarding the cost to hire Mern stack developers. 

  • A Big Talent Pool

Only those resources that are intelligent, qualified, and possess every level of competency in the profile are hired by and preferred by offshore mobile app development organizations with more significant challenges. 

The best part is that you can be free from all stress by working with reputable Mern stack developers—or any other programming-based developers who can turn any challenging needs into a smash hit and a user-centric solution.

Whatever goals you have for your initiatives, they will surely meet them. 

  • Economical Cost

Your ability to save money is the most significant advantage of offshore web development.

The Offshore Development Company acts as your helping hand in recruiting inexpensive Mern stack developers while guaranteeing the same quality, rich and satisfactory solutions as regional countries’ resources. This is unquestionably better than hiring expensive resources from the local governments. 

  • Aware and Knowledge of Latest Technology

These days, technological advancements happen quickly. Therefore, to produce more excellent web development solutions, it’s crucial to choose Mern stack developers who know about the newest technologies and trends in that industry.

That’s where offshore web development centers step in, giving you access to the most knowledgeable and technologically advanced resources.  

  • Flexibility

In terms of flexibility, you may rely on offshore web development businesses. If the Mern stack developers you hired cannot meet your expectations, they will retain the support of more qualified and experienced developers.

Even they have a qualified crew to handle and keep an eye on any technological problems that may arise throughout the project’s growth. 

What Are Offshore Development Services? 

Offshore Development Services

Offshoring is the process through which a business establishes a new office and a committed team of developers in a different nation that offers offshore development services. They are typical employees in every way, except they are based overseas and don’t work locally. 

There are numerous reasons a business would decide to build one of these so-called offshore software development centers. 

Offshoring was about locating pricing not available domestically; today, it’s about finding the best talent for your company’s goals. While your rivals are left squabbling over scraps at home, committed staff is a strategic advantage that enables you to expand with highly competent professionals from tech hotspots worldwide.  

Want to know What is the MERN stack used for?

The Cost to Hire a Mern Stack Developer

Let’s come to the ore part of the blog. The foremost question that pops into our mind is: how much does a business cost to hire Mern stack developer? There’s no need to search here and there, giving stress to your eye because the details provided below will give you abundant knowledge about what will the cost to hire Mern stack developers and more aspects related to it.

The most important fact is the cost to hire a Mern stack developer varies by area. The cost of living and numerous other employment aspects are the fundamental causes. There are several major tech hubs available for recruiting seasoned engineers all over the world. Mern developers’ most affordable travel destinations are Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southern America, and Central America. 

There are various costs for hiring offshore Mern stack developers from particular regions. In southern and Central America, salaries for Mern stack developers should fall between 30 USD and 50 USD per hour. A development range of 25 USD to 50 USD per hour is available in Eastern Europe. However, development costs in Africa and Asia are the lowest, ranging from 18 to 40 USD per hour. 

Several excellent firms are on the market for outsourcing web development projects to offshore Mern stack developers. At the same time, the cost depends on the company’s quality and the development process involved. It is advised to locate a hub that provides excellent resources for fulfilling all requirements. 

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When you are just beginning to consider developing interactive and exciting websites in this cutthroat market, your rivals are already creating their own. To succeed, you have to stay ahead of the rat race.  

The development of MERN stacks is a potent tool for creating web pages and applications. And the experts who can make your dreams come true are MERN stack developers.

Reach out to Incentives for professional MERN stack development services if your company wants to create excellent online or mobile apps with appealing UI designs to attract clients quickly. The MERN Stack makes application development easier since it combines several technologies, including libraries, frameworks, and databases. 

The MERN Stack experts know how to work effectively with all open-source MERN components, such as Express JS, MongoDB, Node JS, and React JS

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The world of technology is booming and has become a place shrouded in mystery and exclusivity. The programmers are expected to have the edge over the coding abilities to stand out from the crowd.

In fact, most IT companies prefer developers who have a strong grasp and expertise in dealing with different programming languages. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a deep understanding of programming languages to thrive in big IT companies and it’s always wise to dive deeper into it.

However, the odds of getting stuck in this constantly evolving world of technology increase with the abundance of new technologies. You wouldn’t want to invest your time and energy in nitpicking any random programming language and learning it.

To ensure that you arrive at the best decision by picking the right programming language, you can assess your abilities by considering the difficulty level, the existing programming language that resonates with your coding skills, your capability to dig deeper into the selected language, and the perpetual demand of that language.

Or would it make any sense to learn some unpopular language that might not pay you much or isn’t worth your time and effort?

If you want to ace the coding industry, make sure you get your hands on the right language so that you don’t end up messing around your head over the wrong programming language.

We’ve compiled the list of the best 8 in-demand programming languages that you can learn without giving a second thought!

What is An in-demand Programming Language?

Types Programming Language

In a nutshell, programming languages involve a set of rules which enable the conversion of string values into different forms of visual programming languages, machine code, and graphical elements.

It’s a way through which the developers or programmers communicate and give commands to computers. When it comes to the language in which a program is written, it’s done in Java, C++, C, and Python.

The programming languages are based on coding syntax, which is used to develop software programs for specific task performance.

There are two kinds of programming languages.

1. High-level Programming Languages

When it comes to high-level programming languages, you don’t have to get carried away by the word “high”. High-level programming stands for the language that is quite similar to the human language or that the syntax is similar to the English language, making it easy for humans to comprehend.

Some of the most popular languages are Java, C++, C, and Python. You can make excellent mobile and web applications with high-level languages.

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2. Low-level Programming Languages

Low-level languages can be assembly and machinery languages. Its applicability is to develop programs that are relatively specific to a computer’s hardware and architecture.

Often, developers are reluctant to use machine languages as it gets a tad difficult to write programs. 

This paves the way for assembling languages. However, there isn’t any huge difference in the complexity of both languages, as in assembly language, developers have to be efficient in computer architecture to write it.

The assembler also converts it into machine language. Both languages can be used to develop device drivers and operating systems.

It’s just not confined to these languages. According to the online history of the encyclopedia of programming languages, the number of programming languages is quite speculative and is estimated to be around 9,000, which is astounding. However, the rising demand for programming languages is restricted to a few of them based on their popularity and usability.

I know, the numbers look quite intimidating. However, in the pool of languages, only a few languages have made it to the top-in-demand programming languages. It’s safest to go with the best-in-demand programming languages to advance your career.

How Did We Compile The List of the Top-Demand Programming Languages?

best 8 in-demand programming languages

Considering Statista as an authentic source and a renowned company widely popular for having expertise in providing in-depth market and consumer data, we have gathered the list of top eight programming languages that are currently trending and have been preferred by organizations.

The company claims to have more than 10,00,000 statistics on more than 80,000 topics across more than 180 industries.

According to the latest data from Statista, JavaScript and HTML/CSS top the charts with more than 60% of developers fond of this language, while other languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, and Typescript are yet another bunch widely preferred languages.

data from Statista

Here are the top eight in-demand programming languages:

1. Javascript 

According to internet live stats, more than 2 billion websites have been developed with JavaScript, making it a massively popular programming language.

If you are wondering how it is the best, try this once: don’t enable access to JavaScript on your web browser. You’ll notice that gradually your websites and applications will look monotonous due to a lack of web interaction.

Javascript makes the website interactive and is simple to learn and use. The best part is that you don’t need any prior coding experience to learn it. It’s so easy to learn that you can easily learn it in a couple of days and kick off developing some websites.

In addition, JavaScript is a notable component of the World Wide Web (www)). Initially, the developers developed web browsers with JavaScript. With the advent of time, it’s also been used for non-browser applications and server-side deployments.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite skills: CSS and HTML to define the layout and content of web pages.


  1. Easy to learn and use.
  2. Minimizes the load on the web server.
  3. Runs instantly on the web and in client-side browsers.


  1. Often, it makes cross-browser code difficult to write due to different interpretations by various browsers.

Popularity: Developers find it extremely popular. It’s quite widely used by developers for developing highly scalable applications.

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HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is used to add content and structure text on the web. However, it’s not beneficial on the appearance front. 

With the help of CSS, cascading style sheets can be used with HTML to look after the font, color, and positions of elements. It might look like these languages are quite easy to use, but it’s just a facade as it’s difficult to develop applications and websites with them. Hence, developers prefer to specialize in different languages.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisites skills: No prerequisites. Just a basic knowledge of HTML would suffice.

HTML Advantages:

  1. It’s an extensively used markup language that facilitates the structure of a website.
  2. It’s simple to learn and loads quickly. The best part is that it’s used by various browsers.


  1. Often, developers face difficulty in the structure of documents as it gets hard to understand.
  2. It’s a tedious process to maintain the page’s color scheme and create forms, tables, and lists.

CSS Advantages

  1. The foremost advantage of using CSS is that the style can be used across various websites.
  2. Web developers have to minimize coding for each page to enhance the website’s speed.
  3. Its one instruction can be used to control different areas, which is a great option.


  1. Often, it becomes a hassle to understand in web browsers whether it’s CSS1 or CSS3.
  2. The developers have to consistently test the programs by running them in multiple browsers for compatibility, as not all the workings of browsers are the same. What works for one browser might not work for another.
  3. The security shortage is another setback.

Popularity: More than 55% of developers prefer using this language for web development, making it a popular language.

3. SQL

SQL, or structured query language, is also referred to as the manipulation language. It’s a database management system that provides massive support for developers in retrieving and finding data where it can also be used to delete, update, and add records.

It’s an excellent language for database and business management and works great for smaller databases and data management in relational database management systems. However, it’s not too good for larger databases. 

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite skills: It’s good to have a mere knowledge of database management skills, and the boom is good to learn.


  1. SQL is one of the best database communication languages.
  2. Its query processor has become faster.
  3. You can easily retrieve, transfer, insert, and delete data. Data manipulation can also be done in the relatively near future.
  4. There’s no prerequisite to learning this language. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t possess coding abilities.
  5. The silver lining of learning SQL is its user-friendly characteristics. It implies that the usability of basic keywords such as UPDATE, INSERT, INTO, and SELECT works great and isn’t difficult.


  1. The interface of SQL isn’t as easy as it seems while working with a database. There are a few versions of SQL which aren’t affordable, and hence it restricts the developers from using them.
  1. Databases lack indefinite control due to inaccessible business rules.

Popularity: More than 49% of developers are drifting towards the usability of this language.

4. Python 

Python is an open-source programming language that is used to develop 3D and 2D applications that involve Autodesk, Blender, Inkscape, and many more. Also, its usability extends to developing amazing video games.

The readability of Python makes it stand out amongst other popular languages. 

Needless to mention, it’s backed by a large supportive community, ease of integration with web services, GUI-based desktop applications, user-friendly data structures, and an easy-to-learn language making it a go-to language for developers.

Level: Beginners can quickly absorb this language.

Prerequisite skills: abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills.


  1. Its usability is quite flexible.
  2. It’s easy to learn and intuitively read.
  3. It’s scripted.
  4. It’s scripted rather than compiled.


  1. The fundamentals aren’t covered, and hence you need to be well-versed with basic concepts.

Popularity: Its usability is growing tremendously in both the business and technology industries.

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5. Typescript

Microsoft’s Typescript isn’t as old as other programming languages, as it was introduced in 2012 by Microsoft. It’s best suited for larger code bases. 

It can be used for both server-side and client-side development in JavaScript-based projects and works well for detecting errors and minimizing systematic issues.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisite skills: You should be familiar with JavaScript.


  1. It works best for larger projects.
  2. Its GitHub community is constantly growing.
  3. It enhances the efficiency of JavaScript developers.


  1. It makes no sense to learn Typescript until you’ve mastered JavaScript.

Popularity: It’s rapidly gaining traction among programmers, particularly for large-scale programs.

6. Java

Wondering whether Java and JavaScript are the same?

Java and javascript aren’t the same as java is a more object-oriented language that doesn’t constitute classes and just defines behavior with its constructor function.

Also, the JavaScript codes are written in text and can be interpreted by machines, whereas in Java, they require compilation.

In addition, Java is used to develop web applications. It’s also been used for the backend of the most popular websites such as Amazon, Twitter, Google, and YouTube, and has been used for developing new applications such as hibernate, spring, and struts.

The Java community is huge, which can be used to raise queries when learning Java.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite skills: You should have a decent idea of object-oriented structure with problem-solving ability.


  1. You will be able to access and manipulate the most important computer functions, such as the file system, graphics, and sound, for any reasonably sophisticated and modern program that can run on any operating system.
  2. It’s considered a good starting point for learning to think like a programmer and gaining coding skills.


  1. There is a lot of new vocabulary to learn; this is a higher-level language.

Popularity: It’s always in high demand.

7. PHP

You’d be amazed to know that PHP has been used in the development of various websites such as Yahoo and Facebook and has been popular since 1990.

With PHP, developers can easily create server-side scripts and command-line scripts. 

Just a basic knowledge of PHP will help with severed side scripts, and once you get expertise, you will also be able to make some incredible web applications.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite skills: It becomes far easier to learn if you’ve got a clear understanding of the basics of programming languages.


  1. It’s quite flexible with databases.
  2. It’s easy to learn, develop, and can be used in integration with different tools.
  3. It’s cost-efficient, making it an ideal language to learn and use indefinitely.


  1. It’s not best for developing larger applications.
  2. Its poor capability of error detection makes it a denial for a large number of applications.
  3. It’s not well secured.

Popularity: It’s a very active programming language that’s used for every other website development. Isn’t it great?

8. C#

C# is an object-oriented language. It is often used by developers for the.NET framework, Windows, Android, and iOS. It’s ideal for developing business applications as it’s interoperable with high scalability. Hence, it’s used for various business requirements.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite skills: Basic knowledge of coding is sufficient to learn C#.


  1. It’s scalable and can be easily updated.
  2. It’s simple to learn and use.
  3. It has a huge library.


  1. It relies on the framework.

Popularity: It’s not quite popular.

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You must have got a decent idea about these programming languages and why they have made developers go head over heels. Make sure you select the right language for you based on your interest, and its scope in the future. Contact our experts or visit our website and choose from a global talent pool.

For building backend APIs and web applications, NodeJS has proven to be one of the best frameworks for runtime JavaScript code bases. Since it is asynchronous, developers have the leverage to develop innovative software solutions with nonblocking events running on a single thread.

Although NodeJS comes with an array of advanced features, there is always a question of security and privacy when considering applications interacting directly with the users. Several cyber crimes and hacking cases have been reported in the last couple of years. In addition, with the increasing pace of digitalization, online safety has become a major concern for many businesses and organizations.

Therefore, if you hire remote NodeJS developers, you should ensure they know the top security practices for making the applications more secure and safer. This article will walk you through the major ways you can implement security in the note application.

Validate SQL Injection Query

In most NodeJS applications, the user sends a request as a database query from the front end to the back end DB. Usually, no validation is used to verify if the query sent to the database from the front end has any malicious content or not. 

A hacker can easily manipulate the data in a query and send a command that can wipe out the entire database or clone the tables to get free access to all data. 

The best way to prevent such kind of SQL injection query is to validate the user input from the front end. Several types of databases exist where built-in validation is already present to ensure hackers cannot get entry to the server and the on-site database through injection queries.

Prevents XSS Attacks

In a cross-site scripting attack, hackers use JavaScript code to gain access to the main code base of the application and the database. When the person includes the JavaScript code inside a database query, it is executed without restriction. 

As a result, unintentional functions are performed on the application that might cause it to shut down completely or allow the hacker to have unhindered access to store user data and sensitive information.

Like SQL injection, the cross-site scripting attack can be prevented by implementing front-end query validation. You should not allow the use of any random database for NodeJS applications as it won’t be able to verify the input and block it if any JavaScript code is presently encoded within the query.

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Implementation of a Strong Authentication Layer

Suppose the NodeJS application collects user-sensitive data and stores it in an on-site or cloud server. In that case, it is crucial to ensure you hire NodeJS developers who understand encryption and authentication. 

There are several ways of securing an application through multiple layers of authentication. Usually, applications have a simple login or sign-up portal with a user ID and password. These details are easy to hack and therefore don’t provide the ultimate security.

You can implement authentication processes like Okta or auth indicated to ensure the application is fully secured. This will generate a push notification on the mobile either as a confirmation message or a one-time password. 

Either way, only the user can access the application because, without the password or the confirmation, the application won’t allow any other person access.

Practical Error Handling Logic

Sometimes, errors are encountered when a code is executed, or an API is run. When you check the log from the back end, you get the full stack dress of the defect, comprising the packages, path, process services, line numbers, functions, and so on where the error has occurred. These information pieces are necessary for a developer to take the debug and check the root cause.

However, it is not of any use to a user. Therefore, when you apply logic in the code for error handling, ensure the error message is abstracted, and only a certain portion is shown to the users. 

Similarly, ensure you wrap all the routes to prevent the application from crashing if it encounters any error from the front-end requests. As a result, hackers won’t be able to send any request that can cause your application to shut down completely.

Schedule Automatic Scanning For Vulnerabilities

The NodeJS platform comes with hundreds of built-in libraries and code snippets. You include them in your code base to reduce effort and time because you don’t have to write everything from scratch. 

However, there is one problem in terms of security. As the library packages and functions were coded by someone else, you don’t have the guarantee that they are completely secured and won’t open a back door for the hackers.

This is why scheduling automatic scans for code vulnerabilities is crucial when dealing with NodeJS applications. The testing will provide a detailed insight into the app’s health, letting you know if there is any vulnerability in the code which can allow easy access to the hackers. 

In addition, you won’t have to wait for a data breach to understand whether any back door is open in the encryption layers or not.

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Implement The Use of Security Linters

Security linters are almost like error catchers you can implement during code development. For example, when you write a syntax wrong, the NodeJS framework instantly notifies you about the error. This way, you don’t have to wait for the compilation to happen to identify where the error is and understand the root cause.

Similarly, instead of waiting for the scheduled automatic vulnerability scan to run, you can take the security to the next level by implementing linters. These filters notify you about any erroneous or unsafe code used during the development. As a result, you can easily remove or modify that block to make the statements safer and less vulnerable to attacks.

Make the Configuration Files Transparent

When you hire remote NodeJS developers, you should ensure they have complete knowledge about configuration files and their safety. These files have details about how you configured the application, the orchestrated workflow, integration details, environment data, source code, and so on. 

In most cases, developers used to store the configuration files in unsecured repositories. As a result, hackers could easily access these files and know everything about the back end of your application.

Therefore, you should not hide any secrets in the configuration files. Instead, you can implement the concepts of continuous integration and continuous deployment to ensure the coded secrets stored in the config files are integrated properly and deployed regularly.

Orchestrate Production Security For a Node Application

Last but not least, you have to implement appropriate security measures for production. Once the node application is developed, you must release the code to merge with the production environment. Since it interacts with the users upfront, you should put multiple validation layers so that no front-end query or request can trigger any unwanted JavaScript code or database query.

Also, every developer must close all possible backdoors and prevent data leakage. There is nothing like a 100% secure application, but you can achieve 99% security by implementing some of these techniques in the production environment of the node application.

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When hiring NodeJS developers, you should know their knowledge concerning the security attacks and vulnerabilities the application can encounter. It will help you secure the code base and source files from the beginning of the development stage. So, the chances of getting an entry into the back-end server or database through the back door will reduce significantly, and your NodeJS application will become safer and more secure.

React native Companies are creating a ripple in the modern market. Currently, smartphones are becoming a popular platform for people to socialize, contact or shop. This made way for the revolutionary app development framework React Native. If you are an aspiring app developer you must know about what is React Native framework. Also, if you are a beginner business person you should know the benefits of hiring remote react native developers as most of the leading companies today depend on this development program. Today, we will tell you about what is React Native software and a list of the top 10 global companies that use Native React in their business.

What is the Native React Framework?

React Native is a framework for app development solely based on JavaScript. The framework is generally linked with React.js as both of them use JavaScript. Although, React.js is not a framework it is a JavaScript library. On the other hand, React Native is a cross-platform, open-source, app development framework created and developed by Facebook in March 2015. The framework uses JavaScript programming language to create cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Microsoft UWP, etc.

These days you can see several React Native Companies working around the world. A React Native company can develop React Native applications for their clients as well as for themselves. And you can hire remote React Native developers who can help you build cross-platform applications for your business without regularly visiting your office.

Top 10 Global Companies

Till now we have discovered that React Native is a very demanding app development framework along with a brief description of what it is and when it was introduced in the market. Now, it is time to know about the top 10 global companies that are gaining more success by incorporating React Native framework for their business. This list will also provide a close look at the React Native Companies and their work. So, let us begin the count.

  • Facebook


Facebook top’s the list of top 10 global companies that are using the Native React framework. It is natural for Facebook to use the framework to develop their application as they have created the framework themselves. Facebook used the React Native framework to build its applications for both Android and iOS. The company also uses React Native framework to create Facebook Ads Manager, an ideal place for Businesses as well as individuals to manage their product advertisements. The place is ideal because it mainly focuses on the React Native method.

Although, as a React Native Company, Facebook build their application in open source, cross-platform method but their application handles UI differences for date and ad formats efficiently. Also, the transmission and UI animation match the same quality in the application. 

  • Discord 


Another React Native Company that uses React Native framework to build its application is Discord which comes Second in the list. Discord launched its application soon after Facebook in May 2015. Discord is a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP application. VoIP is digital communication via the Internet. Discord is a free application that allows its user including individuals and communities (as they are called servers) interact through instant messages, calls, and videos over the internet. The platform is mainly used by gamers as it offers 98% code on Android and iOS platforms.

  • Pinterest


Pinterest is another social communication platform that uses React Native framework for its application. The application is a communication platform that is not only used as a primary source of communication but also a place where people simply post their thoughts, ideas and creative works and pin them. As a React Native framework user, Pinterest shares codes from one platform to another platform. With this Pinterest also promotes the productivity of developers positively.

This is why hiring a React Native Company can help you in business. And if you do not want to invest in a regular developer, you can just hire remote React native developers for your business.

  • Instagram


Instagram is another social media platform that comes 4th on the list. Instagram is also interestingly owned by Facebook, a React Native Company. Although Instagram is a social platform, its main purpose is to promote digital photography and several sorts of videos that people shot and post now and then. The platform is also an extended product of Facebook and in 2016, it proposed to move to Reactivate Native framework. Instagram is thinking to incorporate React Native framework with other existing technologies.

With React Native Companies, you can also create such an interesting application for your business.

  • Skype


Skype is a popular social media application that you have possibly heard of already. Skype is another Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP like Discord. The primary function of Skype is video chat as the core tool for communication. Skype is a Microsoft product and was created with React Native framework. Microsoft currently, opts to use Electron technologies. The React Native framework helped Skype to work flawlessly on Android and iOS devices but Microsoft wanted to give its users every feature that is present on desktops.

And if you want to create a similar application for your business, you can simply contact a good React Native Company.

  • Uber Eats

Uber Eats

The React Native Companies help various companies and businesses to build applications for their clients. And nowadays, many leading businesses hire them to build their own application, Uber Eats is one among them. Uber Eats is a food delivery application that is used by a wide number of people to order food online. Uber Eats is not solely created on React Native framework but the dashboard section is built with its help. The React Native framework offered standard development tools to create unique features like fine UX with high-quality UI. With the help of React Native development tool, Uber Eats also adds important sound and push notification features to the dashboard section of the application. 

This is also a major reason to hire React Native Companies, so you can get a standard application that meets your clients’ demands.

  • Bloomberg


You probably have heard about Bloomberg due to its huge popularity, especially in the business industry. Bloomberg is a financial company that offers essential tools for analytical purposes and equity trading among other entrepreneurial applications. Bloomberg is also the name of the adjunct website of the financial company. The main purpose of the website is to produce business-related news for the public to make them aware of recent market trends. 

The company now provides all the business news and announcements via a mobile app. Bloomberg uses React Native framework to build their application and focuses on the automated code refresh to provide the latest news and updates to their clients. 

React Native framework has thousands of advantages, one of which is the automated code refresh tool. And if you hire a React Native Company, you can also get the same benefits.

  • Baidu


While listing the top 10 global companies that use React Native framework for their business, mentioning Baidu is a must. Baidu not only has huge popularity that makes it one among the list but also has inspired many small business ventures to create their applications. The main purpose of Baidu is to provide knowledge and information about a wide range of topics to its users according to their search. Baidu mobile app, built with React Native framework, has almost 600+ million users. Users browse and search with the Baidu search engine.

  • Vogue


Vogue is a fashion news and updates provider magazine. The name is quite popular among people, especially among fashion geeks. But you may wonder how a fashion magazine comes on the list of top global companies that use React Native, it is because Vouge has launched their mobile app, created with React Native framework. In older times, you had to wait for their new magazine publication to get news, pictures, top models and fashion trends. But now you can get all of them on your mobile. In addition, the Vogue application also provides the latest photos, videos and updates about your favorite stars and models that you can see anywhere and anytime. 

If you have a similar business, you can think about hiring remote React native developers to develop your business application.

  • Shopify


A Canadian e-commerce company that uses React Native framework to build their online shopping platform. The company not only uses React Native framework to build a mobile app but also uses it to create its website platform. Shopify shares 80% of its code in Android and iOS which means less time consumption in application-making.

React Native framework is a very advanced application development technology. Also, it only uses JavaScript, making it easier to use by the customers. And if you hire React Native Remote developers, you can get the same benefits without investing extra time and money. Protection Status

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